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This workshop will enable the participants to create a plan that will help them achieve their sales revenue goals by building a strong sales territory and or customer base.

Course Outline

Common Sales Challenges and Training Needs Addressed in this Workshop:
  • Here is a list that may apply to one individual, several staff or an entire sales team:
  • Cultural shifting within the organization that is placing higher demands and expectations upon the sales force including the need to prepare and present a strategic business plan for territory and account development , achievement of overall goals and objectives, a plan of execution and S.W.O.T. (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis to identify or highlight findings of the overall thought process.
  • Those who have no training, skills or experience in the area of business planning who work in an environment that requires or will eventually require the development of this mindset as part of professional advancement or succession planning.
  • Anyone working in a situation that demands that they take on the responsibility of strategic business planning and gain a stronger understanding of the concept, formatting and what to cover or include in order to lead a team, teach others how to establish business plans and/or assist clients with the process.
  • People who require the basics of the planning process, a need to develop longer-term thinking and a format to follow in order to meet minimal professional obligations and corporate expectations.
Workshop Highlights: 
  • This workshop will enable the participants to create a plan that will help them achieve their sales revenue goals by building a strong sales territory and or customer base.
  • We will review the basics of strategic business planning and what considerations must be made for preparing the plan.
  • In our session a list of key activities will be compiled.
  • Past, present and future market trends will be discussed so that the participants will be better armed to successfully adapt to changing market conditions.
  • Anticipated challenges or obstacles that may prevent you from reaching desired targets will be revealed in order to prepare you to disarm them.
  • Soft problems and possible opportunities will be highlighted.
  • We will help you breakdown your revenue goals into more manageable amounts and create benchmarks so that you are able to measure your progress.
  • Participants will become more conscious of their regional or geographic focus and create a plan to make better use of their time and balance out their efforts.
  • By broadening your awareness of various market and or product segments we will help you to blend your sales and capitalize on new opportunities.
  • Our discussion will acknowledge and assist you, to better understand your competition so that you are more aware of the advantages that you offer your clients.
  • Learning how to effectively utilize other team members as a support mechanism will magnify your ability to produce results.
  • We will assure that you are tapping into outside resources.
  • In our conversation core competences will be reviewed to help you recognize selling skills that come naturally and those that you need to develop.
  • In the finally we will create a summary, list key points identified and prepare a personal S.W.O.T. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) Analysis.
Who Should Attend:
  • Anyone who is new to professional selling and looking for the tools, techniques and advantages that will get them off to a faster start in their sales career.
  • Participants currently employed in a selling environment that is going through a cultural change, which is placing new demands upon the sales force and requiring individual team members to become strategic thinkers in their selling practices.
  • Individuals seeking the necessary knowledge to advance in their sales profession from a front line soldier mentality to a professional business mindset.
  • People who lack the tools and structure to advance their selling game to the big leagues.
  • Those who need to take their business management practices to a new height and begin to think, plan and strategize in order to successfully achieve corporate goals and objectives.
  • Anyone who is hoping for an opportunity to advance into sales management or is simply searching for new ideas that will help them advance personally and professionally.
  • Sales people who work in a selling environment that demands that they take personal ownership and accountability for themselves and the territory and or customer base that they service.

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