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Topics include basic setup, adjusting and customizing preferences and settings, capturing video and audio, various editing and trimming techniques, the Ripple, Roll, Slip and Slide tools, audio editing and audio creation, finishing, and final output.

Course Outline
This five-day hands-on course introduces students to the primary feature set and basic interface of Final Cut Pro. In this course, you'll learn to perform basic editing functions while familiarizing yourself with the user interface. Topics include basic setup, adjusting and customizing preferences and settings, capturing video and audio, various editing and trimming techniques, the Ripple, Roll, Slip and Slide tools, audio editing and audio creation, finishing, and final output.

Who Should Attend: This class is designed for anyone looking to edit professional-quality video using Final Cut Pro, and who prefers hands-on, interactive instruction. Understanding of the Macintosh operating system and basic computer navigation is desired.

What You Will Learn:     – Working with the Browser and Bins
    – Marking clips and creating insert and overwrite edits as well as drag and drop editing
    – Trimming edit points using Ripple, Roll and Extend edits and the Slip and Slide tools
    – Applying filters
    – Audio editing and audio creation
    – Finishing and final output

Course Outline Day 1 Lesson 1
Screening and Marking in the Final Cut Pro Interface
Launching Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Pro Interface, Following a Workflow, Working with Projects, Organizing Elements, Playing Clips in the Viewer, Navigating Clips, Project Tasks, Navigating a Sequence, Marking Clips, Quitting and Hiding Final Cut Pro

Lesson 2
Editing Clips in the Timeline
Managing Project Elements, Editing a Rough Cut, Making Overwrite Edits, Managing Timeline Tracks, Making Insert Edits, Adding Audio Clips, Moving Clips in the Timeline, Drag-and-Drop Editing, and Changing Volume of Edited Clips.

Lesson 3
Finishing the Rough Cut
Adding Cutaways, Editing to Narration, Editing to Music, Copying, Cutting, Pasting and Positioning Clips.

Day 2 Lesson 4
Trimming to Refine Clip Duration
Preparing a Project for Trimming, Trimming Overview, Rippling Edit Points, Rippling in the Viewer and by Numbers, Trimming on the V2 Track, and Trimming One Track of a Linked Clip.

Lesson 5
Trimming to Refine a Sequence
Preparing Your Sequence, Adjusting Two Edit Points, Slipping One Clip, Slipping Sequence Clips, Rolling Two Edit Points, Sliding Clips to Refine Position, Dragging Clips to New Locations, and Keeping Linked Clips in Sync.

Lesson 6
Refining the Edit Process
Creating Subclips, Adding Markers to Clips, Storyboard Editing, Replacing Edits, and Editing Multicamera.

Day 3 Lesson 7
Supporting the Editing Process
Reconnecting Media, Playing Multiple Formats, Working with Master Clips, Logging Information in Browser Columns, Finding and Labeling Project Items, Customizing Shortcut Keys and Buttons, Saving and Loading Layouts, and Optimizing User Preferences.

Lesson 8
Capturing Footage
Connecting Sources for Capture, Creating a New Project for Capturing, Previewing and Marking Your Source, Logging Clips, Choosing Clip Settings, Choosing Capture Settings, Choosing Capturing Options, Setting Capture Preferences and Acquiring Other Media.

Lesson 9
Applying Transitions
Evaluating Project Needs, Understanding Transitions, Viewing Transition Options, Applying Transitions, Modifying and Copying Transitions, Using the Transition Editor, Changing Transition Parameters, Previewing and Rendering Effects.

Day 4 Lesson 10
Mixing Audio Tracks
Preparing the Project, Organizing and Editing Audio Tracks, Monitoring and Adjusting Audio Levels, Applying Transitions to Fade Volume, Setting Keyframes to Change Volume, Using the Audio Mixer, Recording a Narration Track, and Importing CD Tracks.

Lesson 11
Creating Titles
Working with Video Generators, Adding a Lower Third, Applying a Boris Title, Creating a Credit Roll, Adding Mattes and Other Generated Items, Building a Composite Opening Title, Using Master Templates, and Working with Graphics.

Lesson 12
Changing Motion Properties
Changing Speed Properties, Creating a Freeze-Frame, Changing Clip Size and Position, Building a Split Screen, and Animating Motion Parameters.

Day 5 Lesson 13
Applying Filters
Applying and Viewing Filters, Viewing and Modifying Filter Parameters, Applying Audio Filters, Using a Color Correction Filter, and Animating Filters.

