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Throughout a 40–hour session, teams of 5–7 participants work to achieve high–quality team dynamics. Consensus based decision–making, conflict management, candid communication & continuous improvement through critique.

Course Outline
The LGP is a 5 day development program focussing on individual leadership; team skills and values based change management. Outcomes Through the session, participants:
  • Gain a deep understanding of ‘actual’ impact on others. Often contrary to ‘intended or desired’ behaviour, this presents a starting point for change. Discovering ‘how’ to achieve desired behaviour enables change.
  • Gain an understanding of behaviours and how to leverage diversity.
  • Develop proven relationship skills.
  • Learn to make better decisions, save time, manage conflict and communicate openly and honestly.
  • Discover how to align individuals, teams and entire organizations around a common set of values, behaviours and cultural standards.
Learning Objectives Addressing four key goals, emphasis is placed on achieving synergistic results through effective interaction with and through others.
  • Deepening Personal Awareness
  • Implementing Change
  • Managing Conflict
  • Creating Vision
Daily Development Throughout a 40–hour session, teams of 5–7 participants work to achieve high–quality team dynamics. Consensus based decision–making, conflict management, candid communication and continuous improvement through critique; establish the basis for personal and team development. Day 1 (6:30pm – 10:00pm) The Impact of Relationships: Using relationship skills to transform team resources into synergistic results Start–Pathway–Goal: Assess the impact of team dynamics on results Critique of Teamwork: Continuous improvement through critique Day 2 (8:00am – 10:00pm) Review of management styles and conditions for change: Understanding behaviour and personal change. Recognize and leverage team diversity Increasing team effectiveness through individual leadership: Develop decision making, conflict resolution, candour and critique skills Day 3 (8:00am – 10:00pm) Review personal vision and leadership goals: Align vision, goals and values Develop a Change Strategy Report: Develop strategies for implementing and monitoring change Study Inter–team Relationships: Understanding conflict and ‘win–win’ resolution Evaluate Team Culture: Assess personal impact on team results Day 4 (8:00am – 7:30pm) Implementing Organization Change: Assess strategies for sustainable personal, team and organization change Personal critique and feedback:
  • Understand the impact of personal behaviour and relationship skills
  • Receive improvement suggestions
  • Give and receive candid critique
Day 5 (8:00am – noon) Reassess behaviour and leadership values: (compare to pre–session) The Power of Vision: Vision as a tool to achieve personal and team results Develop personal improvement strategies Data Feedback and Gap Analysis: Review of seminar learning Unique Learning Forty years of research and ongoing development have led to a uniquely sound program:
  • Theory based: The Managerial Grid® theory is used as a point of departure for learning and development.
  • Experiential Learning: A team–based approach to ‘self–discovered learning’ ensures that skills ‘stick’. Participants learn from each other spending over 70% of session time understanding, developing and using practical relationship skills.
  • Measured Learning: Session prework includes a behavioural self–assessment and values instrument; these are reassessed on the final day. A dramatic shift in self–assessed behaviour style lays the foundation for change and an increased buy–in to values–based leadership establishes the motivational gap.
  • Values Based: In order to develop effective individual, team and group interaction, a common standard of behaviour is fundamental. The LGP presents a values–based approach to best leadership and team practices.
The Power to Change. Training by its very nature focusses on change. The powerful combination of Grid learning methodology coupled with incontrovertible leadership principles, assures LGP participants return to the workplace well equiped to bring about behavioural change, and more importantly, motivated to do so.
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