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Learn how to create proposals that hit home runs & increase your closing ratio. Discover how to effectively communicate customer solutions enclosed in your proposal so that you can minimize resistance & gain a favorable decision from buyers.

Course Outline
Workshop Highlights • Learn how to create proposals that hit home runs for you more often and increase your closing ratio.
• We will introduce a proven proposal presentation strategy that significantly improves sales results.
• Discover how to create proposals with the client concerns and issues in mind and present them in a manner that is tailored to the recipient’s requirements.
• Learn the science behind a proposal that impacts your message with a punch!
• Discover the various elements contained in a business proposal and how to determine which elements are required for varying situations.
• Gain insight into proper layout of information so that your message flows, is easily understood and gains immediate acceptance from your prospect.
• Discover how to effectively communicate customer solutions enclosed in your proposal so that you can minimize resistance and gain a favorable decision from buyers.

Who Should Attend • Anyone who is new to professional selling and looking for the tools, techniques and advantages that will get them off to a faster start in their sales career.
• This workshop is geared towards those required to prepare and present professional proposals to their clients and prospects.
• Anyone wanting to learn a systematic approach to building professional, structured proposal.
• People who want to sell to a more sophisticated client base and realize the need to engage in a two stage selling process, phase one gathering the information and phase two presenting a proposal based on the needs uncovered on the first visit.
• Individuals wanting to discover the various proposal types that can be used and how determine which (if any) is the most appropriate for each situation.
• Those who want to learn new ways of building credibility, justifying their position and selling value added solutions to prospects and customers.
• Sales people looking for a way to simplify the sales process and make a smooth transition to closing more business, more often.

There are many misconceptions regarding what a proposal is really meant to achieve. This training session opened my eyes! I was able to identify the different types of proposals and under which circumstances to use (or not use) them.
This is extremely valuable and will no doubt, increase my sales and the utilization of my time. Marshall detailed how to use a proposal as an extension of my sales arsenal and I feel extremely confident presenting my proposals to future customers. Great job Marshall!
Austin Greavette, Accounts Executive, Execulink Telecom
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