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Learn how to make fewer phone calls & generate greater results.In this workshop we'll teach you principles & patterns used by top sales professionals to achieve greater telephone results with less effort.

Course Outline

Common Sales Challenges and Training Needs Addressed in this Workshop:
  • Here is a list that may apply to one individual, several staff or an entire sales team:
  • Apprehension, reluctance or uncertainty approaching, prospecting for business opportunities, or using the phone to secure appointments.
  • Repeating juvenile, rookie, unprofessional or immature mistakes that require more time, energy and effort to overcome.
  • Inconsistency or unacceptable results due to no previous formal training, a low level of understanding and lack of a structured, well thought out telephone approach.
  • Failure to understand the perspective and needs of the prospect or customer and an understanding of how to use this knowledge to lower sales resistance.
  • Inability to connect customer decision making motivators to the results of the solutions offered by your company's products and/or services.
  • Low conversion rate when using the phone to schedule appointments or strictly sell over the phone.
Workshop Highlights: 
  • Learn how to make fewer phone calls and generate greater results.
  • In this workshop we will teach you principles and patterns used by top sales professionals to achieve greater telephone results with less effort.
  • We will explain helpful etiquettes and show you how to make calls with a specific purpose in mind in order maximize results.
  • Discover how scripts are used to lay a foundation for making calls that improve the percentage of successful calls that you complete.
  • We will make it easier for you to get the right contact name and then teach you how to get through to that individual in the majority of instances.
  • You will discover primary motivating factors and how to tailor your approach to the prospect so that you can convert the conversation into an appointment or sale.
  • We will review common challenges that all sales professionals face and how to get past those obstacles.
  • The most valuable tool that will be discussed during the session is the Specific Benefit Statement and you will learn how to create and use several of them for your own application.
Who Should Attend:
  • Anyone who is new to professional selling and looking for the tools, techniques and advantages that will get them off to a faster start in their sales career.
  • Those who use the phone to schedule appointments or to sell to prospects.
  • People who are struggling with what to say or how to formulate their words in order to achieve the results they desire when using the phone for selling.
  • Anyone who finds it challenging to identify the decision maker or successfully make contact with them.
  • Those wanting a system to follow that will make it easier for them to make quality phone calls and move to the next step in the selling cycle.
  • People wanting to learn how to ask better quality questions over the phone and qualify suspects as prospects.
  • Sales people who want to improve their batting average and gain an unfair advantage when making telephone sales calls.

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