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Learn the new technique in web development: Ajax "Asynchronous JavaScript & XML". In other words, programming in JavaScript to download XML from the server & manipulate it while the user is interacting with other parts of a web page (asynchronously).

Course Outline
This course introduces you to the most exciting new technique in web development. Ajax is an acronym for "Asynchronous JavaScript and XML". In other words, programming in JavaScript to download XML from the server and manipulate it while the user is interacting with other parts of a web page (asynchronously). Considered the successor to DHTML, Ajax has also become a catch-all phrase for any kind of fancy JavaScript programming: detecting mouse movements, keystroke events, fetching remote data and plugging it into a part of the web page, and otherwise making your web page perform more like a desktop application.

Course Outline
Chapter 1: Introduction to Ajax

  • Overview
  • What is Ajax?
  • Classic Model and Ajax Model
  • How Ajax Works?
  • Key Elements
  • How to Issue an HTTP Request?
  • Classic Model and Ajax Model
  • AJAX Sequence Diagram
  • Getting started: Step1
  • Getting started: Step2
  • Getting started: Step3
  • Getting started: Step4
  • Getting started: Step5

Chapter 2: JavaScript Refresher

  • Overview
  • Where to Put the JavaScript?
  • Using an External JavaScript
  • Syntax
  • Variables
  • Undefined Variable
  • Write Text
  • Lifetime of Variables
  • Primitive Datatypes
  • Reference Datatype
  • Conditional Statements
  • If Statement
  • If...else Statement
  • The JavaScript Switch Statement
  • Arithmetic Operators
  • Functions
  • How to define a Function
  • The return Statement
  • JavaScript Loops
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Properties
  • Methods
  • User-defined Objects

Chapter 3: The Document Object Model

  • Overview
  • Tree Example
  • DOM Methods for Accessing Objects
  • Accessing Parent Element
  • Accessing Children Elements
  • getElementsByTagName
  • Creating Nodes
  • The innerHTML
  • What are events?
  • Event Registration
  • Enable Event
  • Examples
  • Event Listener
  • Example: Time On Page
  • Mouse Rollover Effect
  • Interface Event Handlers
  • Key Event Handlers
  • Mouse Event Handlers
  • Form Event Handlers
  • Link Events
  • Link Event : onClick
  • Link Event : MouseOver
  • Example

Chapter 4:  Synchronous Communication

  • Hello AJAX
  • HTML Page
  • JavaScript
  • Text File
  • Application Layout
  • Run Application
  • Output

Chapter 5:  Asynchronous Communication

  • Steps of AJAX Operation
  • The XMLHttpRequest Object
  • The XMLHttpRequest Object Properties
  • The readyState Property
  • The status Property
  • The onreadystatechange Property
  • The Callback Function
  • The responseText Property
  • The XMLHttpRequest Object Methods
  • Creating XMLHttpRequest Object Using JavaScript
  • Open the XMLHtppRequest Object
  • Passing Data To the Server with Get
  • Passing Data To the Server with POST
  • Sending a Request
  • Example
  • Processing the XML Response
  • Working With XML
  • View XML Document
  • Use Two requestObjects
  • Server-Side Mouseover
  • Ajax Security
  • Example

6. Processing XML Response

  • Handle XML in JavaScript
  • XML Document
  • Get The XML Document From Downloaded XML
  • firstChild Property
  • nodeValue Property
  • Navigate XML Document
  • nextSibling Property
  • Find XML Elements By Name
  • Extract XML Attributes
  • Servlet returns an XML
  • The HTML DOM is updated
  • Example

7. Cascade Style Sheets

  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • CSS Limitations
  • The CSS Solution
  • Sectors
  • Element Type
  • Attribute Class
  • Attribute ID
  • Style Properties
  • Layout Properties
  • Formatting Properties
  • CSS Positioning (Relative)
  • CSS Positioning (Absolute)
  • Example of Ajax Application

8. Ajax Frameworks

  • Overview
  • XHConn Framework
  • Callback Function
  • Accessing the Server
  • Example
  • SACK Framework
  • Accessing the Server with SACK
  • Download Data with SACK
  • Example
  • Sarissa Framework
  • Accesses the Server with Sarissa
  • Download Data with Sarissa
  • Example
  • Server Side Framework: SAJAX
  • Using SAJAX
  • Write Server Side Code
  • Example

