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In this session, participants will discover the secrets of top business professionals and how to develop their success habits.

Course Outline

You will learn how to prioritize your activities so that you accomplish the projects and tasks of greatest significance.

We will discuss the value of your time and help you become more respectful every minute of your day.

Distinguishing between revenue and non-revenue generating activities will become second nature.

You will learn strategies for managing your geographic territory or customer account base for improved efficiency.

In this workshop, discover how to create a time management strategy that is profit minded.

Learn ways to balance out your business and account management activities and scheduling so that you can achieve the best return on investment ratio.

Gain the necessary knowledge to reduce your stress, enjoy your work more, gain the control that you desire, and get more completed in less time!

Ultimately, by attending this workshop and applying the knowledge revealed you will learn how increase the value of the service that you bring to your customers and open up new opportunities for professional advancement.

Course Details: Instructor: Marshall Northcott, Corporate Sales Trainer           

Training Materials, and Refreshments Included.

Prerequisites & Certificates

Who Should Attend: Anyone who is new to professional selling and looking for the tools, techniques and advantages that will get them off to a faster start in their sales career. Those who are self employed or self managed and have a necessity to balance their schedule and activities. People who are time challenged and experiencing difficulties maintaining focus and balancing activities in order to achieve business goals and objectives. Individuals with a large degree of responsibility and accountability who want to learn tips, techniques and ideas for being more efficient and effective in fewer working hours. Anyone who wants to increase the amount of control that they feel they have, over their personal and professional life. Those who to increase their awareness common time management obstacles (stealers) and learn ideas for how to successfully overcome them, Sales people who to increase their income earning potential.

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