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This workshop provides an explanation of the four primary personality styles, history of how they were first discovered, how they are used today and where you fit into the mix.

Course Outline
Workshop Highlights:
  • Basic pre-workshop test to determine what personality style the participant is.
  • Explanation of the four primary personality styles, history of how they were first discovered, how they are used today and where you fit into the mix.
  • Introduction to patterns and habits that exist in human beings.
  • In depth discussion of the characteristics present in each of the four personality styles.
  • Overview of personality indicators and how to determine what type of individual you are interacting with.
  • Explanation of how each of the four personality types are motivated and primary decision making factors that drive their choices.
  • Tips and suggestions for how to leverage this information to improve your sales results, interact successfully with a broader range of people and gain more enjoyment out of your sales career.

Who Should Attend:
  • Anyone who is new to professional selling and looking for the tools, techniques and advantages that will get them off to a faster start in their sales career.
  • Those who wish to better understand themselves and be able to leverage that knowledge in order to produce better results from their efforts.
  • Participants who wish to learn ideas and methods for being more effective at reading prospects and customers.
  • Anyone who understands the necessity to adjust their style, pace and delivery to better address the needs of the prospect.
  • Those interested in learning how to pick up on the key indicators that will tip them off to the type of individual they are attempting to sell to.
  • People who work in a selling environment that places them in front of a wide variety of personality types and want to better understand the subject.
  • Sales people who want to better serve their customers by being more intuitive to their needs, wants and desires.

Testimonials I learned a lot about myself and how to adjust my style to cater to candidates and clients.  The time flew by.  The workshop had valuable information from different perspectives and Marshall is a dynamic, personable facilitator.
Sandra Gallacher, Staffing Consultant, Armor Personnel


It was great learning how to read people because it will help me in my sales career.
Ryan Edwards, Sales Representative, Craig Security


Today, I learned what to look for and different things that will tell me about my clients personality.
Shelley Parsons, Manager, Business Solutions, Armor Personnel


This was the best training ever!  Very informative.  The what, why, how and who was fully covered.  The best part was the defining of the personality types by tone, appearance and words.  Changing our ‘way’ to mesh with them.  This is the first workshop where time flew and I had FUN!  Marshall is funny, smart and a great speaker.  Very friendly and imaginative.
Jennifer Robins, Inside Sales Agent, Execulink Telecom


I enjoyed learning more about personality traits and adapting my selling skills accordingly.  Thanks!  Marshall is a great communicator.  I very much enjoyed the course.
Maggie Ciecwierz, Account Executive, Allprint Ainsworth Inc.


Very impressed!  The workshop brought insight into an area that I have not learned before.  I like learning the four personalities and how to approach each differently in my sales cycle.  Well done!  I found that everything flowed well and made sense to me.  Marshall was enthusiastic in delivering the course.
Terry Genttner, Sales Associate, Execulink Telecom
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