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Course Outline
Daily Schedule
8:00am - Registration and coffee (1st day only)
8:30am - Session begins
5:00pm -  Adjournment
Breakfast, two refreshment breaks and lunch are provided daily   Introduction
The short course and workshop should be of interest to geotechnical engineers and civil engineers who wish to have a better understanding of the current state-of-the-art with respect to the analysis and design of flexible, rigid and pile foundations subjected to all types of dynamic loads.  All key concepts and terminology will be explained and emphasis will be placed on the practical application of the information provided.   Objectives
To develop understanding of the concepts, theories and procedures of design of foundations subjected to dynamic loads.  The participants will learn to calculate the stiffness and damping constants of different types of foundations.  They will also learn to calculate the response of these foundations under the effect of different types of dynamic loading.   Description
Soil dynamics is the branch of soil mechanics that deals with the behaviour of soil under dynamic loads.  Different types of foundations are used to support structures subjected to dynamic loads or vibration producing machines.  This course will focus on the analysis and design of these foundations.  Topics to be discussed include:  
  • Introduction
    Design objectives, design procedure, basic notions, mathematical models, DOFs, types of dynamic loads, foundation types, excitation forces of machines, dynamic soil properties.
  • Shallow Foundations
    Definition of stiffness, damping and inertia, circular shallow foundation, non-circular foundation, embedded footings, impedance functions of a layer on half-space.
  • Pile Foundations
    Pile applications, mathematical models for pile analysis, stiffness and damping of piles, pile groups, interaction factors, impedance functions of pile groups, pile batter.
  • Dynamic Response of Machine Foundations
    Response of rigid foundations in 1 DOF, effects of vibration, response of rigid foundations in 2 DOF and 6 DOF, response of structures on flexible foundations.
  • Dynamic Response of Hammer Foundations
    Types of hammers and hammer foundations, design criteria, mathematical models, impact forces, response of one and two mass foundations, impact eccentricity.
  • Vibration Damage and Remedial Measures
    Damage and disturbance, problem assessment and evaluation, remedial principles, examples from different industries, sources of error.
  • Computer Workshop –DYNA5
    Types of foundations, types of soil models, types of load, types of analysis and types of output, practical considerations, computer work on DYNA5.

Who Should Attend
Structural engineers, civil engineers, public works and construction department employees of federal, provincial and municipal governments and engineers responsible for large industrial, commercial or institutional facilities who must deal with different types of foundations.

The course will be of interest to a wide range of practising civil engineers at different stages in their careers. Some familiarisation with soil mechanics is desirable but the knowledge is not required at a specialist level.

Expected Outcome
After Participating In The Course, You Will Be Able To:

  • Judge what foundation system should be considered in the design.
  • Recognize the important aspects of foundation dynamic behaviour; and the limitations of different models used for dynamic analysis of foundations.
  • Determine the stiffness and damping constants of shallow and deep foundations.
  • Calculate the response of shallow and deep foundations to dynamic loads.
  • Find the natural frequencies of foundation systems.
  • Specify suitable field and laboratory investigation programs for foundations subjected to dynamic loads.
  • Use DYNA5 for shallow and deep foundation systems.
  • Develop modelling skills for design of foundations subjected to dynamic loads.
  • Achieve confidence in the design of foundations subjected to dynamic loads.

Program Outline
Day 1
  • Basic notions, mathematical models, types of dynamic loads, types of foundations, excitation forces of machines, design objectives, design procedure.
  • Site characterization and dynamic soil properties
    Shallow Foundations: Stiffness and damping of circular and noncircular foundations, embedded footings, effect of inhomogeneity, impedance functions of a layer on half-space.
  • Shallow Foundations: Effect of inhomogeneity, impedance functions of a shallow layer or layer on half-space, modelling.
  • Pile Foundations: Mathematical models for pile analysis, stiffness and damping of single piles, pile groups, interaction factors, impedance functions of pile groups.
Day 2
  • Dynamic Response of Machine Foundations: Response of rigid foundation in 1 DOF, 2 DOF and 6 DOF, Design checklist.
  • Dynamic Response to Impact loads: Design criteria, mahematical models, impact forces, response of one mass foundation, response of two mass foundation.
  • Vibration Damage and Remedial Measures: Problem assessment and evaluation, remedial principles, examples from different industries, sources of error.
          Instructor M. Hesham El Naggar, Ph.D., P.Eng., M.ASCE, M. CSCE is a Professor of Geotechnical Engineering and Associate Dean of Engineering at the University of Western Ontario, Canada. He is Associate Editor of the Canadian Geotechnical Journal and Past Chair of Soil Mechanics and Foundations Division of the Canadian Geotechnical Society.  Prof. El Naggar won the 2007 A.G. Stermac Award, the 2002 G.G. Meyerhof Award and the 2002 Canadian Geotechnical Colloquium Speaker. He has more than 25 years of experience in analysis and design of foundations and soil-structure interaction; and has published more than 180 technical papers in this field. He is the recipient of the Western Faculty Scholar Award and Faculty of Engineering Prize for Outstanding Teaching.

He accomplished research projects for the American National Cooperative Highway Research Program, The Canadian Natural Science and Engineering Research Council, Canada Foundation for Innovation, Ontario Centres of Excellence, etc. He also consulted on major projects worldwide. He has given about fifty short courses on "Design of Machine Foundations" and "Foundation Design" and they are very well received by practitioners.
Prerequisites & Certificates


Certificates offered

1.2 CEU / 12 PDH

Cancellation Policy
If you wish to withdraw from a course, you must advise us, in writing, including the official receipt. Our policies regarding refund are:

More than fifteen business days in advance: a full refund minus $50.00 administration charge.

Fifteen or less business days in advance: a transfer to another course or a credit, valid for one year, to another GIC course can be considered. Credits are transferable within your organization.

If the course has been running for more than 2 weeks, or after the course has started, an 80% credit towards another GIC course may be considered, if notice is received before the start date of the second session. After this time, no refunds or credits will be issued. If a speaker is not available due to unforeseen circumstances, another speaker of equal ability will be substituted.

GIC reserves the right to cancel or change the date or location of its events. GIC's responsibility will, under no circumstances, exceed the amount of the fee collected. GIC is not responsible for the purchase of non-refundable travel arrangements or accommodations or the cancellation/change fees associated with cancelling them. Please call to confirm that the course is running before confirming travel arrangements and accommodations.

Refund Policy: Allow up to 30 days for refunds to be processed.

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