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Delivered by Ashley Walkley, Principal of AEW & Associates at your location, this interactive seminar is ideal for 12-16 participants. Our personal services menu includes proven programs in Sales, Customer Service and Business & Social Etiquette.

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AEW & Associates Inc. specialize in needs-based training programs that focus on improving the skills, behaviour and knowledge of your customer facing personnel leading to greater productivity, more fulfilled salespeople and happier (and more loyal) customers.

We provide clear and concise instruction on the practical application of sales and customer service disciplines reinforced by real-time examples and hands-on exercises. What makes our training so unique and effective is our dynamic courseware and interactive facilitation model which captures and holds the interest of the candidates throughout the entire learning experience - and they have fun along the way. 

AEW offers proven half-day or full-day training and coaching programs in the key areas of:

* Sales & Customer Service Fundamentals       * Prospecting Techniques

* Understanding Client Behavior                    * Handling Objections

* Communicating Benefits: WII-FM               * Questioning & Listening Skills

* World Class Presentation Skills                  * Key Account Management 

* Motivation & Goal Setting                          * Closing Skills

Bottom line - our training programs work because they focus on the fundamentals and provide a learning experience in which the transfer of skills is backed up by an understanding of the business situations to which they relate.
Prerequisites & Certificates

A willingness to learn and improve personal and professional skills.

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AEW & Associates Inc.
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