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Microsoft Project is a scheduling and planning tool for project managers. Project provides easy to use tools that enable a user to put together a project schedule and assign responsibilities.

Course Outline
Microsoft Project is a scheduling and planning tool for project managers. Project provides easy to use tools that enable a user to put together a project schedule and assign responsibilities.

This course may be eligible for PDUs from PMI. See PMI's policy on category B PDU's here.


Getting Started
Interface Overview
Use the Project Guide Task Panes
Use the Project Guide
Open, Save, Switch and Close Project Files
Getting Help in Project

Starting A  Project
Planning and Creating a Project
Enter Project Information
Set Working Time
Create, Insert, Move and Delete Tasks
Change Task Duration
Work with Task Types
Set Milestones
Create Recurring, Sub and Summary Tasks
Types of Constraints
Create Constraints
Set Deadlines

Scheduling A Project
Calendar Types
Set Up and Create the Project Calendar
Using Calendar View
Adjust the Time Scale
Set, Save, View and Clear Project Baseline
Set, View and Clear an Interim Plan
Understand the Critical Path
Set, View and Shorten the Critical Path

Printing and Viewing A Project
Use Zoom and the View Bar
Use Basic and Advanced Views
Use Find
Set Page Options
Set Margins, Headers and Footers
Modify the Legend
View Settings
Preview and Print Options
Use the Project Guide to Print

File Tasks and Views
Use File Properties
Save Options
Open and Create Templates
Arrange and Split Windows
Use Multiple Views
View Tables
Sort and Filter Information

Using Resources
The Work Units Duration Equation
Create a Resource List
Assign Work and Materials to a Resource
Change Resource Calendars and Working Times
Group and Remove Resources
Assign Resources to Tasks
Replace Resources
Use Resource Views
Resolve Resource Conflicts
Use the Resource Management Toolbar
Schedule Overtime
Level Resources
Resolve OverAllocations

Working with Tasks
Use the Task Views
Task Indicators and Calendars
Highlight Changes*
Use the Task Drivers Pane
Link and Unlink Tasks
Use Lag and Lead Time
Split, Overlap and Delay Tasks
Assign Variable Units to a Task
Organize Tasks into Phases
Enter Completion Dates
Update Start and Finish Dates
Change Task Duration and Remaining Work
Use the Variance Table
Work and Cost Variances

Creating Reports
Create Pre-Defined and Custom Reports
Creating Visual Reports*
Create and Modify Report Templates
Choose the OLAP Cube
Use the Field Picker
Save the Cube and Database
Use the Copy Picture Copy Picture to Office Wizard
Create a Report with the Project Guide
Create a Report from Views

* Project 2007 Version only

Prerequisites & Certificates

A solid working knowledge of Windows and Basic MS Office Skills.

Certificates offered

Certificate of Completion

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The course was initially scheduled for 2 days but due to instructor availability it was shortened to one day. I am very computer literate, work full time in an office, and go to business school in the evenings and it was a little tough to learn everything in one day because there was no time for practice. Yes it was useful to find out what the program is capable of, but since it was shortened there was no time for individual practicing or trying things out on your own. Next time the class would be much better suited for the initial 2 day class.
Reviewed by 2012
Handouts were in pdf however, the screens were not big enough to open two files (handout and Project file) together and we had to toggle a lot. It was very annoying. Either give paper handouts or much bigger screens or two screens per student.
Reviewed by 2011
no, everything is ok
Reviewed by 2011
It was unfortunate that the local instructor was not available and I had to call in remotely to a class in Toronto. I did have the instructor screen available and I liked that. The first part of the course was helpful as the instructor moved through the functionality of MS Project and we could follow along on our own screen. I learned a lot about functionality with this instructor led demonstration, and the ability to follow along on my computer was great! I did find that after the first demonstration, a lot of time was spent working independantly, with the instructor available for questions. I thought there should have been more instructor led demonstration, perhaps one on our own, followed by another instructor led example. I didn't like spending well over 50% of the course time practicing on my own. If this is how all classes are run, I would not take another one, nor recommend this class.
Reviewed by 2011

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