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This course is level 3 of Microsoft Access 2003. In this course, participants who complete this course will receive additional training on top of the basics, with the focus on queries, customizing forms, expressions, more on tables, and more...

Course Outline
Level 3 of Microsoft Access 2003...

Creating and using the Switchboard:
  • Creating a menu driven application
  • Creating a Switchboard
  • Modifying Switchboard pages
  • Modifying Switchboard items
  • Using a Switchboard
Macros including:
  • What is a macro?
  • Creating, saving and running a macro
  • Using conditions
  • Troubleshooting
Advanced features including:
  • Advanced form techniques
  • Specifying conditions in macros
  • Building an event to trigger an activity
More on relationships including:
  • Many to Many
  • Using a Junction table
  • Referential Integrity
Database utilities including:
  • Compacting
  • Repairing
  • Encrypting
  • Adding passwords and user security
Access and the Internet including:
  • Saving a static html page for your web site
  • Access tools for working on the Internet

Prerequisites & Certificates

Access 2003 Intermediate

Certificates offered

Certificate of completion

Cancellation Policy
Please note that CL Douglas requires 5 business days notice of your intent to postpone or cancel a course. A fee of not less than $50.00/course to a maximum of the full fee per course is due on the day of the scheduled course if the above condition is not met or if the registrant fails to notify CL Douglas that they will not be attending the course. If you cancel or postpone you will be issued a reference number. Fees for courses due to cancellation, postponement or for failure to notify may at the discretion of CL Douglas be applied to future courses providing enrollment is completed in a two month period from the date of the originally scheduled class.
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disappointed that Pivot tables were not taught - this topic was I believe , supposed to be covered
Reviewed by 2013
Reviewed by 2013
I thought it was a great introductory course and will suit my user needs perfectly.
Reviewed by 2012
The course could have benefitted from two full 8 hour days. Haven't received textbooks yet - they were on backorder.
Reviewed by 2012
Great course!
Reviewed by 2012
This was a great seminar and although the outside of the building was deceiving (needing a little work as an old house converted to this) the inside was warm and inviting. The special touches like baked goodies and fruit and full service kitchenette were
Reviewed by 2009

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