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This course familiarizes students with the techniques used for creating, uploading & managing professional websites using the Adobe Dreamweaver application. The internet is now the most important tool for describing & advertising your product or service

Course Outline
This course familiarizes students with the techniques used for creating, uploading and managing professional websites using the Adobe Dreamweaver application. The internet is now the most important tool for describing and advertising your product or service and understanding how to manage this information gives you an advantage over your competitors. At the end of this course, students will have a solid understanding of Dreamweaver and the web design process.

Who should attend This course is for people new to web design and development and would like to use Dreamweaver to build intuitive, attractive and accessible web sites.

School overview Leonardo College of Design is registered as a Private Career College under the "Private Career Colleges Act, 2005". We are specialized in CAD (Computer Aided Design) and Web Design & Development. Our highly qualified instructors use effective hands-on training methods. Our goal is to prepare students for challenging and creative new careers in a relatively short period of time.

Course Outline 1. Web Page Design Overview
- Browsers and source codes (Text Editors, HTML, XHTML, CSS overview)
- Common web languages (CSS – JavaScript - Code Versions - The W3C)
- Viewing Code in a browser
- The Design process (Planning - Organizing your files and site folder structure)
- Design considerations

2. Getting started with Dreamweaver
- Dreamweaver Interface tour
- Setting up a web site (define a new web site, create and add title to a new page, save and preview)
- Inserting Text and Images

3. Formatting Text and Inserting Hyperlinks
- Creating Headings, Paragraphs and Lists
- Formatting Text (change font, size, color and background)
- Copying text from another document
- Creating Links (Hyperlinks, Anchors and Mailto links)

4. Displaying and Editing Images and Tables
- Inserting images into a web page
- Positioning an image (Aligning, Rotating, Cropping and Resizing)
- Optimizing images (with an image editor)
- Adding Text to an image
- Creating a linked image
- Importing and editing Tables from Excel

5. Creating Pages with Frames
- Insert a predefined Frameset
- Dividing a page into Frames
- Change Attributes and Contents of a frame
- Format Frame Borders

6. Adding Interactivity with Behaviours
- Attaching a Behaviour to an object
- Showing and Hiding elements
- Opening a new browser window
- Popping up messages

7. Using Library Items and Templates
- Insert a Library Item to your web site (edit and update)
- Create a page from a Template (edit and update)
- Create Web-Based Forms

8. Adding Multimedia to a web site
- Insert Flash files
- Inserting a video and sound file to a web page
- Adding a Java Applet to a web page

9. Working with Dynamic HTML and CSS
- Viewing and Editing HTML Codes
- Creating and applying Class Style
- Creating and attaching an External Class Style Sheet
- Creating an AP Div
- Creating and editing a Centered CSS Layout

10. Publishing and Maintaining a Web Site
- Organizing your files and folders
- Testing Web Pages in different browsers
- Setting up and connecting to a remote site
- Synchronizing local and remote sites
- Managing a Web Site (add contain, replace text, change a Link)
Prerequisites & Certificates

Basic Knowledge of Computers and Internet

Certificates offered

We offer small class sizes, handouts, one workstation per student and up-to-date technology. Participants will receive a certificate documenting their completion of the training.

Cancellation Policy
- If your course has been canceled, you will receive a full refund.
- If you are withdrawing from a course, prior to the day of the first scheduled class, you will receive the full refund less a $25 administrative fee.
- If you withdraw before the end of the 3rd class, you will receive the full refund less 50% of the course materials fee and a $25 administrative fee.
- If you withdraw later than 3 classes from the course start date you will not receive a refund.
- There are no refunds allowed on one-day courses or courses of 12 hours or fewer unless you withdraw officially ten business days before the start of the course

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