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Attend the Success & Prosperity Seminar and make the positive changes you are looking for in the areas of achieving business and career goals, financial success, creating successful relationships and improving health and wellness.

Course Outline

Are you looking to make positive changes and improvements in your life? Are you trapped by limitations, unsure of how to reach out and start living the life you want? Do you feel like a spectator rather than a player in your own life? Can you remember a time when you used to dream of how you'd like your life to be someday?

Exceed business and career goals. Achieve financial success. Create successful relationships. Improve health and wellness.

Remove the blocks that prevent you from changing, doing or having what you want.

Make new choices about yourself and your life and fulfill your dreams.

Learn the method of setting and achieving goals that really works.

The Success & Prosperity Seminar assists you in transforming the way you think and feel to gain total freedom for your life.

Here are the 3 main benefits of attending this seminar:
  • Accelerate your personal and professional growth and success
  • Start living the life you want now
  • Achieve all your goals
You should definitely attend this seminar if you are a:
  • Individual looking to make positive changes and improvements in any area of your life
  • Person interested in continuous personal growth and development
  • Go-getter with a strong desire for success and achieving tremendous results
About our seminar leader (s):

Joan Bowley is a Certified Trainer of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Time Empowerment Techniques and a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner.
Linda Cattelan has a Masters Degree in Business Administration, is a Certified Master Practitioner and Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), a Certified Master Hypnotherapist and Trainer and the Vice President and Secretary of the Ontario Association of Hypnotherapists.

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JoLin Expanding Minds Inc.
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