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In this intensive two day workshop you will learn how to apply your personal management style while developing your core competencies to meet the challenges of your business environment.

Course Outline

Common Management Challenges & Training Needs Addressed in this Workshop:

This list that may apply to one or several individuals or an entire sales management team:
  • Provide a foundation and the necessary assistance to individuals in, or being considered or groomed for a sales management position who have had no formal training, coaching or mentoring for the role and therefore have minimal understanding of how to effectively provide the necessary guidance, direction, structure, systemization, performance evaluations, feedback, tools and resources to ensure the personal and professional growth of individual sales staff and the development of the team as a whole.
  • Those who have minimal or no experience in the recruitment process or who have experienced low level retention in hiring and need assistance to build a success formula for screening, interviewing, setting candidate selection criteria, hiring and initial training/orientation to ensure higher rates of success.
  • Individuals who lack the necessary skill and/or knowledge required to develop tools and systems that increase team/individual accountability and increase the likelihood of achieving corporate revenue goals and growth objectives.
  • Management trainees or candidates who have no formal training or experience and lack the foundational knowledge in the areas of coaching, mentoring and performance evaluation that is necessary for drawing out potential and elevating results.
  • Staff who are or will be involved in strategic business planning, establishing/assigning sales territories (or account/customer bases), setting/assigning sales objectives/revenue or growth goals, preparing and/or reviewing compensation plans, introducing incentive programs, making or setting product pricing/margins  and require professional guidance and direction in order to better understand these management responsibilities and how to go through the necessary thought process
  • Managers or management candidates who recognize that opportunity for improvement exists in the areas of communication, initiation of standard operating procedures, setting of expectations, conflict resolution, staff skills development and other foundational leadership characteristics in order to set individuals and teams up for significant success.
Workshop Highlights: 
  • In this intensive two day workshop you will learn how to apply your personal management style while developing your core competencies to meet the challenges of your business environment.
  • Working with you, we will help you to develop an interviewing strategy so you're able to build a solid sales team by recruiting talented individuals with the raw skills necessary to succeed in your selling environment.
  • Motivational skills that bring out the best of each individual will be discussed so that you can meet the demands required for successful team development.
  • In this session we will have an open dialogue regarding rewards and recognition and how to use these tools to inspire your sales staff.
  • You will have an opportunity to learn and share ideas with your counterparts to stimulate new excitement and energy in your office.
  • We will discuss ideas for creating sales territories and account bases that are balanced and present ample opportunity for personal achievement.
  • The importance of setting reasonable expectations and then measuring and monitoring sales activity and results will be discussed to provide you with the tools you need to ensure you can reach team objectives.
  • Sales coaching, is a key role to personnel growth and advancement and you will be provided with a sample coaching template that will help you to break down the responsibilities of the sales role and simplify your ability to provide valuable feedback.
  • Accountability systems are necessary to protect your team members from natural human tendencies and in this session, we will review the key components of an accountability system and how to build one that will result in a performance driven sales force.
  • Learn how to create and use documentation that will make managing easier and enhance your income earning potential.
  • Our discussion will cover the topic of performance reviews that provide critical feedback, highlight achievement, encourage professional growth and emphasize disciplines that require further development.
  • We will review the utilization of the measurement tools at your disposal.
  • Learn how to conduct sales meetings that are valued, efficient and effective for the participants.
  • We will offer you suggestions for self assessing your communication and ideas to increase your abilities.
  • Learn how to leverage your efforts by taking advantage of any sales and technical training that is at your disposal within your organization or externally.
  • We will teach you how to build a strategic business plan that moves you to an advance level of awareness to ensure growth and profitability.
  • The workshop will highlight the importance of your time allocation to ensure accomplishment of your corporate objectives.
  • Our discussion will cover the significant example that you set in your leadership role and the emotional fortitude that is reflected through actions.
  • Gain the awareness required to set the benchmark that encourages others to strive towards new levels of victory.
  • In the finale, we will complete a S.W.O.T. Analysis to highlight what we have learned in this session and what needs to be done so that you can develop your skills as an Elite Sales Manager.
Who Should Attend:
  • Anyone who is new to professional sales management and looking for the tools, techniques and advantages that will get them off to a fast start in their sales management role.
  • Individuals representing companies that are in the process of building a sales force and seek the essential building blocks that will help them establish the structured system necessary for achieving success.
  • Those who have made the transition from a sales role to a management role, but lack the formal training that will give them an advantage to deliver results.
  • Individuals seeking professional advancement from a selling role to a management role and requiring the training for their resume and future job interviews.
  • People working in an environment that is going through a cultural shift and placing new demands upon the sales management that requires them to significantly enhance their management abilities.
  • Anyone who has a team of sales staff reporting to them and is looking for new ideas, techniques and suggestions to help the team meet corporate goals and objectives and move the group forward as a whole.
  • Sales Managers who are always trying to keep ahead of the market and seek out new ideas for self-improvement to stay motivated, focused and energized.

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