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This five-day instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills to successfully install, maintain, and troubleshoot Windows 7 computers.

Course Outline

This five-day instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills to successfully install, maintain, and troubleshoot Windows 7 computers. Through practical labs, you'll get invaluable experience with installation and upgrades, remote access, and the new desktop environment. You will learn how Windows 7 allows for vast improvements to security, overall system performance, and deployment-a robust combination unparalleled in the market.
In this Windows 7 training course, you'll focus on successful configuration of the IT Pro tools and applications that ship with Windows 7. You will learn to identify technical problems that can occur on your organization's client computers, and you'll discover the Windows 7 tools used to monitor and maintain those computers. By the end of this course, you will have installed and configured a Windows 7 desktop that is secure and on the network, while focusing on five main troubleshooting areas: operating system, hardware, networking, security, and applications.

Audience Profile
This course is intended for Experienced enterprise-level IT professionals who focus on a broad range of desktop operating system, desktop application, mobile device, networking, and hardware support issues, who have experience with Windows server operating systems, and whose jobs require them to stay knowledgeable and skilled on new versions and technology updates as defined by the business environment.

At Course Completion
After completing this course, students will be able to:

  •   Use the Windows 7 deployment technology.
  •   Configure and manage the Windows 7 desktop.
  •   Add a Windows 7 desktop to an active network.
  •   Configure Windows 7 for an Active Directory environment.
  •   Configure the Windows 7 IT Pro tools and applications.
  •   Use Windows 7 remote capabilities and utilities.
  •   Use Windows firewall with advanced features and network profiles.
  •   Configure Windows 7 remote access and remote capabilities.
  •   Use the Windows 7 Mobility Center.
  •   Secure the Windows 7 desktop.
  •   Configure and use the User account control in various network profiles.
  •   Configure Windows 7 third-party applications.
  •   Monitor and troubleshoot Windows 7 computers for problems with the operating system, hardware, network security, and applications.

Course Outline
Module 1: Introduction to Windows 7
This module explains how to perform a clean installation of Windows 7 as well as an upgrade. This module will provide a high level overview of the Windows desktop operating product line. It describes the Windows 7 product line and their features. Finally, this section describes the Windows Server 2008 R2 deployment technologies that you can use with Windows 7.

  •   Evolution of the Windows Desktop Operating System
  •   Windows 7 Products and Features
  •   Windows 7 Hardware Requirements and Software Compatibility Tools
  •   Windows 7 Boot Process
  •   Windows 7 New Installations and Upgrades
  •   Windows Server Deployment Technologies for Windows 7

Lab : Installing Windows 7 and Upgrading Windows 7 into Virtual Machine Technologies
  •   Perform a Clean of Windows 7
  •   Navigate, Identify, and Interpret the BCD
  •   Using Easy Transfer

After completing this module, students will be able to:
  •   Explain at a high level the evolution of the Windows desktop operating system
  •   Describe the features of Windows 7 products
  •   Explain the hardware requirements for Windows 7
  •   Describe the tools you can use for application compatibility testing
  •   Explain the Windows 7 boot process
  •   Install a Windows 7 desktop
  •   Upgrade to a Windows 7 desktop
  •   Describe the Windows Server 2008 R2 deployment technologies that are used with Windows 7

Module 2: Configuring and Managing the Windows 7 Desktop
This module explains how to analyze the new features of the Windows 7 desktop. It also explores the new methodology for performing old tasks in an efficient manner. Understanding fully the Windows 7 desktop will allow you, as a support professional, to better serve your clients because the bulk of client issues stem from basic navigation and basic configuration troubleshooting.

