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Project Management: Fundamentals overviews the basics of project management. It provides the theory and core methodology you will need to manage projects or participate on project teams.

Course Outline

Project Management: Fundamentals overviews the basics of project management. It provides the theory and core methodology you will need to manage projects or participate on project teams.


This course does not make use of any project management software application, but instead focuses on the conceptual underpinnings that students must know in order to use any project management software application effectively.


Target Student:  Students enrolling in this course should be planning to lead a project (primary audience) or serve on a project team (secondary audience).

Delivery Method:  Instructor-led, group-paced, classroom-delivery learning model with structured minds-on and hands-on activities.

Benefits:  Students will learn how to use project management techniques to plan, organize, control, document, and close out their projects successfully and with minimum risk.

Performance-Based Objectives

  • Discuss the phases of the Project Management Life Cycle and a project manager's role in each phase.
  • List and discuss basic project success criteria and common reasons for project failure.
  • Discuss techniques for setting up a strong project team.
  • List and discuss elements of a Risk Management Plan.
  • Discuss techniques for planning and sequencing project activities, including the Work Breakdown Structure and the Network Logic Diagram.
  • Identify the Critical Path for completing a project on schedule.
  • List and discuss the cost elements that should be included in a project budget.
  • Discuss techniques for controlling for deviation from budgets and schedules.
  • Discuss key elements of project management communications and reporting tools.
  • Discuss key activities of project close-out.


Course Content

Lessons are based on the CompTIA Project+ exam objectives:

Lesson 1: The Project Management Life Cycle

Topic 1A: What is a Project?

Topic 1B: The Project Management Life Cycle

Topic 1C: The Role of the Project Manager


Lesson 2: Setting Up for Success

Topic 2A: The Meaning of Success

Topic 2B: What Happens in the Initiation Phase?

Topic 2C: Project Definition and Scope

Topic 2D: Putting Together a Statement of Work

Topic 2E: The Project Charter


Lesson 3: The Project Team

Topic 3A: The Teamwork Challenge

Topic 3B: Selecting Team Members

Topic 3C: The Team Charter


Lesson 4: Risk Management

Topic 4A: Project Risk


Lesson 5: Project Plans

Topic 5A: The Work Breakdown Structure

Topic 5B: Work Package Sequencing


Lesson 6: The Project Schedule

Topic 6A: The Scheduling Process

Topic 6B: Time Estimates


Lesson 7: The Project Budget

Topic 7A: What is a Budget?

Topic 7B: Creating a Preliminary Budget

Topic 7C: Budget and Schedule Balancing


Lesson 8: Project Tracking and Control

Topic 8A: Moving the Project Forward

Topic 8B: Monitoring for Project Progress

Topic 8C: Earned Value Analysis

Topic 8D: Getting Back on Track


Lesson 9: Project Reports

Topic 9A: Communications Overview

Topic 9B: Project Performance Reports

Topic 9C: Project Change Requests


Lesson 10: Project Close-out

Topic 10A: Elements of Close-out

Topic 10B: Evaluation of People and Projects

Prerequisites & Certificates

To ensure your success, we recommend you have some working knowledge of your computer's operating system.

Certificates offered

Cancellation Policy
Student cancellations and/or rescheduling of public courses made within TEN (10) business days or less of the course start date will be charged at 100% of the full value.
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