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This course is intended for Surface Designers / Mechanical designers Reverse Engineers. It is recommended that you have intermediate Catia V5 knowledge and 200 hours experience. Topics include: GSD; GSO; DL1; FSS; and much more.

Course Outline
  • CATIA Surface Design Expert (GSD)  - The objective of this course is to cover advanced tools found in the GSD workbench under the HD2 configuration and to better understand surfacing methodology issues.
  • Generative Shape Optimizer (GSO - Upon completion of the course, students will be able to optimize previously built surfaces, develop curves, create junctions, diabolos, and generate volumes and Boolean operations.
  • Developed Shapes (DL1) - The objectives of this course are to have the users familiar with develop wires and unfolded surfaces concepts and functionalities
  • FreeStyle Shaper, Optimizer & Profiler (FSS) - In this course, you will learn how to create style design surfaces, analyze their quality and modify them. You will discover two possible approaches: the surface based approach and the curve based approach.
  • FreeStyle Sketch Tracer (FSK) - In this course, you will learn to create Class A surfaces from stylist's drawings or pictures.
Who should take this course: Surface Designers / Mechanical designers Reverse Engineers

Course Content
  • Surface Design Expert
    • Surface Design Overview
    • Creating Advanced Wireframe Geometry
    • Wireframe Analysis and Repair
    • Creating Advanced Swept Surfaces
    • Creating Advanced Blend Surfaces
    • Surface Analysis and Repair
    • Additional Surface Design Tools
  • Generative Shape Optimizer (GSO)
    • Introduction to Generative Shape Optimizer
      • Accessing Generative Shape Optimizer
      • The User Interface
      • Creating junctions
      • Creating a Diabolo Seat
      • Creating bumped surfaces
      • Deforming surfaces according to curve wrapping
      • Deforming surfaces according to surface wrapping
      • Shape Morphing
      • Variable Offset
      • Rough Offset
    • Creating Volumes
      • What is a Volume
      • Types of Volumes
      • Volumes made from Sketches
      • Volumes made from Surfaces
      • Dress-up features on Volumes
      • Volumes using Boolean operations
      • Volumes from Operations or Transformations]]
      • Developed Shapes (DL1)
        • Unfolded surfaces
        • Develop wires
      • FreeStyle Shaper, Optimizer & Profiler (FSS)
      • Surface-approach
        • Step 1: Create the body of the hairdryer
        • Step 2: Create the handle of the hairdryer
        • Step 3: Blend the body and the handle
        • Step 4: Global modification, offset, symmetry
      • Curve-approach
        • Step 1: Create the center parts (Hood, Windshield, Roof…)
        • Step 2: Create the Side Panel
        • Step 3: Create the Wheel Arch
        • Step 4: Adjust shape through associativity
      • Freestyle Sketch Tracer (FSK)
        • Import an image
        • Position an image

Prerequisites & Certificates

Catia V5 Intermediate and recommended 200 hours experience

Certificates offered

We offer small class sizes, full manuals, one workstation per student, customized courses, and up-to-date technology. Participants receive a certificate documenting their participation and completion of the training.

Cancellation Policy
Education seats are reserved upon the receipt of payment and/or signed contract with an assigned number. Students may cancel or reschedule courses without penalty given 10-business day notification. A $750 (plus taxes) per course cancellation/rescheduling charge will apply for those receive inside a 10 days. No-shows or cancellations after start of course will be billed at full tuition. All cancellation or rescheduling refunds will be issued in the form of a Maverick Education credit note only.
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