  •   Display Driver Technologies: Windows Vista vs. Windows 7
  •   Desktop Views: Windows Vista vs. Windows 7
  •   Personalizing the Desktop to Your Requirements
  •   Using the Control Panel Utilities to Personalize the Desktop

Lab : Configuring the Windows 7 Desktop
  •   Computer Personalization
  •   Control Panel Navigation
  •   Changing Themes

After completing this module, students will be able to:
  •   Configure and manage the Windows 7 desktop
  •   Explain the differences between Windows Vista and Windows 7 display driver technologies
  •   Explain the difference between Windows Vista and Windows 7 Desktop Views
  •   Explain how to personalize the Windows 7 desktop to your requirements
  •   Use Windows 7 Control Panel utilities to personalize your desktop

Module 3: Customizing the Windows 7 User Interface
This module explains how to create and manage Windows 7 user profile. This module introduces the features of Windows 7 user interface and discusses in depth the Windows 7 Aero graphics package . This module will take you through the steps of using Windows 7 Search and Indexing Service, including how to conduct and save searches.

  •   Windows 7 Aero Graphics Package Overview
  •   Windows 7 Aero Features
  •   Windows 7 User Profiles
  •   Windows 7 Ease of Access Center
  •   Windows 7 Search and Indexing Service

Lab : Working with Windows 7 Ease of Access Center and User Profile settings
  •   Creating Users and Manipulating their Profiles (.MAN)
  •   Configure and Use Windows 7 Aero Features
  •   Working with File and Folder Options
  •   Using the Ease of Access Center
  •   Configuring and Managing Windows Search
  •   Configuring Custom Searches

After completing this module, students will be able to:
  •   Describe the Windows Aero graphics package and list its hardware and software requirements
  •   Describe the features of the Windows Aero graphics package
  •   Explain Windows 7 user profiles
  •   Describe the features of the Windows 7 Ease of Access Center utility
  •   Explain the Widows Search and Indexing Service

Module 4: Windows 7 in the Workgroup Environment
This module explains how to leverage the Windows 7 workgroup features so that you will be able to support the largest segment of computer networks in the market place. In this module you will be introduced to two different network types, the Workgroup and the Domain.

  •   Windows Workgroups and Active Directory Domains
  •   Joining a Windows 7 Workgroup
  •   Configuring a Windows 7 HomeGroup
  •   Windows 7 Data Sharing Methods
  •   Windows 7 Libraries

Lab : Configuring Windows 7 for the Workgroup
  •   Configuring the Homegroup
  •   Create a New Library and Share it with the Homegroup
  •   Use the Homegroup Troubleshooter
  •   Using NTFS Encryption
  •   Backing Up and Restoring Your Encryption Key

After completing this module, students will be able to:
  •   Define what is a workgroup and a domain
  •   Join a Windows 7 Workgroup
  •   Configure HomeGroup
  •   Explain how to use the Windows 7 HomeGroups to set up data sharing
  •   Describe the features of the Windows 7 library
  •   Create a new Windows 7 library
  •   Describe the Windows 7 collaboration infrastructure
  •   Describe Windows 7 data sharing
  •   Configure Windows 7 data sharing
  •   Describe the Encrypting File System

Module 5: Windows 7 Networking and LAN Connectivity
This module explains how to successfully manage and monitor you networks so they can operate smoothly and efficiently. This module introduces you to the Windows 7 networking technologies as well as networking in general.

  •   Data Networking Defined
  •   Windows 7 Control Panel: Network and Sharing Center Features
  •   Windows DirectAccess Networks
  •   Fundamentals of TCP/IP with Windows 7
  •   Windows Enhancements to IP Version 6
  •   Role of Windows 7 within a Branch Cache Network
  •   Role of Network Location Policies with Windows 7

Lab : The Windows 7 LAN
  •   Configure Windows 7 Branch Cache
  •   Using the NETSH Command Line Utility to Configure Branch Cache

After completing this module, students will be able to:
  •   Define data networking
  •   Describe the features of the Windows 7 Networking Control Panel
  •   Configure the Windows 7 Networking Control Panel
  •   Describe the features of the Networking and Sharing Center
  •   Use the Networking and Sharing Center to configure a Windows 7 network
  •   Add a Windows 7 desktop to an active network
  •   Configure IP protocol addressing with Windows 7
  •   Define Windows 7 DirectAccess networks
  •   Explain the fundamentals of TCP/IP with Windows 7
  •   Explain the Windows enhancements to IP version 6
  •   Configure IP version 6 with the Network and Sharing Center
  •   Explain the role of Windows 7 within a Branch Cache network
  •   Explain the role of network location policies with Windows 7

Module 6: Implementing Windows 7 in a Server 2008 R2 Active Directory Environment
This module explains how to utilize the server side technologies that are available with Windows Server 2008 R2 and the enterprise abilities of Windows 7. This information will help you understand the things that you can do in your own network to make your job easier and make your data that much more available and secure.

