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In this course, you will learn remote database management, how to exchange data with XML and other type applications, and how to automate your business processes by using VBA code

Course Outline

In previous levels, you were introduced to advanced topics that dealt with local database management. In this course, you will learn remote database management, how to exchange data with XML and other type applications, and how to automate your business processes by using VBA code.

Course Objective: You will be introduced to the advanced features of the Access application and also the VBA programming language.

Target Student: Access 2003: Level 4 is for students who have a thorough understanding of the basic and advanced user features of the Access program, and are interested in learning introductory level administrator skillsets. The course is also for the student that may be working in a web-based environment and may need to adapt Access applications to the environment. It is also designed for students pursuing the Microsoft MOS Expert Level Certification for Access 2003.

Delivery Method: Instructor led, group-paced, classroom-delivery learning model with structured hands-on activities.


Microsoft: This course is one of a series of titles that addresses Microsoft Office Specialist (Office Specialist) skill sets. The Office Specialist program is for individuals who use Microsoft's business desktop software and who seek recognition for their expertise with specific Microsoft products. Certification candidates must pass one or more product proficiency exams in order to earn Office Specialist certification.

Performance-Based Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • develop a data access page.
  • develop a data access page, a PivotTable, and a PivotChart.
  • import XML data and export Access data.
  • use VBA to automate a business process.
  • create and modify a database switchboard, and set and modify your startup options.
  • distribute a database and add security features to it.
Course Content

Lesson 1: Making Your Data Available on the Web

Topic 1A: Create a Data Access Page by Using the Wizard

Topic 1B: Improve the Presentation of the Data Access Page

Topic 1C: Viewing Data Access Pages with the Browser

Topic 1D: Edit Data Using the Data Access Page

Topic 1E: Group Records in the Data Access Page


Lesson 2: Developing a Data Access Page in Design View

Topic 2A: Create a Data Access Page in Design View

Topic 2B: Incorporate a ComboBox in the Data Access Page

Topic 2C: Test the New Record Function of the Data Access Page

Topic 2D: Develop a PivotTable with the Office PivotTable Tool

Topic 2E: Develop a PivotChart


Lesson 3: Integrating Access into Your Business

Topic 3A: Import XML Data into an Access Database

Topic 3B: Export Access Data to XML Format

Topic 3C: Share Data with Other Office Applications


Lesson 4: Automating a Business Process with VBA

Topic 4A: Create a Standard Module

Topic 4B: Develop Code

Topic 4C: Call a Procedure from a Form

Topic 4D: Run the Procedure


Lesson 5: Creating a Switchboard and Setting the Startup Options

Topic 5A: Create a Database Switchboard

Topic 5B: Modify a Database Switchboard

Topic 5C: Set the Startup Options

Topic 5D: Modify the Startup Options


Lesson 6: Distributing and Securing the Database

Topic 6A: Split a Database

Topic 6B: Implement Security

Topic 6C: Set Passwords

Topic 6D: Encode and Decode a Database

Topic 6E: Convert an Access Database to an MDE File


Appendix A: Microsoft Office Specialist Program

Prerequisites & Certificates

Prerequisites: To ensure the successful completion of Access 2003: Level 4, we recommend completion of the following courses, or equivalent knowledge from another source: Windows 2000: Introduction Windows XP: Introduction or Windows XP: Level 1 and Windows XP: Level 2 and Access 2003: Level 1 Access 2003: Level 2 Access 2003: Level 3

Certificates offered

Cancellation Policy
Student cancellations and/or rescheduling of public courses made within TEN (10) business days or less of the course start date will be charged at 100% of the full value.
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