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In this full day session, participants will discover many of the essential skills, qualities, behaviours and traits that will increase their ability to service their clients in a professional, socially acceptable and business like manner.

Course Outline

Common Customer Service Issues & Training Needs Addressed in this Workshop:
Here is a list that may apply to one individual, several staff or an entire customer service team:
  • Younger, inexperienced, junior or untrained staff who are below an acceptable level of professionalism in the interactions with others.
  • Those who need to learn professionally acceptable communication techniques, boundaries, mannerisms and conduct to protect the reputation and image of the company.
  • Individuals who act as ambassadors for the company or organization that need to become more conscious of how to put their best foot forward, establish positive first impressions and maintain a high degree of decorum throughout customer interactions.
  • Any staff that are involved in potentially heated situations or outright conflict who must better understand how to work through these difficulties and develop better quality coping and resolution skills to succeed in their role.
  • Those individuals who are displaying Immature, disrespectful and/or irresponsible behaviours and attitudes that potentially jeopardize customer relations and repeat business.
  • Anyone who engages in internal or open displays of blaming, finger pointing and/or criticizing of other staff, the team as a whole or the company in general who need to raise their awareness regarding the negative impact and learn to act differently.
Workshop Highlights:  
  • In this full day session, participants will discover many of the essential skills, qualities, behaviours and traits that will increase their ability to service their clients in a professional, socially acceptable and business like manner.
  • You will learn why it is important to take personal ownership of customer concerns, situations and challenges and show people that you truly care through your actions and the attitude that you project.
  • We will discuss the significance of basic codes of conduct for elite customer service and how your interactions with a customer should make them feel for better overall results.
  • Distinguishing between poor and effective communication, we will help you to better understand a mature, responsible approach to convey information in order to create harmony internally and build a strong reputation amongst customers and suppliers.
  • You will learn about the power of words, how to express yourself more effectively and how to speak in a manner that projects respectful professionalism.
  • In this workshop, discover how to use proper etiquette in your telephone and face to face conversations.
  • Learn ways to effectively prevent customer complaints, inconveniences, concerns and challenges by taking initiative and being proactive.
  • Gain the necessary knowledge to suppress and resolve conflict using a variety of techniques and ideas that are outlined in this session.
  • Ultimately, by attending this workshop and applying the knowledge revealed, you will enhance the number of ideal customer interactions you participate in, you will learn how to avoid buyer's remorse more often and you will know what it takes to provide exceptional customer service!
Who Should Attend:
  • Anyone who is new to professional inside selling or customer service and looking for the tools, techniques and advantages that will get them off to a faster start in their career.
  • Those who are working in a role where they are interacting with and servicing the needs of  incoming customers; either in person, by  phone or a combination of both.
  • Those individuals who have never received any formal training in these skills and disciplines in the past.
  • Individuals working in any organization that has identified a need to increase the level of professionalism and the responsibilities of their inside sales, customer service, receptionists and/or administrative staff.
  • Anyone who wants to increase their confidence and competence in working with customers.
  • Those who want to learn how to better service the needs of their clients for increased customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Sales , customer service, receptionists and/or administrative staff who want to gain the knowledge and skills that will increase their personal value and create opportunities for professional advancement with-in their company.

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Training Materials, Lunch and Refreshments Included. Participants will receive a Certificate of completion.

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