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This course offers facility managers & engineers the opportunity to understand the basic principles of Building Control Systems: design, specification, detailed shop drawing review, testing, acceptance commissioning, implementation, performance analysis

Course Outline

After participating in this course, you will be able to:
Save energy cost by the understanding of the basics of control systems, such as HVAC and lighting
Reduce the environmental footprint of your building
Improve the operating efficiency of control systems 
Augment the performance of control systems
Enhance the internal air quality of the building


Building control systems are known by a number of names: Building Automation Systems, Energy Management Systems, Building Environmental Control Systems, and Energy Management and Control systems, among a few. Regardless of what it is called, in most buildings it is the one piece of equipment that will have the largest impact on energy use, occupant comfort, indoor air quality, and maintenance costs.  

Many studies by various government and non-government agencies have proven that the majority of such systems are used marginally in terms of their potential. Thus, for the most part, a key resource to decrease energy use and reduce liability stands idle. Studies further indicate that contracting out the operation and maintenance of these systems is not the answer. Rather, education, documentation, and regular reviews have been shown to provide quick paybacks – typically in the 10-20% range.

Facility managers and engineers who don’t fully understand these systems and leave it to others run obvious risk of increasing liability for themselves, and costs for their clients.

This course offers facility managers and engineers the opportunity to understand the basic principles of Building Control Systems: design, specification, detailed shop drawing review, testing, acceptance commissioning, implementation, performance analysis, and day-to-day operation.


To provide information about operating effective control systems, and operating the systems of a high performance building.

Who Should Attend

Facility managers, project managers, design engineers, contractors, and commissioning agents who want to increase their understanding of Building Control Systems. 

Faculty:  Reg Barsoum, Enermodal Engineering Ltd.

Program Outline

Day I

Control System Basics
• Control fundamentals
• Control system elements
• Control strategies
• Facility management systems

Basic Control Systems Applications
• “Unoccupied” mode
• Night setback / morning warm-up
• Pressure boosting systems

Fundamentals of HVAC Systems
• Chilled water systems and components
• Hot water systems and components
• Air distribution systems and components
• Water distribution systems and components

Fundamentals of Lighting Control Systems
• Basic types of lighting
• Simple occupancy sensors
• Lighting control system features
• Interfacing to building control systems

Fundamentals of Rainwater Collection and Distribution Systems
• Pumping, filtering, and treating
• Set-up and operation

Chilled Water Systems
• Chillers
• Primary/Secondary loops
• Variable speed pumping systems

Heating Water Systems
• Perimeter radiation
• Radiant floors and panels

Day II

Principles of HVAC Processes
• Psychrometric properties of air
• Humidification
• Dehumidification
• Sensible heating
• Sensible cooling
• Evaporative cooling
• Air mixing

Basic Code and Standard Requirements
• Building Code
• Model National Energy Code
• ASHRAE 90.1 – Energy efficient design
• ASHRAE 62.1 – Ventilation standard
Basic Design Requirements for Sustainable Systems
• Condensing Boilers
• Heat recovery
• Heat re-distribution
• Ground source systems
• Radiant floor heating
• Innovative cooling systems
• Dual duct systems
• Dealing with partial loads
• Managing expectations

Sequences of Operation
• 100% fresh air
• Mixed air
• Mixed air with heat recovery
• VAV systems
• Chilled water plants
• Perimeter heating and reheat systems
• Coordinating control between the various elements

Open Forum
Questions and Answers

Concluding Remarks and Final Adjournment
There will be a one-hour lunch break each day in addition to refreshment and networking breaks during the morning and afternoon. 

Daily Schedule:
8:00      Registration and Coffee (Day 1 only)
8:30      Session begins
4:30      Adjournment


Reg Barsoum is a Certified Engineering Technologist, a gold-seal certified Project Manager, a member of ASHRAE, and a certified DDC systems engineer.  Reg has served on national committees, including ASHRAE’s CSA Ergonomics Standards Committee, and the Allergy and Environmental Health Association’s panel on Healthy Schools.  Reg has nearly 30 years experience in building automation systems, building operations, and maintenance, through various positions in his career including:  National HVAC systems Trainer for Johnson Controls Ltd., Director of Facilities for the Orthopaedic and Arthritic Hospital in Toronto, Project Manager of a multi-million dollar Preventative Maintenance Program for the Waterloo County Board of Education, Construction Project Manager for Sutherland Schultz, and in the last 10 years managing commissioning projects and troubleshooting of mechanical and electrical building systems in North and Central America, Ireland, the UK, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East.Reg is Manager of Commissioning Services at Enermodal Engineering Limited in Kitchener, Ontario.

Prerequisites & Certificates

Certificates offered

Cancellation Policy
To withdraw from a course, you must send a request, in writing, with the official receipt to our office. Fifteen or more business days in advance: full refund less $50.00 administration charge. Five to fifteen business days in advance: non-refundable credit of equal value for any future EPIC seminar within one year. Credits are transferable within your organization. In case of an unexpected event occurring after this time, you may send someone else to take your place without any additional cost.
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