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The focus of this workshop is creating win, win sales scenarios in which your client, your company and you all walk away from the negotiation table feeling satisfied with the outcome. Become a confident negotiator and close more sales with confidence!

Course Outline
Workshop Highlights:
  • The focus of this workshop is creating win, win, win sales scenarios in which your client, your company and you all walk away from the negotiation table feeling satisfied with the final outcome.
  • Learn how to make negotiation easy, enjoyable and fun by attending this presentation!
  • Gain insight to help increase your awareness so that you are able to recognize all parties desire to move forward in the sales process.
  • Discover the significant role that timing plays in negotiation and why the need to identify this is crucial.
  • Learn the tactics and questioning techniques used by sales professionals to establish a mutual desire to move towards closure.
  • Discover how to position yourself for mutually agreeable outcomes in your negotiations.
  • Identify what tools you are able to bargain with and how to determine what the client is willing to sacrifice.
  • Maintain margins by selling value and being profit minded in all of your customer negotiations.
  • Determine what to say, why to say it, how to say it, when to say it and why silence is golden in the negotiation game.
  • Become a confident negotiator and close more sales profitably with confidence!
Who Should Attend:
  • Anyone who is new to professional selling and looking for the tools, techniques and advantages that will get them off to a faster start in their sales career.
  • People who have some degree of apprehension in negotiation skills and want to overcome this challenge.
  • Individuals wanting to increase their awareness of common negotiation mistakes in order to avoid the pitfalls and achieve positive outcomes with clients.
  • Those looking for a systematic, structured approach to negotiation that provides them with a framework to follow.
  • Anyone working in an selling environment that offers them the opportunity to negotiate with prospects and customers who has never had any formal training in negotiation skills or tactics.
  • People who want to enjoy their work more, feel less stress and have fun with the negotiation process.
  • Sales people who want to learn how to successfully close more business while maintaining acceptable profit margins.
Testimonials Very informative and I learned a lot.  I now understand that silence is ok and how important eye contact and body language is.  Marshall explains the techniques and gives every day solutions that are easy to understand.

Tia Walpole, Inside Sales Solutions, Execulink Telecom


Today was full of information.  Silence is golden and you can learn a lot by someone’s eye contact.  Marshall is very entertaining!

Mandy Kempster, Business Solutions, Sales, Execulink Telecom


Negotiation is a critical component of the sales cycle and I have leveraged the tools and instructions that Marshall presented and started applying them immediately.  This seminar was a great investment of money and time.”

Stephen Kane, President, Direct office Equipment Inc.


A must attend training session for new or experienced sales professionals.  Great job!

Brian Banks, Director of Sales, Bingemans


Today’s workshop was great!  I learned how to maneuver through the process more effectively.  Packed full of information.

Lianne Tombol, Sales Executive, Hussmann


Good energy and overall information.
Dennis Owens, Sales Representative, NAVASTONE Inc.

Well done, very polished.
Brian Shelfoon, Sales Representative, NAVASTONE Inc.


Important points covered to improve my performance. Marshall moved through the material well and was just thorough enough that he didn’t beat a dead horse.
Rudy Banks, Sales Representative, NAVASTONE Inc.
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