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We will be offering a practical view of 3 important Agile methods: OpenAgile- used for general agile project management & agile teamwork. Scrum- used for software new product development & IT project management. Kanban- used for teams doing operational..

Course Outline
In this unique seminar, we will be offering a practical view of three important Agile methods:

OpenAgile - used for general agile project management and agile teamwork including projects and organizations doing any kind of work

- used for software new product development and IT project management

Kanban - used for teams doing operational work

This seminar contributes towards three certification programs: the Scrum Alliance's Certified ScrumMaster program, the OpenAgile Team Member level and the IPMA/PMAC Agile Project Management certification.
WHO SHOULD ATTEND? This course is for team leads, project managers, functional managers, and anyone who is interested in improving the performance of their teams and organization.
AGENDA: Day One: Learning about Agile Methods
* Getting to know each other
* Ground rules and expectations
* About Berteig Consulting and Mishkin Berteig
* Self-Organizing Teams Exercise
* Waterfall/Kanban/Agile Simulation
* Types of Agile
* OpenAgile Process Overview
* Role of the Team Member
* Scrum Process Overview
* Kanban Process Overview
* Truthfulness
* Consultative Decision-Making
* The Learning Circle
* Pluses and Deltas

Day Two: In-Depth Practice
* What did you learn?
* Agile Requirements Exercise
* Estimating Value Exercise
* User Stories Exercise
* Estimating Effort Exercise
* Planning Projects and Releases Exercise
* Short Term Planning Exercise #1
* Executing a Short Term Plan Exercise #1
* Types of Work Exercise
* Short Term Planning Exercise #2
* Executing a Short Term Plan Exercise #2
* Pluses and Deltas

Day Three: Advanced Topics
* What did you learn?
* Kanban Exercise
* Teams and Team Rooms
* Effective Meetings
* Roles and Paths of Service
* The ScrumMaster Role
* Agile-Lean Transformation
* Review Exercise
* Graduation


NOTE: Anyone can attend this course without any of the prerequisites listed below. All of the certifications are optional for attendees of this course. Depending on your own needs and interests you may decide to pursue all or any or none of the certifications.

OpenAgile - Team Member (level 2) This course is one part of the Team Member level of certification in the OpenAgile system. There are prerequisites, as well as a number of other requirements in addition to this course in order to complete the TeamMember certification.

Prerequisites: you must have successfully completed the OpenAgile Basic Readiness (Level 1) certification.

Additional Requirements: In order to complete the Team Member Certification, you will also be required to complete the following:
* read the OpenAgile Team Member manual
* complete the OpenAgile Team Member knowledge test with a score of 100% (multiple tries allowed)
* confirmation of course attendance
* publish a statement regarding your participation as a Team Member
* public endorsement by two individuals
* confirmation of accompaniment through a complete Cycle as a member of an OpenAgile team
* $50.00 CAD one-time registration fee

The official list of detailed requirements can be found at:

Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) This course is one part of the Certified ScrumMaster level of certification in the Scrum Alliance's certification program.

Prerequisites: none. There is some recommended reading that can be found on our Agile/Scrum Resources Page.

Addition Requirements: In order to receive your CSM designation, you will also be required to complete the following:
* read the Scrum Guide
* complete the CSM self-evaluation test (always pass)
* after the first year, you will have an annual membership renewal fee of $50.00US

The official list of detailed requirements can be found at:

PMAC Certificate in Agile Project Management This course is one part of the PMAC Certificate in Agile Project Management.

Prerequisites: applicants for the certificate must have a recognized Project Management credential OR minimum two years applicable experience.

Additional Requirements:
* $150 exam fee paid to PMAC
* complete online application form
* complete online exam or in-person written exam

The official list of detailed requirements can be found at:
Prerequisites & Certificates

Certificates offered

This course counts for 24 PDUs with the PMI. You will receive a signed letter of attendance for your records.

Cancellation Policy
If you have paid, and it is more than two weeks before the course start date, then you will be issued a full refund. If it is two weeks or less before the course start date then you will be offered a 50% credit towards a spot in a future course depending on space available and no refund will be issued. If you have an invoice outstanding, but have not yet paid, we do expect full payment of the invoice if you cancel two weeks or less before the course start date.
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We have not received any reviews specific to this course as yet, however here are some reviews of the training vendor.

Excellent course. The trainer David has got an excellent knowledge of the SCRUM methodology and relevant examples to understand the concepts
Reviewed by 2016
Mishkin was a great instructor. He was engaging and he seemed quite knowledgeable about the Scrum and was able to give real world examples, as well as provide insight to the real work problems people in the session were having. Overall, a really positive experience and I felt that he gave us everything we needed to complete the course.
Reviewed by 2015
extremely knowledgable presenter and well structured and relevant courses, and exercises that enforced , or introduced real-world scenarios..
Reviewed by 2015
The class was over crowded. Logistics needs improvement.
Reviewed by 2014
Overall, excellent training. Very good classroom discussions.
Reviewed by 2013
Suggest that trainer provide a high level pre-reading to ensure all participants have general knowledge of Scrum values and principles before attending Day 1 where full dry-run exercise is completed.
Reviewed by 2013
This course is great for understanding what is scrum in reality.
Reviewed by 2013
Excellent course. Class structure very good as it provides the hands-on experience before the theory to cement concepts.
Reviewed by 2013
An awesome trainer, clear, compelling and honest.
Reviewed by 2012

This course currently does not have any dates scheduled. Please call 1-877-313-8881 to enquire about future dates or scheduling a private, in house course for your team.

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