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For CATIA V5 users Mechanical design engineer with project management responsibilities.

Course Outline
Objective Knowledge Fundamentals (KWF) - At the end of this course, trainees should be able to create and use parametric parts and assemblies, without any help.

Knowledge Advisor (KWA) -
At the end of this course, participants will be able to use Knowledge Advisor features in order to:
  • embed knowledge in the designs
  • add technological and customer semantic
  • define morphing products
  • enrich product definition
  • automate product modifications and propagation
  • accelerate exploration of design alternatives
  • capture the design intent, preserve and share it
Knowledge Expert (KWE) - In this course you will learn the functionalities of CATIA V5 Knowledge Expert product : creation and use of expert rules, expert checks, solving of rule bases, generation of check reports and management of User Defined Feature types. For the creation of rules and checks, you will learn how to use the Object Browser tool.

CATIA 3D Functional Tolerancing and Annotation:

In this course you will learn how to define Functional Tolerances & Annotations on Geometric parts designed in 3D. More specifically you will discover the Tolerancing Advisor, Creating & Managing FT&A Annotations, Geometry for 3D Annotations, and advanced functions.
  • CATIA V5 users Mechanical design engineer with project management responsibilities.
  • Users implementing the Know-how on the design quality as design rules, security norms and company standards. CATIA V5 Applications developers; bench markers
Content      Knowledge Fundamentals (KWF)

Introduction to knowledge tools
Creation and edition of parameters
Creation and edition of formulas
Creation and edition of design tables
Use of external parameters
Reuse of existing relations
Use of Rule Bases

Knowledge Advisor (KWA)

Workbench presentation
Creating user parameters and formulas
Defining Checks, Rules, Reactions, Lists, Laws, Loops and macros with arguments
Associating URLs to parameters or relations
Running macros from Rules or Reactions
Using the Knowledge Inspector tool
Managing Design Tables and part family catalogs

Knowledge Expert (KWE)

Workbench presentation
Creating a rule base and a rule set
Creating an expert rule
Creating an expert check
Navigating the object browser
Accessing the Expert Check/Rule in the Check/Rule body
Solving a rule base
Generating a check report
Performing a Global Analysis of Checks
Working with rule bases and catalogs
Creating expert rules or expert checks on UDF

Introduction to FT&A

Why do we need Geometrical Tolerances and Annotations
How to Generate Annotations
Basic Concepts of FTA
Unique Tolerancing Channel
Getting Familiar With FTA Workbench

The Tolerancing Advisor

What is Tolerancing Advisor
Different ISO Standards and Rules
Creating Datums
Creating Semantic Annotations
N Elements Tolerancing
Creating Non-Semantic Annotations
Creating Framed Dimensions

Creating & Managing FT&A Annotations
Creating View/Annotation Planes
Aligned Section Views and Section Cuts
Offset Section view / Section Cut
Editing and Managing Annotations
Managing Captures

Generating Check Report

Geometry for 3D Annotations
Creating Constructed Geometry
Geometry Connection Management

Advanced Functions

What are Restricted Areas
How to Create Restricted Areas
How to Create Datum Targets
Creating Thread Representations
How to Create Thread Representations
How to Create Knowledge Formulas on Tolerances

The User Settings

FTA Settings - Tolerancing
FTA Settings - Display
FTA Settings - Constructed Geometry
FTA Settings - Manipulators
FTA Settings - Dimensions
FTA Settings - Annotation
FTA Settings - Tolerance
FTA Settings - View/Annotation Planes
The Infrastructure Settings
Prerequisites & Certificates

CATIA V5 Basics PDG-F: Part Design Fundamentals ASS-F: Assembly Design Fundamentals Visual Basic Editor on PC NT Minimum knowledge or exposure to Microsoft Visual Basic (cf. book ref. Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Learning Edition) JavaScript is a plus

Certificates offered

We offer small class sizes, full manuals, one workstation per student, customized courses, and up-to-date technology. Participants receive a certificate documenting their participation and completion of the training.

Cancellation Policy
Education seats are reserved upon the receipt of payment and/or signed contract with an assigned number. Students may cancel or reschedule courses without penalty given 10-business day notification. A $750 (plus taxes) per course cancellation/rescheduling charge will apply for those receive inside a 10 days. No-shows or cancellations after start of course will be billed at full tuition. All cancellation or rescheduling refunds will be issued in the form of a Maverick Education credit note only.
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