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Are you or your staff struggling to get a message across, even though it appears clear? Your competitive success depends more and more on effective communication, because everyone takes service and product excellence for granted.

Course Outline

Are you or your staff struggling to get a message across, even though it appears clear? Your competitive success depends more and more on effective communication, because everyone takes service and product excellence for granted. Our executive briefing will give you new insights that you can apply immediately to start communicating more effectively. You want your teams to work more effectively, tapping into all of its members' talents to improve team productivity, reduce misunderstandings while fostering cooperation and acceptance. What you have is projects that are running late and over budget, blamed on poor management and confused communication. Even the best intentions are producing disastrous results with cultural differences often causing misunderstandings. Small incidents in customer service seem to escalate and need disproportionate managerial attention and efforts to fix. What you need is a tool that helps facilitate communication, one that is easy and fun to learn, and, impossible to unlearn. A system that will improve communication between ALL your team members by building on their personal life experience and technical competence while eliminating the effects of cultural bias. Until recently the only way to do this was to through a painful, time consuming, profit burning system of trial and error. But now there is a better way, and we can give you real examples and insights in just 60 minutes. Introducing the Structogram® Executive Briefing Session

Here are 5 benefits that you will get by attending:

  • Learn about a communications and soft-skill tool, which is based on brain research and which has more than 1 million graduates worldwide.
  • Experience the power and simplicity of this approach.
  • Gain insights you can use immediately at work and in your personal life.
  • Learn about a way to increase trust, sales and customer satisfaction.
  • Learn how to assemble and lead effective project and work teams.
  • You should attend this seminar if you are a:
    • CEO
    • COO
    • Executive or Manager with responsibility for Human Resources, Training and Performance Management
    • VP Sales or Account Executive
    • Project Manager
    • Call Centre Manager
    • Consultant, Trainer or Facilitator
    • Mediator
    • Lawyer
    Here’s what you will learn during the 60 minute briefing
    • Get an overview about a universal communications and soft-skill tool, called Structogram®.
    • Experience what the answers to a few questions can reveal about your strengths and preferred ways of communicating.
    • Get communications tips you can use immediately for listening and talking.
    • Learn “How and what to say, so they will listen and get your message”.
    • Become more aware of the meaning of non-verbal cues and signals.
    • Hear about companies that have already used this tool and what they used it for.
    • Form your own idea about whether and how it could boost your own personal and company success.
    • Get enough information to make an informed decision about exploring this tool during a full two-day workshop.
    • Learn about how the results of brain research can help you be a better communicator.
    • Learn about the concept of the “triune brain” by neurophysiologist Paul D. Maclean.
    • Learn about the importance of team composition and its likely consequences.
    About our instructor … Andreas Hug earned his business degree from the University of St.Gallen, Switzerland, an MA in Economics from the University of Toronto and a Certificate in Economic Development from the University of Waterloo. Prior to founding Andreas Hug Consulting in 2000, he gained a broad business experience with multinational corporations in Europe, Canada and the USA. His responsibilities have mostly been in Finance and Controlling, Planning and Human Resources. Andreas is one of the first authorized Structogram® trainers in Canada. During the seminar you will receive …
    • Graphical result of your communications strengths based on your answers to the mini-analysis for your own personal use.
    • A take home summary of the Structogram® component matrix.
    • Our four page "Success in the Mind" booklet.
    • Coffee, juice and biscotti during the briefing.
    What you’ll miss by not attending …
    • You'll miss out on learning about a simple and easy tool to improve communications, reduce stress and increase success in the workplace and at home.
    • You won't be able to give the same opportunity to colleagues, team members and staff.
    • You'll be stuck with yesterday’s conventional wisdom.
    • You're going to miss out on having one hour of fun, doing and sharing the communications questionnaire.

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    Cancellation Policy
    Registrations are firm. However, you may send a subsittute, who meets the necessary pre-requisites, (if any). Or you may ask for a credit note usable at future workshops conducted by Andreas Hug. In case of cancellation by the organizers the entire workshop fee will be refunded.
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