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In this workshop we will discuss the reasons why many people struggle when it comes to asking their customers for the business and closing the sale. Learn about common mistakes that can cause you to miss out on sales opportunities.

Course Outline
Workshop Highlights:
  • In this workshop we will discuss the reasons why many people struggle when it comes to asking their customers for the business and closing the sale.
  • Buying signals will be reviewed and participants will learn what a buying signal is, how they are expressed and how they should respond when they suspect a buying signal is present.
  • Learn about common mistakes that can cause you to miss out on sales opportunities.
  • Discover why a structured approach to your sales presentation is critical to closing more sales and how to effectively implement a successful approach.
  • This session will educate you on the psychology and benefit of trial closes and how to use them in a sales presentation to help your prospects make a favourable decision.
  • Objections are a reality of any sales occupation and we will explain to you why objections are positive and how to work through objections to satisfy client concerns.
  • You will discover the importance of directing a sales interaction and how to apply suggestive selling techniques into your interactions.
  • Discover how to make a recommendation that makes sense and finalize the sale using a variety of closing techniques.
  • Participants will learn about a variety of closing techniques and be provided with an explanation of how each one is applied.
Who Should Attend:
  • Anyone who is new to professional selling and looking for the tools, techniques and advantages that will get them off to a faster start in their sales career.
  • Those who feel some apprehension and/or nervousness about asking customers and prospects for their business and want to learn new ideas and tools for feeling comfortable and confident with the process.
  • People who have never had any formalized training in the past and desire guidance, direction and a systematic approach to follow in order to achieve success.
  • Individuals wanting to better understand the psychology of how customers formulate opinions and make decisions so that they can leverage that knowledge to better serve their clients.
  • Anyone who has a poor or lower batting average when compared to his/her colleagues and is looking for tools and knowledge to improve their success ratio.
  • Those wanting to raise their consciousness, awareness and observations skills in order to be more effective with the art of closing the sale.
  • Sales people who want to maximize their income earning potential and increase the frequency of sales opportunities that they close.
Testimonials I thought it was extremely helpful as this workshop really applied to me.  I learned some new closing techniques and how to ask the right questions.  Marshall is very personable.  Today was a smaller group so a bit of individual help was appreciated.
Jennifer Wright, Technical Account Manager, Maxxam Analytics

I really enjoyed the part of different closing techniques and how to react to objections.  I like this workshop.  Marshall kept things moving and we learned (or) recalled key selling techniques.
Pete Bronsema, Sales, Cover-All Buildings

Today, I learned other closing techniques and how to not feel awkward when asking for the order and money.  Great interaction today with group discussions that brought out a lot of great ideas.
Mac Cumming, Cover-All Buildings

I learned how important it is to avoid going into selling mode on a first call and learned how to shorten the sales process.  I found a process that works and now I can follow it.
Richard Gebhardt, Owner, Peak Builders

Sometimes we have to take a hard stance and push ourselves outside of our normal comfort zone.  Informative.  Resourceful. Knowledgeable.  Upbeat.
Craig McGill, Eastern Ontario Dealer Manager, Cover-All Buildings

Today was very informative.  I learned to set objectives and to ask little questions during client meetings.
Allison Black, Account Manager, Maxxam Analytics

The workshop is very helpful especially in my field.  The part that I learned the most from is the different types of closings.
May Torrefranca, Staffing Consultant, Prior Resource

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