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This courseware is a continuation of the Microsoft Office Excel 2003 Level 1 courseware, in which you were introduced to the basics of worksheets.

Course Outline

This class is GUARANTEED TO RUN.  See note below.

Working with Functions     Objectives of Section 1 What are Functions?
  • Using the Correct Syntax for Functions
  • Inserting Functions
Using Math and Trigonometric Functions Using Statistical Functions Working with Financial Functions Using Logical Functions Using Date and Time Functions Using Text Functions Using Information Functions Summary of Section 1 Customized Formatting & Drawing Tools Objectives of Section 2 Aligning the Cell Contents Using the Format Painter Hiding/Unhiding Data
  • Hiding/Unhiding Rows & Columns
  • Hiding/Unhiding Worksheets
Using Comments Using Styles Drawing Objects
  • Drawing Shapes
  • Drawing AutoShapes
  • Moving and Resizing Shapes
  • Using WordArt
  • Using Clip Art
Summary of Section 2 Using Internet & Data Tools Objectives of Section 3 Using Hyperlinks Inserting Hyperlinks
  • Modifying and Deleting Hyperlinks
Publishing Worksheets to the Internet
  • Previewing Web Pages
  • Saving Worksheets as HTML
  • Saving Range of Cells as HTML
Using AutoFill Finding and Replacing Data
  • Finding Data
  • Replacing Data
  • Finding and Replacing Formatting
  • Go To Special
Using Paste Special Sorting Data Using the AutoFilter Exporting Data as a Text File Using the Research Tool Setting Up Research Services
  • Using Research Services
Changing Excel Options Summary of Section 3 Working with Lists and Databases

Objectives of Section 4
Using Lists

  • Creating a List
  • Modify List Ranges
  • Defining Names for List Ranges

Understanding Database Concepts and Terminology

  • Using Database Terminology

Creating a Database
Filtering Information

  • Using Advanced Filters
  • Using Comparison Operators

Using Advanced Functions

  • Creating and Editing Database Functions
  • Using the Subtotal Function
  • Using Lookup and Reference

Grouping and Outlining Data
Summarizing Data
Summary of Section 4

Formatting Cells Objectives of Section 5
Looking at Custom Cell Formats
  • Using Custom Number Formats
  • Using Custom Currency Formats
  • Using Custom Date and Time Formats
  • Custom Scientific Formats
  • Using Custom Text Formats
Using Conditional Formatting
Modifying Drawing Objects
  • Formatting Shapes
  • Resizing, Reshaping, and Scaling Objects
  • Shadows and 3-D Effect
  • Cropping and Rotating Objects
  • Image Contrast and Brightness
Summary of Section 5 Customizing Charts Objectives of Section 6 Customizing a Chart Modifying Chart Options Formatting the Legend Formatting an Axis Formatting Title Text Formatting Data Series Formatting Plot and Chart Area Summary of Section 6


 **** Guaranteed to Run ****

This class is guaranteed not to be cancelled based on student participation.  If we only have one student the course will be turned into a private one-on-one session.  When learning one on one our students usually can complete the curriculum within three hours.    This guarantee does not apply in cases of instructor emergency, acts of nature or any other unforeseeable cause that would reasonably prevent the class from happening. 


Prerequisites & Certificates

Microsoft Office Excel 2003 Level 1

Certificates offered

Participants will receive a certificate of completion.

Cancellation Policy
Unless stated otherwise on your confirmation all sales are final, cancellations more than 72 hours in advance will receive a credit to be used towards a future training class. Cancellations within 72 hours result in a loss of registration fee.

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this was TPN 3 as scheduling for TPN 2 was not working with my schedule. I will be taking TPN 2 (Pam Russell is unable to attend) in August or September.
Reviewed by 2017
Could have used some more breaks. Other than that she was an excellent trainer and was very helpful on helping us with our Sharepoint developement. The trainer conducted the training in our office so that section should be N/A
Reviewed by 2016
Donna's knowledge on MS project is amazing! She was very very helpful.
Reviewed by 2016
The facility and start time were our fault (terrible, but I can't put that as it should not reflect on the vendor!) - incredibly, they offered to host us for the second course. The instructor (contract employee for GK) was hilarious, incredibly knowledgeable and quickly showed tips and tricks that were previously unknown to the students. It did not fit the original request, but was completely valuable. There were no handouts, but we didn't need them for what we were doing.
Reviewed by 2016
Training Provider has a great personality with a vast knowledge and experience and could be recommended to any business seeking ways of staff development.
Reviewed by 2016
This course was fabulous - and the instructor was both professional and interesting, she presented really well!
Reviewed by 2015
The trainer was fabulous. I quite enjoyed my time with her thank you so much!
Reviewed by 2015
Just wondering about accessibility for the building-is there an elevator?
Reviewed by 2015
Excellent course. Instructor able to tailor content to my requirements which made it more relevant. Good pace and content. Instructor had deep knowledge of the subject and provided me with several different tools to use in my job.
Reviewed by 2014
Enjoyed this class a lot - Jennifer was very approachable and gave excellent, practical examples that helped bring the lessons to life.
Reviewed by 2014
I am so suprised i was the only one student so there's a lot of opportunity to learn because the instructor is concentrated on you.
Reviewed by 2014
excellent Trainer - extremely knowledgeable.
Reviewed by 2014
My big issue was the location. Not a nice part of the Danforth. Also need hand soap in ladies washroom (was only dish soap).
Reviewed by 2014
The general course content were great and the Instrauctr Inam made understanding it easy
Reviewed by 2014
The course maybe could have more hands on training exercises. For example maybe watch a meeting in progress and have the participants take minutes of the video. As a group they would discuss that content would be included in the minutes.
Reviewed by 2014
It was just the instructor and I and that was awesome as we could be as specific as I wanted to me for my needs.
Reviewed by 2014
I found it extreamly helful. Thx
Reviewed by 2014
Facility marks are N/A (not applicable): Training was at our site, and that was VERY convinient.
Reviewed by 2014
Facility marks are not relevant since the training was done at the site of Taro Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Reviewed by 2014
Facility is clean but room is cold that is why I scored it low.
Reviewed by 2014
The course was perfect for my needs. I will definately make use of the information I learned. I appreciated the courteous and very helpful communications I had prior to the course as well.
Reviewed by 2013
Overall the course is useful however the course outline needs to be more structured in my opinion. The instructor should also be a little bit more knowledgeable in regards to specifics about MS Project as there is a very high level of experience with the software expected of them.
Reviewed by 2013
Keep it up !
Reviewed by 2012
It was GREAT ! Gordon is a good presenter with a lot of experience and knowledge.
Reviewed by 2012
We would have liked if the course covered Outlook as well as the other Office programs. In our first 2 online classes, there were problems with the audio and the teacher would sometimes cut out, or fast forward, and she could barely hear us at all so all quesitons had to be typed in the chat.
Reviewed by 2011

This course currently does not have any dates scheduled. Please call 1-877-313-8881 to enquire about future dates or scheduling a private, in house course for your team.

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