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In this workshop we will detail key factors that often determine abilities to achieve success in a leadership role.

Course Outline

Prior to the session, participants will complete testing for the Elite Performer Selection Report. 

As a special bonus, this workshop includes one hour of personal one-on-one coaching time with our Corporate Trainer, to review your Elite Performer Selection Report and the on-line assessment results, a value of $195.00. 

In this workshop we will discuss the various types of leadership styles that we encounter in personal and professional life.

We will review the basic requirements of leadership roles.

The importance of leading by example will be revealed.

The ideal qualities of a leader will be listed and prioritized to determine what traits people desire.

The significance of the extremes of these qualities will be discussed and the need for proper balance will be reinforced.

A basic introduction to The 16 PF Test will be covered.

The impact that mindset has on successful leadership will be explored and the relationship to the conscious and subconscious mind will be connected.

Ideas for shaping mindset for optimum performance will be presented.

An in-depth review of the sixteen primary markers (measured personality traits) will be completed and each participant will have an opportunity to review their scores to gain a better understanding of how they can make adjustments for improved leadership abilities.

You will be provided with a copy of you personal Elite Performer Selection Report™ after the session and a time will be arranged for our trainer to speak with you for one hour to review your results.

Self awareness is critical to life success and the goal of this workshop is to provide you with new knowledge about yourself that can provide the stepping stones to personal and professional leadership.

Course Details: Instructor: Marshall Northcott, Corporate Sales Trainer           

Training Materials, Refreshments and Lunch Included.

Prerequisites & Certificates

Anyone who is currently in, or working towards a leadership role and looking for the tools, resources and ideas to elevate their performance and abilities to maximum heights. Business leaders and managers who have never received the benefit of a professional assessment and coaching feedback to increase awareness and tap into personal strengths. People looking for new tools to implement into their business and or leadership role to drive performance and results. Those who aspire to greater achievement levels personally and professionally and desire the knowledge about themselves, that will provide the edge they seek. Individuals challenged with conflict and or stresses in working with others who wish to discover how their approach to leadership or management methods must adjust in order to improve work relations. Anyone who has hit a ceiling in their career and is looking for professional coaching assistance to get back on track! Those seeking a fresh approach to leadership that has a solid proven foundation

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