Course Outline


Students should have an understanding of the Windows Operating systems, Internet Explorer, and the Microsoft Office suite of products.


Learn the features and capabilities to more effectively and efficiently work with SharePoint.

In many professional environments today, people work collaboratively in teams. Information technology and applications facilitate this by allowing people to easily share, access, edit, and save information. Microsoft® SharePoint® 2013 is a platform specifically designed to facilitate collaboration, allowing people to use familiar applications and Web based tools to create, access, store, and track documents and data in a central location. In this course, you will learn about and use a SharePoint Team Site to access, store, and share information and

SharePoint is a complex platform with many features and capabilities. A strong understanding of those features and capabilities will allow you to work more efficiently and effectively with SharePoint, and with the documents and data stored in SharePoint. Furthermore, effective use of new social networking capabilities will allow you to identify, track and advance issues and topics most important to you, and collaborate with colleagues more effectively.

What You'll Learn

At course completion, students will be able to:
• Access and Navigate SharePoint 2013
• Understand Sites Collections
• Work with Lists
• Understand Libraries
• Work with Calendars
• Configure your Profile
• Integrating with Microsoft Office
• Search for content
• Create sites Working Offline and Remotely with SharePoint
• Create and configure new SharePoint sites
• Add document, asset, and wiki page libraries to sites and configure them
• Add and configure announcement, task, calendar, contacts, and custom lists
• Create and implement custom forms
• Configure Site Settings, site search, and site navigation
• Assign permissions and access rights to sites, users, and lists and documents
• Configure content roll-up, and finalize site configuration
• Create and test a Workflow

Who Needs to Attend
This course is intended for new and existing end users and business users of SharePoint 2013.

Day One and Two
Accessing and Navigating SharePoint Team Sites
• Access SharePoint Sites
• Navigate SharePoint Sites
Working with Documents, Content, and Libraries
• Upload Documents
• Search for Documents and Files
Working with Lists
• Add List Items
• Modify List Items
• Configure List Views
• Filter and Group with List Views
Configuring Your SharePoint Profile
• Update and Share Your Profile Information
• Share and Follow SharePoint Content
• Create a Blog
Integrating with Microsoft Office
• Access and Save SharePoint Documents with Microsoft Office
• Manage Document Versions through Office 2013
• Access SharePoint Data from Outlook 2013
Working Offline and Remotely with SharePoint
• Synchronize Libraries, Sites, and MySite and Working Offline
• Work from a Mobile Device

Day Three and Four
Creating a New Site
• Create a Site
• Change the Look and Feel of Your SharePoint Site
Adding and Configuring Libraries
• Configure Document Library for Your SharePoint Team Site
• Configure the Site Assets Library for Your SharePoint Site
• Add and Configure a Wiki for Your SharePoint Site
• Adding and Configuring Lists
• Add an Announcement List
• Add and Configure a Task List
• Add and Configure Contact and Calendar Lists
• Add and Configure a Blog Subsite
• Add and Configure a Custom List to your SharePoint Site
• Customize List Forms
Configuring Site Settings, Navigation, and Search
• Configure Site Search Options
• Configure Site Administration Settings
• Configure Site Organization and Navigation
Assigning Permissions and Access Rights
• Share Sites and Set Site Permissions
• Secure Lists, Libraries, and Documents
Plan a Workflow
• Create and Publish a Workflow
• Test Your Workflow

Cancellation Policy

We require 16 calendar days notice to reschedule or cancel any registration. Failure to provide the required notification will result in 100% charge of the course. If a student does not attend a scheduled course without prior notification it will result in full forfeiture of the funds and no reschedule will be allowed. Within the required notification period, only student substitutions will be permitted. Reschedules are permitted at anytime with 16 or more calendar days notice. Enrollments must be rescheduled within six months of the cancel date or funds on account will be forfeited.

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Wasn’t as advanced as I thought it would be. There was an issue when the day my course was the first time they used a new platfo ... Read more

Wasn’t as advanced as I thought it would be. There was an issue when the day my course was the first time they used a new platform.. from adobe to something called zoom; I had to call support line cause it stated our instructor wasn’t present. Thankfully I called cause everyone online was in the adobe virtual classroom waiting for what looked like a teacher who didn’t show up for class (IT didn’t get anything resolved until 10mins after start time). I felt like he was really getting hung up on very basic knowledge for the first half of the course (talking about how to create tabs and drag formulas as an example). I completed files a few times before he was done explaining. There was a scheduled fire drill for them (roughly 30mins)that also cut into our time, which wasn’t deducted from the hour lunch break or the two, fifteen min breaks. I also really wish he touched base more on the automating workbook functions portion which we barely did. I'm happy there were/are those study guides (learning videos) and exams to take on my own time that I hope after I've had the class are still available for me to learn from.

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