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Gain the necessary insight so that you are able to recognize and leverage your personal strengths and protect yourself from and build upon safeguards against your vulnerabilities.

Course Outline
  • Learn to set goals and objectives that motivate, inspire and stretch you to strive and step outside your comfort zone to achieve at a higher level.

  • Discover what is required to focus your energies and engage in productive lead generation activities on a regular consistent basis in order to produce a predictable flow of new business opportunities and ensure an acceptable income.

  • Get yourself off to a fast start and lay a foundation for future success.

  • Implement measures for maintaining focus and a positive outlook on your sales profession.

  • Build mechanisms that will support, encourage, motivate and inspire you to achieve personally.

  • Find out what it takes to balance yourself financially and invest into your future success.

  • Work towards more peaks and fewer valleys in your sales commissions.

  • Discover the principles and practices of high sales achiever so you are able to create a rewarding, sales career that is enjoyable and fun!

Who Should Attend:
  • Anyone who is new to the profession of real estate sales and looking for the tools, techniques and advantages that will get them off to a faster start in their career.

  • Participants who wish to strengthen their ability to work under pressure and manage adversity with ease.

  • Those wanting to gain a better understanding of how the human mind works so that they are able to tap into their own potential and also be more in tune with how their customers think and behave.

  • Individuals who are fearful of getting out of their comfort zone and going after new business opportunities.
  • People who want to learn how to plan, strategize and systemize their business in order to create a constant stream of incoming opportunities and ever increasing income.
  • Individuals wanting to learn how to establish objectives for client meetings and a method for accomplishing those objectives.
  • People who want to hone their professional selling skills and conduct quality needs assessments with clients and prospects.
  • Individuals who wish to structure their sales appointments to maximize their efficiency during customer meetings.
  • Realtors who wish to employ consultative selling techniques and become a value added solution provider for their clients.
  • People who want to add an extra punch to their sales presentations in order to maximize the impact and close more business.
  • Individuals who want to hone their selling skills, become a more intuitive presenter and raise their selling game to a new height!
  • Anyone wanting to learn tips and techniques for minimizing the number of objections that they face on a daily basis.
  • Those who want to learn a systematic approach to addressing objections that is simple and applies to the real estate industry.
  • Those who have a necessity to balance their schedule and activities.
  • Anyone who wants to increase the amount of control that they feel they have, over their personal and professional life.
  • Real Estate Sales Representatives who to increase their income earning potential.


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Participants who wish to strengthen their ability to work under pressure and manage adversity with ease.

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