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Photoshop lets you create professional looking photographs, touch-ups and special effects and filters for both print and the Internet.

Course Outline

Adobe Photoshop has been a dominant program in the photographic community for years. Photoshop lets you create professional looking photographs, touch-ups and special effects and filters for both print and the Internet. Items marked with an asterisk* are taught in version CS5 only.

Course Outline


  • Use the Drawing Tools
  • Fill and Stroke Objects
  • Apply Styles to Shapes
  • Use Adobe Kuler
  • Align and Distribute Objects
  • Add a Shape to the Custom Shape Picker
  • Use the Pencil Tool
  • Use the Pen Tools
  • Use Path Selection and Direct Selection Tools
  • Use the Paths Panel
  • Use Shape Interactions and Pathfinder Options
  • Convert a Selection into a Path
  • Paste a Path Object as a Shape
  • Create and Modify a Layer Clipping Path
  • Create and Modify a Shape Layer
  • Mask Images with Paths
  • Rasterize and Flatten
  • Use Clipping Mask to Vignette an Image
  • Use the Quick Mask Mode
  • Use the Mask Panel
  • Save and Edit a Selecton as an Alpha Channel
  • Create Channel Masks
  • Load Channel Mask as Selection
  • Apply Effects with Gradient Masks
  • Use Type as a Mask
  • Use Type Shapes as a Layer Mask
  • Use a Mask to Paint an Image on a White Background
  • Use Layer Masks to Blend Images and Seams
  • Use the Adjustment Panel
  • Use a Hue and Saturation Adjustment Layer
  • Create Patterns and Apply to Adjustment Layer
  • Apply Blending to an Adjustment Layer
  • Use a Black and White Adjustment Layer
  • Apply Effects with a Gradient Mask
  • Use Gradient Tool to Adjust Layer Mask
  • Use a Threshold Adjustment Layer
  • Levels Vs Curves Adjustments
  • Create Smart Objects
  • Create Smart Layers
  • Edit Smart Objects
  • Export Smart Objects
  • Use Smart Filters
  • Combine and Edit Smart Filters
  • Combine Masks with Smart Filters
  • Retouch Separate Layers with the Healing Tools
  • Use the Smart Sharpen Filter to Whiten Teeth and Eyes
  • Use the Surface Blue Filter to Smooth Mottled Skin
  • Warp an Image
  • Use Puppet Warp*
  • Edit Images with a Vanishing Point Perspective
  • Correct Image Distortion with the Distort Filter
  • Use Liquify
  • Return Unfrozen Areas to their Initial State
  • Extend Distortions from Frozen Areas into Unfrozen Areas
  • Create Custom Patterns
  • Use Tool Presets
  • Create and Delete Tool Presets
  • Create a Custom Brush
  • Use the Lens Correction Filter*
  • Use the Clone Source Panel to composite
  • Apply Layers to a Vanishing Point Filter
  • Create Layer Comps
  • Auto-Align and Auto-Blend Layers
  • Align Linked Layers
  • Preview Text Effects Using Layer Comps
  • Save for the Web
  • Optimize JPEG and GIFs
  • Create Slices
  • Create Slices based on Layers
  • Align, Distribute, Combine, Promote, Divide and Name Slices
  • Create an Animated GIF Using Tween Animation
  • Export to the Web
  • Set Web Export Options
  • Use Zoomify
  • Create Rollovers
  • Create Frame Animations
  • Use the Actions Panel
  • Create an Action
  • Manage Actions
  • Add Commands to an Action
  • Rerecord, Duplicate and Delete Actions
  • Save Action Sets
  • Use PhotoMerge
  • Create a 360 degree Panorama
  • Create a Picture Package
  • Batch Process Images
  • Create and Use Droplets
  • Use Scripts
  • The Camera Raw Interface
  • Make Adjustments in Camera Raw
  • Use the Straighten and Retouch Tools
  • Set Camera Raw Options
  • Use Device Central
  • Preview different lighting conditions in Device Central
  • Test Photoshop Images in Device Central
  • Interface Overview
  • Sort, Filter and Search for Images
  • Change the View
  • Rate Photos
  • Work with Stacks
  • Work with Metadata
  • Batch Rename
  • Synchronize Colours
  • Merge to HDR
  • Create a Web Photo Gallery
  • Use the Image Processor
  • Use Mini-Bridge*
  • Create a 3D movie
  • Use 3D Edit, Composition and Animation Tools
  • Create a 3D Postcard
  • Use Repousse*
  • Use 3D Materials and Picker*
  • Use Depth of Field for 3D*
  • Use Shadow Catcher*
  • Use Image Based Lighting*

* CS5 only

Prerequisites & Certificates

Prerequisites include an introductory course in Photoshop or equivalent working knowledge with the software.

Certificates offered

Certificate of completion

Cancellation Policy
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We are unique in the corporate training field in that we do not cancel desktop applications courses due to low enrollment. When there are less than 3 students, ctc TrainCanada will personalize the class (students then receive more time with the instructor to address their individual needs allowing the student to complete the full course in less time) or connect the student remotely to a class at one of our other branches via TrainLive remote classroom instruction. *Microsoft Certified Courses and other technical courses require a minimum enrollment of three students. Business Skills courses require multiple students in order to run due to the interactive nature of the training. Selected Desktop Applications courses may require a minimum enrollment of two students to run. ctc TrainCanada® reserves the right to deliver Microsoft Certified and other technical courses via TrainLive remote classroom instruction in order to guarantee the course to run.

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Complimentary Service: We offer all our students coffee, tea, juice or pop, muffins or pastries in the morning and cookies baked in our own oven each afternoon.
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We had taken Photoshop CS6 Level 1 on Nov 15 so knew essentially what to expect, even though what was initially supposed to be an “in-class instructor” session turned into a remote-instructed session. We got to the Level 2&3 training site ahead of schedule on Nov 17 and were settled in for the 8:00 start time. There were problems with the training immediately. • The instructor – Chris Motherwell in Ontario – was half an hour late logging into the “TrainLive solution.” • When he did log in, he refused to use the CS6 training manual that we had been given. • He had us spend time downloading his CS3 manual and labs, which took an additional 15-20 minutes. • CS3 was released in 2007 and is 5 years older than the CS6 manual version we were supposed to be training on. • There was no way for us to download the CS3 manual for use outside of the training session. • While we were getting set up he had everyone (6 students in 3 locations) open Photoshop and “follow exercise 3.1” of his CS3 manual – use the brush tool to put star shapes on a black background – for 30 minutes. No other instruction was given during this time. • Since we were doing this remotely, there was lag-time with my mouse. This makes it extremely difficult to do any of the fine detail work that Photoshop requires. It’s hard to place your mouse precisely when the cursor doesn’t move at first, then jumps around the screen with a half-second delay. We spoke to the people running Logical Choice several times and they were at a loss to explain what was going on. Their expectation was that we would be taught CS6, and we were provided with that manual. They tried contacting him and Last Minute training to sort things out but were having no luck. At this point we had wasted close to two hours and felt that it would be a long time before anything was fixed. The instructor would not want to change manuals as he wasn’t familiar with the CS6 version. Any training that could now take place would be rushed and we would not get the full benefit of the course. Frustrated and seeing no solution presenting itself, we left. We've had one good, and one very disappointing experience. We are booked to re-take this course at a later time. I hope it will be better with an in-class instructor.
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This course currently does not have any dates scheduled. Please call 1-877-313-8881 to enquire about future dates or scheduling a private, in house course for your team.

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