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Topics included in this course: Introduction to Spring; Introducing Inversion of Control; Managing the Beans; Aspect Oriented Programming; Web Applications with Spring MVC; JDBC; Spring Data Access Using JDBC; Hibernate; Java Persistence API (JPA)...

Course Outline

What you will learn Chapter 1: Introduction to Spring
·            Overview
·            Spring Characteristics
·            Spring Modules
·            The Core Package
·            The Context Package
·            The DAO Package
·            The ORM Package
·            The AOP Package
·            The Web Package
·            The MVC Package
·            What is new in Spring 2.0?
·            Hello World in Spring

Chapter 2: Introducing Inversion of Control
·            Bacics – Containers and Beans
·            The Container
·            The Factory Pattern
·            Configuration Methadata
·            Beans.xml
·            Instatiating a Container
·            Dependencies
·            Injecting Dependencies
·            Setter Injection
·            Example: Setter Injection
·            Constructor Injection
·            Avoiding Constructor Confusion
·            Injecting Parameters: Simple Values
·            Injecting Parameters: Beans in the Same Factory
·            Injecting Using Bean Aliases
·            Using Collection For Injection
·            Auto-Wiring
·            Auto-Wiring Example
Chapter 3: Managing the Beans
·            Instantiating Beans Using Constructor
·            Other than no-args constructor
·            Instantiating Beans Using Static Factory Method
·            Bean Scopes
·            Singleton Scope
·            The Prototype Scope
·            Beans Life Cycle Management
·            Interface Based Techniques
·            Method Based Techniques
·            Destruction Callbacks- Interface Technique
·            Destruction Callbacks – Method Technique
·            BeansFactoryAware Interface
Chapter 4: Aspect Oriented Programming
·            AOP Concepts
·            Types of AOP
·            AOP in Spring
·            Types of Advice
·            Hello World in AOP
·            ProxyFactory Class
·            Creating Simle Before Advice
·            Creating After Returning Advice
·            Choosing an Advice Type
·            Adisors and Pointcuts.
·            Pointcuts
·            Using DefaultPointcutAdvisor
·            Example: Creating a Static Pointcut
·            Example: Creating a Dynamic Pointcut
Chapter 5: Web Applications with Spring MVC
·            Overview
·             MVC
·            The Front Controller Pattern
·            The DispatcherServlet Class
·            Spring MVC Flow
·            Spring XML File
·            Example
·            Handler Mapping
·            Controllers
·            HelloController
·            Hello World MVC Application
·            Summary
·            Working With Forms
·            Adding a Form
·            Command Object
·            Controller Hierarchy
·            AbstractCommandController
·            SimpleFormController
·            Handler Mappings
·            BeanNameUrlHandlerMapping
·            SimpleUrlHandlerMapping 
·            Views
·            Resolving Views
·            InternalResourceViewResolver
·            Example
Chapter 6: JDBC
·            Overview of JDBC
·            Connecting to the DataBase
·            Submitting the SQL statements
·            Retrieving and processing data
·            Example
·            Data Access Object
·            Exercise
Chapter 7:  Spring Data Access Using JDBC
·            Spring JDBC
·            The package hierarchy
·            JdbcTemplate
·            Inserting Data With DJdbcTemplate
·            Example : Servlet
·            Example: beans.xml (dataSource)
·            Example: CustomerDaoJdbcImpl.java
·            Reading Data With DJdbcTemplate
·            Example
Chapter 8: Hibernate
·            Overview
·            Features Of Hibernate
·            Hibernate Architecture
·            Integrated Hibernate With Java
·            Main Components Of Hibernate
·            Commonly Used Classes of Hibernate
·            Example
·            Creating Persistence Java Objects
·            Mapping Persistent Object
·            Hibernate Configuration File
·            Inserting New Record
·            Deleting a Record
·            Quering the database
·            Example
·            Exercise
·            Integrating Hibernate With Spring
·            Using Hibernate Template
·            LocalSessionFactory
·            Accessing Data Through The Hibernate Template
·            Example   
Chapter 9: Java Persistence API (JPA)
·            Introducing JPA
·            Hibernate And JPA
·            Using Annotation
·            Using Hibernate EntityManager
·            persistence.xml
·            Hibernate_JPA Project
·            Example
·            Spring MVC Greeting
·            Hibernate Example
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Cancellation Policy
Cancellations less than 2 business weeks before the expected delivery date are eligible for a 50% refund, or a credit voucher will be provided for regularly scheduled courses (choice being that of the registrant). Credit Vouchers are transferable within the same company. Please send your cancellation notice to info@itplanit.com.
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This course was very, very interesting due to the instructor. He was simple, gave good examples and made a few jokes. Also, being only 5 participants was a bonus for us as we were able to share our experiences in a timely manner.
Reviewed by 2016
I think there is too much material to cover in one session. It's a lot of information to absorb all at once.
Reviewed by 2013
The only thing I would add...if you know you don't have many participants, hands on practice would be great. I would like to have had more time applying what i learned in a diagram. Once I got back to my office...i didn't know how to move a shape and associated text together. I also would like to know where I can see all the shapes offered by visio instead of searching for the shape and not knowing what to call it?
Reviewed by 2013
The instructor was excellent. I was pleasantly surprised by how interesting she made a potentially dry subject appear. Non-stop, great snacks provided all day from ham/egg bagels for breakfast, muffins, Valentines chocolate, chips, popcorn, gumball machine, coffee, juices etc etc. Perfect location for me as it was 2 blocks from my office.
Reviewed by 2013
I had no problem with the instructor's technigues, methods or delivery of the course material. He made what was otherwise fairly dry material as interesting as he possible and augmented it with practical examples that the class could relate to. The training facility and staff were also comendable, however what can't be overlooked is the IT infrastructure. During the exam the problems with latency were so bad that it affected my ability to concentrate on the material. Prior to the exam I completed 2 practice exams on paper in 35 & 37 minutes respectively. Doing the exam online it took over 1.5 hrs because it would take between 30 & 60 sec to refresh the page and show the next question. At times when I attempted to go back and review quesgtions I had marked I found my original answer wasn't recorded & I'd have to answer the question a second time. By the end of 70 min I was so digruntled I couldn't wait to finish regardless of the end result. It may not seem fair to evaluate the favility in this manner, but as a student the outcome is the ultimate measurement of a training favility.
Reviewed by 2013
A very interesting course. Claude Gerin, our instructor, was excellent in making this a very interesting and learning experience. THANKS!
Reviewed by 2012

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