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After this course you will raise both your personal and professional communication skills to the top 10% of the world - and that is where you will find the most successful people in business and in life. Reap from the benefits of excellent communication

Course Outline
  • Learn the art of small talk to help you make friends and business acquaintances
  • Influence others to get buy-in without feeling like a bully
  • Make a winning first impression - every time
  • As a manager or leader, ensure your message comes across the right way
  • Run relevant, inclusive meetings
  • Advance your public speaking & presentations

After this course you will raise both your personal and professional communication skills to the top 10% of the world – and that is where you will find the most successful people in business and in life. Why should they have all the fun? Let's join them!

3V Communications is now running a weekend interactive course on the art of excellent communication for business or pleasure. Here is a short list of things greatly improved after completing this unique and powerful training course:

Interviews, promotions, team management, client meetings, teaching, coaching & training others, networking, presentations & speeches, conflict management, forming new friendships, dating, charisma and your personal confidence! Take a look at our agenda:

Day One: (Inter)personal Communications (9-5)

By the end of Saturday you will be able to:

  • Control your 'vibe' that you send out daily, to everybody
  • Understand the process of (mis-) communication
  • Generate small talk easily – with anyone
  • Create a winning first impression – every time
  • Sky-rocket personal charisma and confidence - real leadership qualities!
  • Enjoy stress-free networking and social functions
  • Use real active listening skills
  • Apply the fundamentals of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
  • Understand someone else’s view of the world and communicate on their level
  • Speak with the 3 language modalities – and use them to communicate with different types of people
  • Build rapport quickly on all communication levels - verbally, vocally and visually!
  • Read people using the secrets of body language and face-reading

Day Two: Professional Communications (9-5)

By the end of Sunday you will be able to:

  • Understand the 3Ps of effective communication
  • Use emails with efficiency and with proper email etiquette
  • Excel your telephone rapport - great for telemarketers and CSRs!
  • Manage conflict in a different and less-stressful way
  • Use the fundamentals of sales psychology to persuade and influence others
  • Run smooth, inclusive and productive meetings that are actually enjoyable!
  • Give and receive negative feedback in a positive way
  • Advance your public speaking - no more boring presentations!
  • Deal with the fear of public speaking
  • Organize a winning presentation or speech
  • Use speaking techniques used by the pros
  • Avoid bad PowerPoint presentations
  • Be an Excellent Communicator!
  • Receive a Certificate of Completion - great for resumes and interviews!


  • Flexibility - you get 1 or both days of interactive and dynamic communication training - essential soft skills for today's world of business or pleasure
  • Take-home materials - for use in class and for referring to later at home
  • Certificate of Completion - showing that you care about your personal and professional development, and have taken steps towards gaining excellent communications - great for interviews and resumes!
  • Complimentary coaching sessions to get your personal communications assessed, do a mock presentation or anything else you would like to work on afterwards - one session per course day signed up (i.e. 1 or 2)

Prerequisites & Certificates

Certificates offered

Participants will receive a certificate of completion after the completion of the course. Registering now will also entitle you to one complimentary coaching session (one hour, in person or over the phone) after completion of the course.

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