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Students will learn to perform advanced form task using subfoms and macros. students will create pivot tables, and pivot charts and be introduced to SQL statements.

  • Course Start Date: Dec. 6
  • Location: Toronto (Map)
  • Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm (Note on end times)
  • Please Note: End Times are approximate and depend
    on the number or students and pace of the class.
    It is important to allow for the class to run a little bit longer,
    or finish a little sooner, than expected.
  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Delivery Method(s):Instructor Led
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  • Category:Microsoft Access Training Seminars and Courses

Course Outline
Students will learn to perform advanced form task using subfoms and macros. Students will create pivot tables, and pivot charts and be introduced to SQL statements.

Microsoft Access 2010 – Level 1 / Intro

Advanced Table Tasks
Using the Table Analyzer Wizard
Creating Validation Rules
Configuring Validation Messages

Managing Data Entry in Tables
Creating Lookup Fields
Creating Value Lists
Creating Input Masks

Creating Advanced Queries
Creating and Using Parameter Queries
Creating and Using Crosstab Queries
Creating and Using Make-Table Queries
Creating and Using Multiple Table Queries
Creating and Using Append Queries
Creating and Using Delete Queries
Creating and Using Update Queries

Creating Subforms
Creating Subforms
Using Subforms
Linking Subforms with Parent Forms
Formatting a Subform within a Main Form

Creating Navigation Forms
Creating a Navigation Form
Adding Tabs to a Navigation Form
Creating a Tab Hierarchy
Displaying the Navigation Form when the Database Opens

Splitting the Database
Backing Up the Database
Splitting the Database

Advanced Data Management
Referential Integrity
Table Relationships
Modal Dialogue Boxes

Advanced Form Tasks
Using Subforms
Advanced Form Tasks
Exporting Your Form
Using Outlook and SharePoint with Access

Pivoting Data
Creating a PivotTable
Creating a PivotChart
Using PivotTables and PivotCharts

Access and Windows
Access and Windows
Using the Access Viewer
An Introduction to SQL

Add-Ons to Access
COM Add-ins
Digital Signatures
Smart Tags
Managing Your Database
Customizing Access

Using Scripts in Access
Macro Basics
Other Macro Tasks
Visual Basic and Macros
Macro Groups

Using Access to Collaborate
SharePoint Basics
SharePoint Data
Your Personal SharePoint Space

SQL and Microsoft Access
Understanding SQL
Using the Select Statement
Using Subqueries
Using SQL Joins

Prerequisites & Certificates

Microsoft Access 2010 – Level 1 / Intro

Certificates offered

Certificate of Completion

Cancellation Policy
ctc TrainCanada - We Never Cancel*:
We are unique in the corporate training field in that we do not cancel desktop applications courses due to low enrollment. When there are less than 3 students, ctc TrainCanada will personalize the class (students then receive more time with the instructor to address their individual needs allowing the student to complete the full course in less time) or connect the student remotely to a class at one of our other branches via TrainLive remote classroom instruction. *Microsoft Certified Courses and other technical courses require a minimum enrollment of three students. Business Skills courses require multiple students in order to run due to the interactive nature of the training. Selected Desktop Applications courses may require a minimum enrollment of two students to run. ctc TrainCanada® reserves the right to deliver Microsoft Certified and other technical courses via TrainLive remote classroom instruction in order to guarantee the course to run.

ctc TrainCanada Cancellation policy:
You may cancel or reschedule this registration in writing with no penalty with a minimum of 10 business days' notice prior to the first day of the course. Full payment is required if you cancel or reschedule this registration within 10 business days prior to the first day of the course. However, substitutions are welcome. If you do need to cancel or reschedule a publicly scheduled course within the 10 day non-cancellation period (not a client dedicated course), payment is to be made and a training voucher for a public course will be issued to you. This allows you to attend a future date for the same course at no charge (subject to availability).
No-shows will not be issued a training voucher.

Complimentary Service: We offer all our students coffee, tea, juice or pop, muffins or pastries in the morning and cookies baked in our own oven each afternoon.
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The computer screens used were smalll and far away. The projector screen used had the same issue.
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