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In this workshop, you will learn the worth of your most valuable resource, your sphere of influence and how to work effectively with this foundation to build a rock solid career in sales.

Course Outline
  • You will discover how to master the art of building your business though referrals.

  • You will be taught how to create and build a referral system that will generate a pipeline of clients as you develop and work your system.

  • You will minimize the amount of rejection that you are required to face by establishing and building upon solid business relationships.

  • You will gain powerful insight and techniques for planning your business building activities so that your lead generation is steady, controllable and of a higher quality.

  • Participants will learn about the client testimonials and why they are such a valuable selling aid.

  • We will teach you how to accumulate testimonials that add to your arsenal of selling tools and leverage your efforts on future sales appointments. Testimonials:

    Today, I learned how a referral can aid me in creating new business.  It’s important to create a process/system for calls.  Ask for referrals and be confident in your approach.  This workshop is very good.  Marshall keeps my interest and has a lot of valuable information to give.

    Ellen Matthew, Account Executive, Central Reproductions


    Today, I learned the power of people and how leveraging past experiences with customers can help in overcoming present objectives.  Being young, I felt as though I haven’t earned the respect or deserved to be given referrals.  But as long as I am competent and confident in myself, people will be willing to help me.  Marshall, keep telling us of your past experiences.  It helps with implements the ideas you are talking about.

    Cameron Miller, Product Specialist, Phoenix AirMid Biomedical


    The referral process must be a deliberate, systematic approach in order to successfully integrate it into my sales methods.  This will allow me to leverage my previous client base and focus on exceeding customer expectations.

    Angelo Florendo, Product Specialist, Phoenix AirMid Biomedical


    Today I learned how to effectively acquire referrals to build my contacts.  This course is very worthwhile.  Good time spent on valuable information.  Marshall is a very knowledgeable, intelligent facilitator.  I learned a lot from him!

    Delynne Bauer, Account Manager, Bingemans


    Very informative and answered a lot of my questions.  I learned how to approach or ask for a referral.  I work behind the scenes and I have never thought to ask a supplier for a referral.  Marshall is very knowledgeable and interactive.  He kept my interest all morning.

    Shelley Parson, Purchasing Manager, Prior Resource Group


    Referral Based Selling taught me how and what to ask.  I can draft up m own questions and keep more details in my client info package.  I won’t be afraid to ask.  The music was a nice change during the breaks.  The course was easy to follow and understand.  Definitely not boring!  Marshall was lively, believable and experienced.

    Daphne Fayle, Account Manager, Bingemans


    Interesting and informative!  This course has taught me the techniques to work smarter not harder.  I learned that I require a systematic approach to obtain effective referrals.  I learned the importance of testimonials and how to properly utilize them to handle objectives.  Excellent as always.

    Donna Gagich, Regional Sales Manager, Provincial Environmental


    Referrals are always overlooked so this workshop helped me put asking for referrals in the forefront of successful sales.  I learned to set up the process to remind myself to ask for a referral.  Marshall kept a good pace and keeps everyone engaged.

    Andrea Duggan, Manager of Corporate Training, Armor Personnel


    Referral based selling is a great workshop for me as a ‘new agent’.  It gave me new ideas to put to use.  I learned “Don’t be afraid to ASK!”  I was very comfortable with Marshall, it was very easy to speak up.

    Tina Jesso, Sales Representative, Prudential Grand Valley Realty


    What did I learn from referral base selling?  Keep in touch, keep in touch, keep in touch.  Marshall is great at explaining ideas.

    Nelly Kilianski, Sales Representative, Prudential Grand Valley Realty


    The Referral Based Selling Workshop was extremely well done, one of the best! I’m very satisfied with this course.
    Brian Bokor, Sales Representative, Marks Supply

    Thanks Marshall, good well run workshop. I learned that I need to spend time changing my behavior. That is the key to generating leads. Marshall is very clear and to the point. No magic, just hard work.
    Rob Allan, Residential Sales Manager, Reliance Home Comfort


    Very clear and applicable presentation. Marshall is great. He offered relevant examples and kept the audience participating.
    Dean Murray, Residential Sales Manager, Reliance Home Comfort

    Good step by step process and documentation. The key is setting things up by requesting a referral and the beginning of the presentation – brilliant. Great job.
    Residential Sales Manager, Reliance Home Comfort


    The workshop provided me with a solid base to implement a referral system. I learned the most from the definitions as I was unsure about the basics.
    Kassandra Sawchuk, Residential Sales Manager, Reliance Home Comfort

    Good addition to former knowledge and ideas to go forward. Today’s workshop extended the definition I had for referrals.
    Maureen Poulin, Sales Representative, Marks Supply Inc.


    This workshop is very helpful in improving Marks’ image to possible customers. Today, I learned the importance of testimonials and how they can benefit you.
    Adine Ward, Sales Representative, Marks Supply Inc.

    Marshall gives sound practical advice in a clear easy to understand manner. The overall presentation is excellent and the pace is perfect.
    Mike Harber, Sales Representative, Marks Supply Inc.


    My team and I have begun to really work hard on testimonials. I learned it is important to always follow through with the referrals because you don’t want to offend the person who gave it to you. They might ask you how it went. If you haven’t called on that referral they probably won’t ever give you one again.
    Chris Perkes, Sales Representative, Marks Supply Inc.

  • Prerequisites & Certificates

    Who Should Attend: Anyone who is new to professional selling and looking for the tools, techniques and advantages that will get them off to a faster start in their sales career. Those wanting to learn an alternative method for generating sales leads that produces a stream of low resistance opportunities. Individuals wanting to create a systematic approach to gaining referrals so that they may capitalize on their past selling efforts. People who want to employ selling techniques that minimize the degree of rejection faced in sales interactions. Anyone who want to learn how to gather quality testimonials from those in their current customer base, who have expressed their satisfaction with the products and services delivered. People who want to learn how to effectively use testimonials and letters of reference to answer prospect concerns and objections. Sales people that service a regular clientele and wish to tap into the client base and leverage those relationships to create new business with those customer's network of influence.

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