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Understand the capabilities of the Digital Mock-Up workbenches; Manage assembly components & explore mock-up details; Work with basic & advanced functionalities of the DMU Navigator workbench; Modify components' properties & position components and more

Course Outline

Learning Objectives Digital Mock-Up Basics
- Understand the capabilities of the Digital Mock-Up workbenches
- Manage assembly components and explore mock-up details
- Manipulate view points
- Perform measurements
- Highlight critical areas using 2D and 3D annotations
- Link information to external files

Digital Mock-Up Navigator
- Work with basic and advanced functionalities of the DMU Navigator workbench
- Modify components' properties and position components
- Animate the Mock-up by creating simulations
- Create movies from simulations
- Manage Mock-up configurations with scenes
- Save specific Mock-up configurations for analysis purposes
- Create annotated views of the Mock-Up for communication purposes

Digital Mock-Up Space Analysis
- Perform measurements in the context of a digital mock up
- Create views to see inner details of the digital mock up
- Perform interference checking in order to find clashes, contacts and verify component clearances
- Compare different versions of a digital mock-up

Digital Mock-Up Fitting Simulator
- Understand the general process of fitting simulation.
- Define shuttles and groups.
- Create tracks to move components or a group of components.
- Define the order in which the tracks and actions will take place.
- Find the time duration for each track and action.
- Perform clash analysis during sequence and tracks simulation
Digital Mock-Up Kinematics Simulator
- Understand the capabilities and the General Process followed in DMU Kinematics workbench.
- Learn about the capabilities of the DMU Kinematics workbench.
- Give the motion instructions to your mechanism and impart movement to the various components of your mechanism.
- Perform various analyses when the mechanism is getting simulated.
- Sequence multiple mechanisms and run them.
RTR Real Time Rendering
- Create the required environment around a model
- Apply materials, textures, and 3D textures to your models
- Use different types of lights and cameras to create the desired  ambience

Course Content
  • Managing Viewpoints and Visualization
  • Introduction to Viewpoints
  • Creating Temporary Viewpoints
  • Introduction to Basic Measuring
  • Measuring Between
  • Measuring Item
  • Measure Angle Using Three Points
  • Measuring Thickness
  • Introduction to DMU Navigator
  • Managing Components
  • Managing Simulations
  • Managing Video Animations
  • Measuring Mechanical Properties and Inertia
  • Managing Scenes
  • Managing and Presenting Applicative Data
  • Managing 2D Documents
  • Introduction to DMU Space Analysis
  • Introduction to Space Analysis Measuring
  • Sectioning
  • Analyzing Interferences
  • Comparing Products
  • Environment management
  • Camera management
  • Light sources management
  • DMU integration
  •  Textures management
  • Stickers management
  • Animation: Turntable management
  • Animation: Animating scene elements
  • DMU Kinematics Overview
  • Defining a Mechanism
  • Simulating Mechanisms
  • Analyzing Movements
  • Recording and Playing Simulations
  • Miscellaneous Functionalities

Prerequisites & Certificates

Students attending this course should have knowledge of CATIA Fundamentals

Certificates offered

Certificate of completion

Cancellation Policy
Education seats are reserved upon the receipt of payment and/or signed contract with an assigned number. Students may cancel or reschedule courses without penalty given 10-business day notification. A $750 (plus taxes) per course cancellation/rescheduling charge will apply for those receive inside a 10 days. No-shows or cancellations after start of course will be billed at full tuition. All cancellation or rescheduling refunds will be issued in the form of a Maverick Education credit note only.
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