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What Do The Most Successful People Do Better Than Anyone Else? They are powerful, expert communicators. Now you too can learn to become a powerful, expert communicator - with our two-day workshop on Communication Strategies.

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What Do The Most Successful People  Do Better Than Anyone Else?
They are powerful, expert communicators.  Now you too can learn to become a powerful,  expert communicator - with our two-day workshop on Communication Strategies.

The workshop is designed to help you improve your interactions with other people in your workplace or at home. This workshop gives participants the opportunity to improve the critical communication skills of listening, asking questions and being aware of nonverbal messages. This workshop can also help participants who are struggling to find that middle ground between being too aggressive and too passive, and how to counter the manipulative tactics of difficult people.  Participants also learn more about the elements of our communication with others that help us reveal appropriate information about ourselves, and how to get a handle on how to better manage ourselves for a professional image.

How You Will Benefit: ·         Learn the common problems that may be holding you back
·         Develop skill in asking questions – get better information
·         Learn how your non-verbal messages are hurting you
·         Develop the listening skills that will set you apart from 75% of the population
·         Learn to Stand your ground & make your feelings heard
·         Develop the ability to handle difficult situations easily

What is Covered: ·         Self awareness of your personal communication style
·         The 10 Commandments of Positive Communication
·         Communication Barriers
·         How to ask Better Questions
·         Developing Superior Listening Skill
·         Improving Self Image
·         The Assertiveness Formula
·         Saying No  -  Five approaches to Relationships

Other Details: This workshop includes the use of a behavioral profile, this profile provides participants with guidance in creating greater self-awareness.  Self-awareness is viewed by many leadership experts as one of the keys to becoming a successful leader and highly productive team member.

All workshops are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.  If you are not satisfied for any reason we will refund your full enrollment.

All workshops are supported by detailed workbooks and reference material.
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