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Learn the skills essential to getting your ideas, plans & feelings across with confidence & conviction. Differentiate between aggressive behaviors which can create antagonism, assertive behavior & passive behaviors, which can hinder your performance...

  • Course Start Date: Mar. 28
  • Location: Toronto (Map)
  • Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm (Note on end times)
  • Please Note: End Times are approximate and depend
    on the number or students and pace of the class.
    It is important to allow for the class to run a little bit longer,
    or finish a little sooner, than expected.
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Delivery Method(s):Instructor Led
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  • Seats Available: YES
  • Category:Assertiveness Skills Training

Course Outline
Many job-related frustrations and stresses can be traced to discomfort in handling the following types of situations:

1. Making difficult and unpopular requests of others
2. Responding to unreasonable demands of others
3. Saying no
4. Disagreeing with someone's ideas

We may avoid dealing with these types of situations or may offend others by coming on too strong.

Learn to act assertively by expressing your feelings or thoughts directly and firmly with composure.
  • To learn the skills essential to getting your ideas, plans and feelings across with confidence and conviction
  • To differentiate between aggressive behaviors which can create antagonism, assertive behavior and passive behaviors, which can hinder your performance
  • To overcome any reluctance and to practice assertion appropriately in dealing with difficult situations
  • To improve interpersonal relationships, job satisfaction and task accomplishment
Workshop Outline
  • The benefits of assertiveness
  • Differentiating aggressiveness, non- assertiveness and assertiveness
  • Understanding your rights
  • Increasing your self-esteem
  • Using assertive non-verbal communication
  • Being persuasive
  • Using assertive language for negative feedback
  • Saying no, without guilt
  • Disagreeing diplomatically
  • Controlling feelings and emotions
  • Collaborating in conflict situations
  • Learning how to not manipulate or be manipulated
  • Recognizing when to confront & when to ignore
• Instructor presentation
• Full-group discussion
• Small-group interaction
• Individual exercises
• Practice exercises

Value Added Option: Participants at each training workshop are encouraged to send an email within three months following the workshop and expect a personal reply to assist with their learning experience.
Prerequisites & Certificates

Certificates offered

Certificate of completion

Cancellation Policy
Cancellations with less than four weeks' notice are subject to the full fee. Participant substitutions can be made at any time.
Map & Reviews
Job Design Concepts Inc.
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Madison Centre
4950 Yonge Street
Suite 802, 8th Floor

Toronto, ON
Canada   M2N 6K1


We have not received any reviews specific to this course as yet, however here are some reviews of the training vendor.

Very well done and thanks
Reviewed by 2016
no comment-the course was excellent
Reviewed by 2016
Sylvia was great; she made the time fly by and captured everyone's interest. Two thumbs up
Reviewed by 2015
It's good.
Reviewed by 2015
Fantastic course! Will be using alot of the tools in my everyday life.
Reviewed by 2015
Sylvia was great. She knew her stuff and made the class interesting and interactive. This was one of the better courses that I enjoyed and had commonalities with other students. It wasn't boring which was great!
Reviewed by 2015
already shared
Reviewed by 2013
the setting and presentation were great-
Reviewed by 2013
In overall it was a very good, informative course with a lot of interactions.
Reviewed by 2013
Perhaps have more support for the instructor , ie: someone from a real company demonstrating how they have put to use the "time man- agement tips to improve their own efficiency....maybe in a video or a written testimonial...with some concrete before/ after examples to help participants take away more "best practices" to try to use...
Reviewed by 2012
This course was fun and interactive, there was never a time where you were bored. Great teaching techniques, makes learning easy and fun!
Reviewed by 2012
I have no experience in minutes taking and I was looking forward to get the complete information to start doing that job for my company. This course was very helpful to me. I got all the necessary info and knowledge to feel cofident in starting taking minutes. The atmosphere was very comfortable and welcoming for me as a participant. Thank you for the great course!
Reviewed by 2012
Reviewed by 2011
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