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Think Smart to Stay Sharp - learn to use critical thinking to challenge assumptions, expand perceptions, influence and persuade others, and improve decision-making.

Course Outline

Course Description:

Think Smart to Stay Sharp - learn to use critical thinking to challenge assumptions, expand perceptions, influence and persuade others, and improve decision-making.  Critical thinking is about making good judgments. The key to making good judgments is realizing how evidence supports or opposes a claim. In order to use critical thinking effectively, you must develop the skill of evaluating and articulating arguments. This workshop will provide you with an opportunity to enhance your critical thinking skills, improve your reasoning abilities, develop stronger arguments, problem solve more effectively and communicate more convincingly.


Expected Results:

Upon completion of this workshop, you will be able to:

- Identify the characteristics of a critical thinker and incorporate these into your work style

- Become familiar with different styles of thinking and discover your own thinking style preference

- Value the diversity in learning styles and understand their effect on how employees process                                                                                  information

- Explore proven critical thinking tools and techniques and learn how to apply them in various   situations

- Develop the art of questioning to uncover root cause, clarify information and encourage active involvement

- Analyze information to differentiate fact, inference and opinion

- Evaluate the credibility of sources of information

- Analyze and evaluate arguments, interpretations, beliefs or theories

- Distinguish relevant from irrelevant facts and recognize contradictions

- Understand how perceptions are formed and recognize how they may differ from the perceptions of management, peers and leaders

- Communicate more clearly and effectively to reduce misunderstandings and errors. Utilize open, nondefensive communication techniques with others

- Apply proven communication strategies to effectively present ideas and suggestions to managers, leaders, peers and team members

- Evaluate information to assist with problem solving and decision making. Learn and apply a problem solving strategy to workplace case studies

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Cancellation Policy
Delegate substitution is permitted up to and including the day of the workshop. A full refund will be given for cancellations received in writing no later than 2 weeks (10 business days) prior to the start date of the workshop. Any cancellations received after this date will be subject to an administrative fee of 20% (plus GST) of the total fee. No refund will be granted if cancellation is received less than 2 business days prior to the start date of the workshop.

Humber reserves the right to cancel this program due to insufficient registrations and will be responsible for refunding the tuition fee (and GST) only. Should events occur that are beyond our control (instructor illness, inclement weather, etc.), Humber may find it necessary to postpone the training. Should such an event occur, every attempt would first be made to find an equally qualified instructor to present the workshop or reschedule it for a time or times mutually acceptable to both the participant and Humber.

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