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Certified Scrum Trainer® Mark Levison leads an intensive, two-day Advanced ScrumMaster™ (A-CSM) course, which will advance your skills and improve your implementation of Scrum in the workplace.

  • Course Start Date: 2020-03-26
  • Time: 08:59:00 - 17:01:00
  • Duration: 2 Day(s)
  • Location: Ottawa
  • Delivery Methods(s): Instructor Led

Course Outline


In this two-day course, you will learn how to advance your skills and knowledge, and gain hands-on practice and insight to handle the complex challenges faced by Scrum teams and organizations. Drawing from extensive experience and study, as well as that of the thousands of ScrumMasters we've trained, we discuss how to strengthen your team and address the most common questions that typically start with, “Yeah, but in the real world…?” In addition to the exercises, the course itself is conducted using a Scrum-like process to provide advanced insight into Scrum concepts and techniques and instill students with Scrum mindset. Practical examples demonstrate how to handle changing requirements using Scrum to facilitate communication, overcome conflicts and impediments, and increase team engagement and performance.

This is one of the few A-CSM courses in the world where the applications of neuroscience and psychology of teams are discussed and you can use them to better organize Scrum and build effective teams.

Counts as 14 Project Management Institute(PMI) Professional Development Units(PDU). This is the second step on the path to becoming a Certified Scrum Professional – ScrumMaster™.

Key Concepts
This course covers the following, through a mix of in-class lectures and practical exercises designed to introduce and expand on the following concepts, practices, and methods:
  • Learn how to improve the flow of development, from Vision to Completed Product
  • Practice solving the most common challenges that teams experience and how to avoid them
  • Explore the challenge of collaboration across multiple teams
  • Practice facilitating more effective meetings, from Daily Scrums to Retrospectives
  • Improve your effectiveness with various Agile tools commonly used in the practice of Scrum
  • Complete the education requirements to become a Advanced Certified ScrumMaster®

The Agile Pain Relief Advantage
Small Class-Size In Your City
Agile Pain Relief limits class sizes to ensure a high quality learning environment with more opportunities to address your questions and concerns. Local training classes mean you meet and network with other professionals near you. On-site, PRIVATE TRAINING also available.
In-Person And Interactive
Direct learning tailored to each class and student. No canned PowerPoint presentations or webinars. Live instruction from Certified Scrum Trainers (CST) and group exercises modelled on Agile methods.

Hands-On Applications Of Scrum Methods With Agile Theory
Practical examples and exercises use Scrum and Agile principles teach you how to adapt and practice Agile methods in your projects.

Online Course Materials And Support
Course attendees receive electronic copies of all seminar materials (including free updates to course materials as they become available). Attendees also receive a free e-book gift of The Human Side of Agile: How to Help Your Team Deliver by Gil Broza.

Day 1
  • Opening and Introduction
  • Scrum Events – How to Explain Them in a Business Setting
  • Daily Scrum Gone Wrong (You Practice Facilitating to Refocus)
  • Why High-Performance Teams are Magical
  • Coaching vs. Facilitation – When Does the Difference Matter?
  • You Design a Retrospective For a Struggling Team
  • Coffee and refreshments provided for breaks
Day 2
  • Backlog Refinement – What to Do When You Don't Have a Great Vision
  • The Use of Tools – From Vision to Product Backlog
  • How to Solve Impediments
  • Achieving a Better Definition of “Done”
  • Teams and Multi-Team Scrum – How to Scale without Additional Bureaucracy
  • Effective Facilitation Tools and Practice
  • Becoming a Better ScrumMaster – Playing the Role Well

Cancellation Policy

10 business days notice for full refund. After that attendees may transfer to another course in the next 6 months

Training Location

Holiday Inn & Suites - Ottawa
101 Kanata Avenue

Ottawa, Ontario

About Agile Pain Relief Consulting


Mark has over twenty years experience in the IT industry, working as a Developer, Manager, Technical Lead, Architect and Consultant. After ten years of working on and managing waterfall projects he discovered Agile in 2001. Working in a small company he introduced Agile methods one practice at a time. As an employee of Cognos, from 2006 - 2009, he introduced Scrum to the business and coached a number of teams. As part of that process he designed a Test Driven Development adoption strategy and introduced of a number of practices to support it. Mark is now an Certified Scrum Trainer and Agile Coach with Agile Pain Relief Consulting.

He has introduced Scrum, Lean and other Agile methods to a number of organizations including: Export Development Canada, Industry Canada, a leading payroll and HR services company, Invision Inc - A leading ad planning provider for the media industry and a leading Job Search site. He coaches from Executive level to the individual developer and tester.

Mark is an Agile Editor at InfoQ and has written dozens of articles on Agile topics and publishes a blog : Notes from a Tool User. Mark's training benefits from his study and writing on the neuroscience of learning: Learning Best Approaches for Your Brain.

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Good training course.
I've been to a few scrum courses for the past years and I must say that this was the best course I attended so far. Gracefully cov ... Read more

I've been to a few scrum courses for the past years and I must say that this was the best course I attended so far. Gracefully covered the entire subject with the right depth.

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