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Interviewing skills are essential and our discussion will include ways that you can improve your skills in this area for increased success. This workshop will focus on that, and much, much more.

Course Outline
Workshop Highlights:
  • You will be paired up with a partner who also attended the High Impact Client Interviews Theory session and they will prepare for the role of a customer.
  • You will complete a detailed client profile and brief your partner on the basic knowledge they will require in order to assist you in your role-play.
  • You should prepare for a first time meeting with the customer for whom you have provided a customer profile for or in other words, you will be treating this customer as if they are a competitive account or someone who is not yet using the product or service which you are selling.
  • Know what your objectives are going into the meeting and have them written down.  Using a template that you have created and or some specific questions tailored to this customer, you will engage in a fifteen minute role-playing scenario.
  • Your initial goal is to build rapport and trust so that you are able to break down any resistance and open their frame of mind so that they are willing to consider you as a supplier.
  • Review your notes from the High Impact Client Interview Module and remember to structure your interview and employ several of the questioning techniques learned in this session.
  • Your job is to earn the right to learn about the customer’s business and then gain as much insight as possible during your meeting.
  • After the role-play is finished you will be provided with constructive feedback that will enhance your ability to be more effective when meeting with clients.
  • Those participants who are not involved in the role-play will act as observers and will be asked to complete an observation form so that you can benefit from their valuable feedback also.
  • You will also be supplied with the feedback forms from the group and instructor and a copy of your role-play on DVD.

Who Should Attend:
  • The prerequisite for this session is the attendance of Module 7 - High Impact Client Interviews (Theory).
  • Anyone who is new to professional selling and looking for the tools, techniques and advantages that will get them off to a faster start in their sales career.
  • Those who have a great deal at stake in their selling career and can't afford to make costly mistakes in their sales appointments.
  • People who want to up their game and understand the importance of gaining professional feedback in a safe environment.
  • Individuals working in on their own with no management support or training and a need to seek outside assistance for coaching and training purposes.
  • People who don't have anyone qualified or capable of critiquing their interviewing and needs assessment skills.
  • Sales people who want to learn how to work smart and turn more opportunities into closed sales.

Testimonials: This was a great program to improve our sales skills. By having people watch your sales call. You get very positive feedback to improve our skills.
Tom Branigan, Sales Representative, Burkert Fluid Control Systems

Great exercise. Eye-opening. It’s like a musician practicing, it must be done often. I learned the use of asking questions to uncover important information. Marshall is fantastic. He definitely knows his stuff. He is a real expert and makes the workshop pleasurable. Time always flies.
Kevin Browne, Sales Representative, Marks Supply Inc.


Lots of good interaction. I learned what needs to be included with customer calls. The feedback was great. Marshall has a way of critiquing without being critical.
Maureen Poulin, Sales Representative, Marks Supply Inc.

Very, very useful – everyone learned something today. Knowing my peers personality and watching them at work, I learned from every one of them. I thought this was really, really fun.
Diane Walsh, Sales Representative, Marks Supply Inc.


A tough workshop for me to do but I learned a lot from the feedback of my co-workers. Definitely something we should do more often.
Mike Harber, Sales Representative, Marks Supply Inc.

I wasn’t looking forward to it; but it wasn’t bad and it was actually fun. I learned a lot of information that will be useful.
Chris Perkes, Sales Representative, Marks Supply Inc.
Prerequisites & Certificates

The prerequisite for this course is Module 7 -- Interviewing and Communication Skills - High Impact Client Interviews (Theory). Also, taking the prior module(s) to this workshop is highly recommended.

Certificates offered

Training Materials, and Refreshments Included.

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