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In todayís labor market you canít afford to make hiring mistakes. Good employees are hard to find & the successful executive or manager needs to be able to separate the best from the rest before they are put on the payroll. Hiring mistakes are costly..

Course Outline
In today’s labor market you can’t afford to make hiring mistakes.  Good employees are hard to find and the successful executive or manager needs to be able to separate the best from the rest before they are put on the payroll.  Hiring mistakes are costly, you might get stuck with someone who turns over quickly, or worse, someone who will never leave but never produce much either.  This workshop will give hiring managers a structured program to use that if practiced and developed will improve your hiring success rate by 3 -5 times.

Audience: This program is aimed primarily at managers and supervisors who make hiring decisions.  According to SHRM (Society of Human Resource Managers) most hiring mangers make their decision to hire in the first four minutes of an interview.  Unfortunately they also found that these “gut” decisions are only right about 12-15% of the time.  Executives and HR personal looking for a structured approach to interviewing are also welcome.

Topics Covered: ·         The cost of Hiring Errors
·         Why use behavioral interview techniques
·         How to get the information you need
·         Job Descriptions, the start of an effective interview
·         Competency based interview questions
·         Planning the interview
·         Conducting the interview
·         Scoring and evaluating the interview
·         Defending the screening process
·         Using assessment tools in the interview process

Other Details: This workshop includes the use of a behavioral profile, this profile provides participants with guidance in creating greater self-awareness.  Self-awareness is viewed by many leadership experts as one of the keys to becoming a successful leader and highly productive team member.

Hosted By Jim Brown of Empower Performance is a certified Adult Education expert, with years of experience facilitating dynamic experiential learning programs.  You will gain new knowledge, skills, and ways of looking at problems as well as enjoy the day. 

As a St. Francis Xavier University certified training and development professional, you can be assured that Jim will provide a training experience that will add great value to your training investment.
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