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Topics: Photoshop's environment, resolution, sizing & cropping, selecting image areas, layers, blending & compositing, image colour modes, colour & painting tools, text, layer effects & filters, adjusting colour & tone of images, saving images.

Course Outline
Photoshop is arguably the most popular Windows business software not made by Microsoft, so using it for the first time can be a bit like traveling to another continent. This course teaches you how to use Adobe Systems’ general set-up for Windows programs as well as the basics of photo editing in Photoshop. By the end of this two-day course you’ll know what can be done to turn your photographs into what you need for your projects.
This course is classroom style instruction: Instructor-led, hands-on training.

Photoshop's Environment
Raster and Vector Graphics
Photoshop Environment Elements
Navigating in Photoshop

Sizing Images
Image Size and Resolution

Selecting Image Areas
With Rectangular and Elliptical Marquee Tools
With the Lasso Tools
With the Magic Wand Tool
With the Magnetic Lasso Tool
Save Selections
Modifying Selections

Creating Image Composites
Floating Versus Fixed Selections
Undoing Previous Steps
Copying Selections
Creating Layers
Transforming Layers
Copying Layers Between Images
Saving Images in Photoshop Format
Arranging Layers

Blending Composite Images
Simulating Transparency with Opacity and Blending Modes
Feathering Edges

Image Modes
Mode Characteristics
Grayscale and Bitmap Modes
Color Modes

Color and Painting
Selecting Colors
Painting Tools
Cloning Image Areas with the Clone Stamp Tool

Enhancing Images with Text and Special Effects
Type Layers
Layer Effects
Merging and Flattening Layers

Adjusting Images
Levels Adjustment Layers
Toning Tools

Saving Completed Images
Saving for Use in Print Applications
Saving for the Web

Prerequisites & Certificates

Knowledge of Windows Introduction topics and ability to use keyboard and mouse is required.

Certificates offered

Participants receive with this course: * courseware (notes on all topics covered, along with exercises used during course). * a certificate of completion

Cancellation Policy
A full 5 business days notice is required to change or cancel any course date.

Once payment has been received, a credit will be held in your account if we have received sufficient notice of your cancellation or date change (we do not provide refunds). If insufficient notice is received, the entire fee or Tickets for that course date will be charged.

There is no charge for substitutions. If you cannot attend your course and cannot provide the 3 business days notice, you can send someone else in your place with no penalty.

Course Retake

If you cannot provide 5 business days notice of cancellation, you may take the course at a later date at no further charge with the following conditions.

1. You must take the course within 6 months of the original course date (no exceptions). After that time, the full course fee will be charged again.

2. Registration is on a stand-by basis only. If the course date you select becomes fully booked you will be asked to choose another date, which must be within 6 months of the original course date.

3. If you need to change or cancel your free re-take course, we must receive a full 5 business days notice of the change. If insufficient notice is received, this offer no longer applies and the full course fee will be charged again, should you choose to book another date.

4. This course is not transferable to another person. It must be taken by the same person who was scheduled for the original course.

5. This offer applies to the same course only (same software program, same course level and the same software version as was originally booked).
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I had already filled out an evaluation for this course at the end of the course so I am not sure why I have to do it again???
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