Lesson 14
Finishing and Outputting
Detecting Audio Peaks, Adjusting Video Levels for Broadcast, Understanding File Formats, Exporting QuickTime Files, Outputting to Tape, and Backing up Projects
Prerequisites & Certificates

Students should have the following prerequisite knowledge prior to attending the course: � Basic knowledge of Mac OS X � Basic knowledge of editing terminology is recommended

Certificates offered

Certificate of completion

Cancellation Policy
Eliquo Training and Development Inc. will make every attempt to be flexible in regards to class cancellations and rescheduling. In an attempt to make sure that everyone enjoys a consistent training experience, Eliquo offers the following cancellation policy:

Any student cancellation that occurs a minimum of six (6) business days prior to a scheduled class is eligible for a full class credit or a 100% refund on the cost of the class.

Due to scheduling logistics, if you cancel or re-schedule a registration within five (5) business days of the course date, payment is due in full at that time and will be held as a credit towards a re-scheduled date or a future course booking. Course credits are valid for 12 months from the date of the original class booking.

All cancellations and rescheduling must be in writing and sent either by email to registrations@lastminutetraining.ca or by fax to 647.258.9319. Verbal communication of a cancellation will not meet our refund requirements.

In the event that a class is cancelled due to insufficient enrollment, your full registration fee will be refunded or you can reserve a seat in the next available class. You will be notified of a class cancellation at least five (5) business days in advance of the scheduled class.

