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In this full day session, participants will discover many of the essential skills, qualities, behaviors and traits that will increase their ability to approach, make initial contact with and work through the maze presented by larger accounts.

Course Outline
In this full day session, participants will discover many of the essential skills, qualities, behaviors and traits that will increase their ability to approach, make initial contact with and work through the maze presented by larger accounts, with multiple contacts and a complicated decision making processes.

  • You will learn the importance of identifying the necessary steps in the selling process and how to create a position of strength that works in your favour.
  • We will discuss the significance of your organization's customer value proposition and the need to better understand the big picture results that your company, the product and/or service delivers to the client.
  • The importance of effectively managing the information that you collect and ideas for organizing your documentation so it effectively builds a solid case that justifies your position will be presented.
  • You will learn how to identify key contacts and why it is necessary to build a profile for each of the players involved in the sales and decision making process.
  • In this workshop, discover how to drive the sale forward and maneuver in a direction that expedites the sales cycle.
  • Learn ways to establish grounds for change and uncover the buying criteria that must be addressed in order to win the customer's business.
  • Gain the necessary knowledge to devise a strategized approach to mastering the complex sale that considers the current situation, the competitive threats, the desired outcome and what will be required in order to gain final customer approvals.
  • Ultimately, by attending this workshop and applying the knowledge revealed, you will enhance your ability to lay a foundation and work through the challenges and obstacles of a complex selling scenario and significantly increase your odds for more successful outcomes.
Common Sales Challenges and Training Needs Addressed in this Workshop

Here is a list that may apply to one individual, several staff or an entire sales team:
  • This program is specifically geared towards those who are either already involved in or those who are preparing to become involved in complex and/or major account selling scenarios.
  • We will address and elevate participant consciousness regarding the need for greater attention to detail and the importance of accurately recording (note keeping) conversations and personal observations.
  • This session will benefit those who need to develop their strategic thinking and planning skills for successful sales interactions with in larger companies and/or organizations.
  • Ideal for those participants who must gain an understanding of how to apply processes and timelines similar to those used in "Project Management" in order to work through the maze of people, departments, decision makers and influencers that are representative of the hurdles that must be leapt in a complex sale.
  • Program is geared towards those who must learn how to evaluate and recognize the different players and personalities with in target accounts in order to avoid stalls and leverage those who can and will keep the sale moving forward.
  • For those who have mastered many of the basics of corporate or business to business sales, this module will provide them with a foundation for taking on more rewarding financial opportunities with longer selling cycles and greater degrees of complexity.

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone who is new to professional consultative selling and looking for the tools, techniques and advantages that will get them off to a faster start in their career.
  • Those who are currently in a role where they work in complex selling scenarios (or those who wish to be in this role) and wish to gain professional insight that they can leverage in order to increase their success rate.
  • Those individuals who have never received any formal training in the area of complex or major account selling skills and disciplines in the past.
  • Individuals working in any organization that has identified a need to increase the level of professionalism and competence in selling to larger accounts that present unique challenges in combination with desirable business opportunities and greater financial rewards.
  • Anyone who wants to increase their confidence by becoming better armed and educated on how to position themselves in complex selling scenarios.
  • Those who want to learn how to gain entry into a complex sales opportunity advance the sale through the various stages of customer acceptance and move the opportunity to closure.
  • Sales staffs who want to gain the knowledge and skills that will allow them to capitalize more often when taking on the unique challenges and situations present in a complex sale.

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