9. Ajax and PHP (Optional)€¢ PHP Example

  • Accessing form variables
  • Embedding JavaScript
  • Ajax and PHP Example

10. Ajax and PHP (Optional)

  • PHP Example
  • Accessing form variables
  • Embedding JavaScript
  • Ajax and PHP Example

Prerequisites & Certificates

Before attending this course, should have: * Intermediate-level CSS * basic understanding of XML * Real-world experience writing JavaScript from scratch or have taken course Javascript Programming

Certificates offered

Certificate of completion

Cancellation Policy
10 business day cancellation policy. if the course is confirmed and the student cancels within 10 days of the course, then they get charged and apply a credit for future courses. If they cancel outside of 10 business days, then there are no charges at all.
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I realize that we are constantly dealing with technology, but I still think for a registration fee of almost $3,000, that a hardcover book should be included. I know that the option to print the book on a one-time basis exists.
Reviewed by 2016
Reviewed by 2016
The instructor was very knowledgeable and answered all questions. Jarod did an excellent job presenting.
Reviewed by 2015
The room was cold. I had to sit next to the space heater. It would be good to tell future patrons to dress warmly AHEAD of time. No suprises.
Reviewed by 2015
He was great and offered his contact info for further questions.
Reviewed by 2015
Howard was a fantastic instructor and the course was exactly what I required.
Reviewed by 2014
The trainer was excellent - the course exceeded my expectations.
Reviewed by 2014
This course provides an excellent overview and a bit of practice on the various functions of SharePoint 2013. I was disappointed at the number of exceedingly long breaks given after each module. I would have preferred less break time and more content to the course. Having never taken a SharePoint course with another provider, I don't know if this is the norm with all providers of just this one in particular.
Reviewed by 2014
I ranked the "Use of Technology" low because for Users who were remote the VM's that were setup were a little wonky. Could be very slow at times and then sometimes they needed to be refreshed to work properly with the lab. In some instances we couldn't follow along as replication would not occur fast enough and we would have our lab cut short (for us remote Users).
Reviewed by 2014
The instructor was good at remembering to acknowledge the online students even though he was facing a classroom of students also.
Reviewed by 2014
Insructor was not so good with the live examples. Also the handouts was not so useful
Reviewed by 2013
The trainer was excellent, very knowledgeable and had a lot of valuable experience to share. The problem was that there were way too many workshops that took too long and interfered with getting the maximum benefit from the instructor and the course.
Reviewed by 2013
This was quite informative. It was a great opportunity to have ‘real life’ discussions with certified PMs. The instructor had excellent examples and was able to share his PM experiences with us with concrete examples. In addition, this was a great opportunity to network with private sector/public sector PMs and develop a better appreciation of PM on both sides of the fence. Cheers, CL
Reviewed by 2013
Reviewed by 2013
I did not like the video format
Reviewed by 2013
As a remote attendee, it appeared the instructor paid attention to the "Attendee" and "Chat" windows only a few times throughout the day, so I was not confident that he would see if I sent a message or raised my hand during the course.
Reviewed by 2013
The chairs were not very comfortable and the material contained spelling and grammatical error (a few but still)as well as repetition of words.
Reviewed by 2013
Was a bit slow the last 1/2 day. Of course, for some, this was the last of a 4 day course (not just 2 days).
Reviewed by 2013
I really enjoyed the course and I learned a lot. The pace was excellent.
Reviewed by 2013
Reviewed by 2013
The room was excellent on its own - less distraction and no noise around you. There was no direction to the room when I walked in and therefore was not sure if I was heading in the right direction. We were not provided with the direction that there was coffee and fridge on the 3rd floor, and the bathroom floor was dirty.
Reviewed by 2012
This course was great, very informative, had Lionel as instructor and he was also very good.
Reviewed by 2012
Instructor was eager to assist but lacked subject matter expertise. Course time management was very poor. Content provided could have been delivered effectively in a one day course.
Reviewed by 2012
Good Course, good trainer. All questions addressed equally and in a timely professional manner.
Reviewed by 2011
The course content was interesting; however, the instructor didn't have enough knowledge about Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 Development and wasn't able to answer questions without google search. In the future CTE needs to make sure the instructors have real on-hands experience and are highly trained in the technologies they are supposed be teaching.
Reviewed by 2011

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