Eliquo Training and Development Inc. reserves the right to postpone or cancel a class at any time, in which case the refund and rescheduling policy would apply. Eliquo Training and Development Inc. is not liable for any travel expenses incurred by the student, even in the event of a cancellation.
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ask participants when they would like breaks and lunches to accommodate all.
Reviewed by 2018
have virtual course availability for people on the West Coast, Pacific Time, as in does not start at 6am and lunch at 9am, very disruptive
Reviewed by 2017
This was an excellent course. The only criticism I have is that the material was covered very quickly, and there were no handouts that would allow students to remember or recreate the steps that were used to complete the assignments. So, now that I am back home and trying to do some of the same things in Adobe After Effects that we did during the course, I have trouble remembering exactly what to do (e.g.: what icon to click, what drop-down menu to select). Step-by-step handouts would be very useful!
Reviewed by 2017
The only reason I gave the seminar schedule two stars was because I was participating remotely from the west coast so a start time of 9am EST was difficult to manage. Otherwise, good course all-around.
Reviewed by 2016
I thought the instructor did a good job in keeping the class moving despite have most of us online. There were a few times the class went on some tangents that were not relevant to all parties. We didn't use the files provided to us prior to the training. I feel that I would have felt more accomplished if I had put together a cohesive course as part of the session, rather than try this and play for a bit. I don't really have anything too concrete to go back and refer to as I begin to create using Storyline.
Reviewed by 2016
Course was great. Instructor did an excellent job.
Reviewed by 2016
All is well
Reviewed by 2016
Eliquo was great! Their instructions prior to class were clear, as was the presentation. The lessons were very helpful and it was great to have homework inculding a completed version for our reference. Other documents such as the PDF with all the steps that we covered were very helpful and will continue to be as my learning progresses. Kam was awesome - a great instructor with clear knowledge of Adobe Captivate and a great sense of humor to boot! Thank you Kam and Eliquo!
Reviewed by 2016
improve the coffee!! Three days in a dark room looking at a screen - I need good coffee!
Reviewed by 2016
The location did not have air conditioned and it was very warm in the classroom.
Reviewed by 2015
This survey is not set up correctly to evaluate the sessions attended virtually (as I did). I suggest the instructor check in with the students who are training virtually more to ensure they are at the same pace as the classroom students.
Reviewed by 2015
This was online training so can't comment about facilities. The trainer really was excellent in his execution and explanation of course material. His pace was perfect and explained things very well with enthusiasm throughout the day. The only thing was being virtual training, there were moments when the mic was not clear, fuzzy or inaudible.
Reviewed by 2015
No thanks.
Reviewed by 2015
I was very impressed with this course and the instructor. The only improvement I could suggest is to provide course materials, especially ones that would facilitate note taking. The course was fast paced enough that it was sometimes difficult to take notes. But I wouldn't change the pace - it was just right.
Reviewed by 2015
There's no parking, you need a key to access the washroom and it's usually quite cold in the kitchen and classrooms. The instructor is very knowledgeable but lacks presentation skills; he talks non-stop, so you never get a change to process anything. He spends way too much time going over what are his personal preferences for working with the software, at least the first 1.5 hours(!!) then ran out of time to do things that were on the course outline such as Working with a Wacom Tablet with Photoshop Brushes, and adding water droplets. (Two things that I was very much looking forward to = ( ) For verification, the course outline is available here: http://en.eliquo.ca/adobe/training-courses/photoshop/photographic-techniques.php Feel free to mention this to Eliquo, as I've commented on this instructor's presentation skills multiple times, however he is pretty much the only one teaching these courses... = (
Reviewed by 2014
The venue and staff was great, very welcoming. I did not however realize that this course would be as in depth and as technical as it was. I have very little experience with this program so I was looking for a more basic overview. I did learn a lot about Acrobat Pro as the instructor was very knowledgeable but I do not believe that I will use most of what we covered in the course. Also, I would have benefited from having a manual as I could have written my notes beside the printscreens in the book and it would have been easier to refer back to it.
Reviewed by 2014
This was a great course, lots of information given but quite useful! The instructor is very knowledgeable, helpful and easy to follow. I wish the class would be 3 days instead of 2 days since the last afternoon content was a little rushed. Although the important things to know where learned on day 1 mostly. Great place and looking forward to taking more courses!
Reviewed by 2014
This was an excellent course and the instructor was very knowledgeable. He explained every step clearly and simply. He showed you how to do things and gave you time to try it yourself. The course outline was precise and we covered everything mentioned. It was a great atmosphere, very clean and hospitable (coffee, tea, snacks, a fridge for your lunch, tableware, an area to sit for lunch or break). I would definitely recommend Eliquo for any training and will definitely be going back for other courses.
Reviewed by 2014
SOME OF YOUR ABOVE QUESTIONS DO NOT MAKE SENSE. Facility Location of Facilities (easy to find, parking, etc) your rating from 1 to 5 Cleanliness your rating from 1 to 5 Facilities (washroom, etc) your rating from 1 to 5 Environment (clean, warm, etc...) your rating from 1 to 5
Reviewed by 2014
More course materials, handouts with examples. The current documents are okay.
Reviewed by 2014
Thanks so much for the great instructor! He was patient, very well versed in the subject and captured my attention.
Reviewed by 2013
I didn't really see the need for such long lunches and breaks. Would rather of learned more or finished earlier.
Reviewed by 2013
Great instructor, and super easy to follow online!
Reviewed by 2013
could provide a better Manual / extra materials
Reviewed by 2013
Kam the instructor was excellent, I will be taking other courses from ELIQUO.
Reviewed by 2013
Kam is an excellent presenter for ELIQUO. He's knowledgeable and has an obvious passion for what he does.
Reviewed by 2013
Classroom was small and became very warm quickly. Everything else was good.
Reviewed by 2013
Wish I could have brought some information back with me. No documentation provided.
Reviewed by 2012
Under prerequisites, Eliquo stated: ADAI101—Adobe Illustrator CS5 is essential; however, the pace of the advanced course was very fast and assumed that, in addition to ADAI101, participants had a certain proficiency / practical experience level. As such, it would have been very helpful if Eliquo had stated the minimum number of hours of practical experience needed to join the Advanced Illustrator course. At best, I received some exposure vs. learning specifics.
Reviewed by 2012
The introduction at each session which includes a detailed explanation of post-course support and an overview of the outline takes way too much time (upto 45 minutes on average). If you are taking the course, you already know the outline and it should only take 10 minutes to quickly go through the post-course support. People with questions can always ask during the break. Everything else with Eliquo is excellent!
Reviewed by 2012
Very interesting and informative, sessions were paced and not overloaded, equipment operated flawlessly.
Reviewed by 2012
The content was excellent, and we had some opportunities to apply what we learned; however, because Illustrator has a steep learning curve, I needed at least another half to full day in a "lab" to fully implement what we learned.
Reviewed by 2012
Very thorough
Reviewed by 2011
Could have used an additional day and more handout material but overall was a great course I highly recommend it!
Reviewed by 2011
Course was great.
Reviewed by 2011
More hands-on time would be nice. Perhaps 2 days of lecture/training and use the third day to create a project using the topics learned in the first two days. Also, handing out the course manual is the standard in all traning environments, not at the end of the course. Students/participants use text books/manuals to follow along with the verbal instruction and also take notes to assist with their own knowledge gain.
Reviewed by 2011
There could have been more time allowed for doing some of the coding on our own more - it was a little dry.
Reviewed by 2011
for this specific course it would be a big advantage if you have familiarity with CS5 Premiere or at a minimum previous versions.
Reviewed by 2011
A course manual would have been helpful - something to follow along with during the cours and make personal training notes and tips which you can refer to at a later date.
Reviewed by 2011
It was the trainer's first or second time training for Eliquo and he wasn't very prepared. I don't know if it was Eliquo's fault or his own but I wasn't impressed by that at all. In general though, the trainer is a nice person. I was also surprised tha
Reviewed by 2009

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