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This course covers all aspects of Maintenance & Rehabilitation (M&R) of public works infrastructure. Learners will gain an understanding of public works system managed by various levels of government,; strategic policies, and a lot more.

Course Outline
After participating in the course, you will be able to: • Describe the basic principles of maintenance and management of public works assets from the understanding that you receive from this course
• Apply available tools and techniques to support your maintenance management activities
• Select maintenance and rehab options appropriate to your projects
• Use knowledge on innovative techniques gained from this seminar for managing public works assets applying best practices for maintenance and rehabilitation of public works infrastructure

Description This course covers all aspects of Maintenance & Rehabilitation (M&R) of public works infrastructure. Learners will gain an understanding of public works system managed by various levels of government; strategic policies; how the policy facilitates asset management; the challenges facing public works managers; and tools and techniques used for effective maintenance and rehabilitation of public works infrastructure. Innovations in M&R alternatives and reconstruction/renewal options of infrastructure projects will be studied.
The course is designed to familiarize learners with techniques, materials and methods, specifications and provisions used in public works construction projects. Other subjects include safety, inspection practices, project administration, cost estimation, codes and industry standards that pertain to public works infrastructure. The course also provides an introduction to the organizational concepts used in various public works departments. Content includes typical organization, management concepts, role of the inspector, utility coordination, stakeholder management, communication, planning, financial management, public relations and overall decision making.

Objective To provide participants brief and in-depths on how public works organization utilize tools and techniques to implement Maintenance & Rehabilitation (M&R) program for over-all and a few specific infrastructure projects.

Who Should Attend Managers, engineers, supervisors, inspectors, technicians and technologists from municipal, provincial and federal government, consulting and construction companies and utility agencies responsible for design, inspection, operation, maintenance and renewal of public infrastructure assets.  The course will be of significant benefit to those with some design and construction experience who manage or provide critical information to managers and supervisors, who have direct responsibility for maintaining service levels and meeting system performances, budget planning, project delivery targets and who are looking to update or brush up on maintenance and management skills, accepting new challenges to broaden their knowledge. Participants will advance their professionalism to utilize in the emerging field of maintaining public works infrastructure assets.

Program Outline

Day I

8:00      Registration and Coffee

8:30     Welcome, Introduction, Course Preview, Learning Outcomes and the Assessment Methods

      What is Public Works?
            • Public work systems in Canada
                  o Organizational review
            • Defining public works activities: governing, planning, design, financing, construction, maintenance, emergency response   and related
               regulatory jurisdictions
            • Contract management of public works projects
                  o Specifications, codes and standards
                  o Examples from best practices

10:00    Refreshments and Networking

10:20    Condition Assessment for Public Works Infrastructure
            • Why condition assessment
            • Condition assessment tools and techniques
                  o Destructive testing
                  o Non-destructive testing
            • Methods of condition evaluation
                  o Condition rating systems
            • Review options for repair and rehabilitation
            • Inspection methods QC/QA
                  o Field evaluation
                  o Laboratory evaluation

11:40    Group Discussions 

12:10    Lunch

1:00     Transportation Infrastructure Projects  
            • Bridges and culverts
                  o Structural inspection
                  o Distress identification
                  o Maintenance & rehabilitation (M&R)              
               • Roads, pavements and drainage structure
                  o Road, pavement and drainage inspection
                  o Distress identification
                  o Pavement management system
                  o Performance evaluation and management
            • Traffic systems
                  o Demand/flow
                  o Operations and maintenances
                  o Intelligent traffic systems
            •  Transit systems
                  o Components and pertinent structures
                  o Maintenance plan for transit systems
2:30      Refreshments and Networking

2:45     Water and Wastewater Infrastructure
            • Drinking water
                  o Urban water systems
                  o Water loss
                  o Inspection
                  o Maintenance & rehabilitation (M&R)
            • Wastewater
                  o Inspection
                  o Maintenance & rehabilitation (M&R)
            • Storm water
                  o Inspection
                  o Maintenance and rehabilitation (M&R)

            • Water & wastewater management systems 

4:15       Group Discussion
4:30      Adjournment

Day II

8:30      Public Works Infrastructure and Safety Issues
            • Built environment
                  o Public building and facilities
                  o Energy infrastructure
                  o Parks and recreational facilities
                  o Marine and offshore structures
                  o Solid waste facilities
            • Work place and construction site safety
                  o Occupational health and safety
                  o Construction zone safety measures
            • Public works infrastructure and security
                  o Infrastructures exposed to risk
                  o Safety measures and check list

10:00    Refreshments and Networking

10:20    Inspection, Management and Specialty Topics
            • Inspection strategy and reporting
            • Ontario structural inspection manual (OSIM)
            • Trenchless technologies for water and wastewater systems
            • Innovative materials in construction
            • Rapid construction techniques
            • Adaptive measures for climate change

11:50    Group Discussion

12:10    Lunch

1:00      Asset Management and Coordination of Public Works Projects
            • Public works asset management
                  o Fundamentals of asset management
                  o Core public works infrastructure
                  o Asset management implementation plan
                  o Canadian asset management efforts
            • Public works project coordination
                  o The supervisor’s roles and responsibilities
                  o Stakeholder management
                  o Material estimate and cost control
                  o Utility coordination
                  o Information management systems (IMS)
                  o Work order systems
            • Total quality management (TQM) in construction
                  o Planning for uncertainty and risk
                  o TQM - an integrated approach
2:30      Refreshments and Networking

2:45      Implementation of M&R in Public Works Organization
               •  Relevant acts and by-laws
               •  Operational maintenance and management
                  o Budgeting and forecasting
                  o Minimum maintenance standards
                  o Selection of technologies for rehabilitation or replacement
                  o Measuring the work completed and program effectiveness
               •  Theory and practices for maintenance and management
                  o Developing levels of service
                  o Condition and performance evaluation
                  o Life-cycle cost analysis
                  o Advantages of preventive maintenance program
                  o Decision making for Maintenance & rehabilitation (M&R)

4:30      Concluding Remarks and Final Adjournment
            • Questions and Answers
            • Feedback to Participants on Achievement of Learning Outcomes


Saidur Rahman
Saidur Rahman, Ph.D., P. Eng., is Senior  Project Leader – Infrastructure with the Town of Oakville. He has over 20 years of experience in municipal infrastructure inspection, design, and project management especially transportation, water and wastewater infrastructure. He spent significant time in academic research on damage diagnosis, nondestructive testing (NDT) and evaluation and structural health monitoring especially for bridges. He was a research fellow at the National Research Council (NRC), Canada and worked on Municipal Infrastructure Investment Planning project to evaluate tools and techniques for municipal organizations to manage their assets in sustainable manner. He is a present member of Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO), Ontario Provincial Standards (OPS) Structures Committee, Municipal Engineers Association (MEA) Ontario, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and Project Management Institute (PMI).
Prerequisites & Certificates

Certificates offered

1.2 CEU / 12 PDH

Cancellation Policy
To withdraw from a course, you must send a request, in writing, with the official receipt to our office. Fifteen or more business days in advance: full refund less $50.00 administration charge. Five to fifteen business days in advance: non-refundable credit of equal value for any future EPIC seminar within one year. Credits are transferable within your organization. In case of an unexpected event occurring after this time, you may send someone else to take your place without any additional cost.
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