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Upon completion of this course you will be able to use the enhanced functionalities in the Generative Sheetmetal Design Workbench for the V5R19 release.

Course Outline

Objectives Generative Sheet Metal Design - SMD
  • Understand the terminology and the creation process for sheet metal part
  • design
  • Define and manage sheet metal part parameters
  • Design walls, bends and flanges

Add features such as cutouts, holes, corners and chamfers
  • Create standard and user defined stamped features
  • Manage folded and unfolded views and export a finished flat pattern
  • Build comprehensive V5 data structures for solids whose specifications are lost or unreachable
  •  Build data structure for solids that have been imported from other CAD systems

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:
  •  Analyze the imported data
  •  Repair the imported data
  •  Compare two versions of a Part
  •  Customize the workbench

Weld parts,
  • Generate Weld reports,
  • Extract 2D views from 3D welds.
Deform a surface using the Displacement file resulting from Finite Element
Content Extrusion Enhancements
  •  Automatic Bend Enhancement
  •  Exploded Mode Enhancements
  •  How to Explode Connected Extrusion
  •  How to Explode Disconnected Extrusion
  •  Constraints Creation during Explode
  •  Sketches Generated during Explode
  •  Do it Yourself
Recognize Enhancement
  •  Recognition of Stamps on Bends
  •  How to Recognize Stamps on Bends
  •  Do it Yourself

Integrate Unfolded Curve in Drawing
  •  Standard Settings
  •  Unfolded Curve Enhancement
  •  How to Integrate an Unfolded Curve in Drawing
  •  Do it Yourself
  •  Paste Special Enhancement
  •  Handling Parts in a Multi-Document Environment
  •  How to Use As Result All Views Option
  •  How to Use As

Introduction to Aerospace Sheet Metal Design
  •  ASL Parameters
  •  Creating the Web
  •  Creating a Surfacic Flange
  •  Creating a Joggle
  •  Creating Flanges
  •  Creating a Corner Relief
  •  Creating a Cut Out
  •  Creating Stamps
  •  Flanged Hole
  •  Bead
  •  Circular Stamp
  •  Surface Stamp
  •  Flanged Cutout
  •  Stiffening Rib
  •  Curve Stamp
  •  User Stamp
  •  Creating a Hole
  •  Points or Curves Mapping
  •  Creating Corners or Chamfers
  •  Applying a Pattern
  •  Modifying a Feature
  •  Generating Folded and Flattened Parts
  •  Drawing Generation

Feature Recognition: Introduction
  • Performing Feature Recognition
  • Master Exercise

Introduction to Healing Assistant
  •  Master Exercise Presentation
  •  Model Analysis
  •  Master Exercise Step 1: Topological Analysis
  •  Closing a Join Surface
  •  Master Exercise Step 2: Topological Healing
  •  Comparing Models
  •  Customizing the Workbench

Introduction to Realistic Shape Optimizer
  •  Surface Deformation
  •  Exercises
  •  Summary

Prerequisites & Certificates

Mechanical Designers, Sheetmetal Designers

Certificates offered

Certificate of Completion

Cancellation Policy
Education seats are reserved upon the receipt of payment and/or signed contract with an assigned number. Students may cancel or reschedule courses without penalty given 10-business day notification. A $750 (plus taxes) per course cancellation/rescheduling charge will apply for those receive inside a 10 days. No-shows or cancellations after start of course will be billed at full tuition. All cancellation or rescheduling refunds will be issued in the form of a Maverick Education credit note only.
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