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The task of separating solids and liquids is of long-standing value and is necessary in a broad array of endeavours. In this context the unit operations to be considered in this seminar are gravity separation, centrifugation and filtration.

Course Outline
After participating in the course, you will be able to:
• select appropriate technology most suitable for your application
• save time and cost by learning from those who have experience on projects similar to your own
• apply the current practice to update your operations with the knowledge of current practices
benefit from the knowledge of latest technologies at the seminar

Description The task of separating solids and liquids is of long-standing value and is necessary in a broad array of endeavours.  In this context the unit operations to be considered in this seminar are gravity separation, centrifugation and filtration.  For each of these operations there a number of different techniques, the choice of which depends on the specific application.  These techniques are used to achieve various degrees of separation according to quality of solid and/or liquid that is required.  The choice depends on feedstock to the operation, quality of product and overall economics.  In this latter connection account must be taken of time, capital, operating, and maintenance of costs. 

Objectives To outline the pertinent basic principles of liquid/solid separation 
To review the range of technologies that are presently available, and their industrial applications.  To familiarize participants into the method for selecting appropriate technologies.

Who Should Attend Plant and design engineers in the following industries: petrochemical, speciality chemical, pharmaceutical, dyestuff, bulk chemical, steel, mining, pulp and paper, food and beverage, soil remediation, potable and industrial water treatment and municipal and industrial wastewater treatment,

Faculty: Dr. H.S. “Murali” Muralidhara

Program Outline
Day I
Welcome, Introduction, Workshop Preview, Learning Outcomes and the Assessment Method

8:30          Overview of Solid/Liquid Separation
               • Methods available
               • Applications of methods
               • Factors to be considered in method selection
               • Particle size and pretreatment options

9:30          Gravity Separation I
               • Clarification
                  - physical-chemical
                  - biological
                  - granular media filtration

10:30         Refreshments and Networking

11:00         Gravity Separation II
                 • Thickening
                    - sludge thickening
                    - dissolved air flotation
12:00         Lunch

1:00          Case Studies

1:45          Centrifugation I

               • Separation principles
               • Disk-stack - high speed separation
                 - clarification centrifuges

2:45          Refreshments and Networking

3:15          Centrifugation II
               • Decanter centrifuges (thickening and dewatering)

4:15          Case Studies

5:00          Adjournment       

Day II
8:30          Filtration I
               • Principles:
                  -driving forces
                 - media
                 - selection criteria (i.e. cake form time)

9:30          Filtration II
               • Pressure filtration
                 - filter presses
                 - recess chamber
                 - membrane filter press
                 - belt filter press/ screw press/ pressure plate
               • Vacuum filtration
                  - rotary drum vacuum filter
                • Membrane filtration
                • Novel liquid separation processes

10:30         Refreshments and Networking

11:00         Case Studies


12:45         Workshop - Equipment Selection
                    Participants will be given case studies to work on in small groups.  Each group will select appropriate equipment for each
                    of the three cases.

2:20          Refreshments and Networking

2:50          Presentations From Workshops and Discussion
                  Representatives from each group will present the group solutions to a meeting of the whole.  A discussion will follow.

3:20          Equipment Sizing Guidelines – A Discussion Involving the Participants

4:00          Questions and Answers and Feedback to Participants on Achievement of Learning Outcomes

Prerequisites & Certificates

Certificates offered

1.2 CEU / 12 PDH

Cancellation Policy
To withdraw from a course, you must send a request, in writing, with the official receipt to our office. Fifteen or more business days in advance: full refund less $50.00 administration charge. Five to fifteen business days in advance: non-refundable credit of equal value for any future EPIC seminar within one year. Credits are transferable within your organization. In case of an unexpected event occurring after this time, you may send someone else to take your place without any additional cost.
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