  •   DNS for Windows Server
  •   Windows Server 2008 R2 Active Directory
  •   Windows 7 ADMX Templates Windows 7
  •   Group Policy Objects and Types

Lab : Windows 7 in the Domain
  •   Join the Windows Server 2008 R2 Domain
  •   Configure a Software Restriction Policy Path Rule
  •   Configure a Software Restriction Policy HASH Rule
  •   Configure Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 Advanced Auditing
  •   Configure the RSAT Tools
  •   Using the RSAT Tools
  •   Configure Default AppLocker Rules

After completing this module, students will be able to:
  •   Describe at a high level the Domain Name Service for Windows server
  •   Define Windows Server 2008 R2 Active Directory
  •   Join the Active Directory domain
  •   Configure the Windows 7 local security policy
  •   Configure Active Directory using the Windows 7 Active Directory tools
  •   Explain how to use the Windows 7 ADMX template to pass security configurations
  •   Describe the Windows 7 group policy object types
  •   Configure the Windows 7 group policy objects

Module 7: Windows 7 Remote Capabilities and Utilities
This module explains how to connect remote workers to your branch office as well as connect to other Windows 7 machines for helpdesk type duties. You will discuss RSAT (Remote Server Administration Tools), which allows administrators to use their Windows 7 workstations to manage their remote servers with all of the necessary tools.

  •   Windows 7 Virtual Private Networking Technologies
  •   Configuring the VPN Client and Connecting to the Server
  •   Windows 7 DirectAccess
  •   RDP Version 7 Client Features

Lab : Configure and Manage Remote Access
  •   Configure Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 VPN Access
  •   Configure Routing and Remote Access
  •   Configure a Windows 7 VPN Connection
  •   Connect to a Server 2008 R2 RRAS Server with VPN
  •   Create a VPN Shortcut
  •   Create an RDP Connection and Connect to a Server 2008 R2 Server
  •   Configure the Windows Firewall to Support Remote Technologies

After completing this module, students will be able to:
  •   Describe the Windows 7 VPN technologies
  •   Configure the Windows 7 VPN connections
  •   Describe the Windows 7 DirectAccess utility
  •   Configure the Windows 7 DirectAccess utility
  •   Describe the features of the RDP version 7 client
  •   Use the RDP client to connect to a remote computer
  •   Configure the Windows 7 Firewall to support the RDP client connections

Module 8: Implementing Windows 7 for Mobile Computers
This module explains how to understand and manage your mobile work force and challenges they face on a daily basis with Windows 7.

  •   Windows 7 Power Management Options
  •   Windows 7 Backup and Restore Center
  •   Windows 7 System Image Backup
  •   Windows 7 Offline Files and Folders Utility
  •   BitLocker for the Mobile Platform
  •   Windows 7 Sync Center

Lab : Configure Notebook and Mobility Features
  •   Create a Custom Windows 7 Power Plan
  •   Configure all Power Plan Options
  •   Use Group Policy to Pass Power Plans to Organizational Units
  •   Using the Windows 7 Backup and Restore Center
  •   Configure and Execute Data Backups
  •   Configure and Execute Data Restorations
  •   Configure Offline Files and Folders and the Sync Center
  •   Configure and Use "Previous Versions"

After completing this module, students will be able to:
  •   Describe the Windows 7 power management options
  •   Configure the Windows 7 power management options
  •   Use the Windows 7 Mobility center to manage mobile computers
  •   Describe the purpose of the Windows 7 Backup and Restore center
  •   Configure data backups and data restrictions
  •   Describe the system image backup process
  •   Configure a Windows 7 computer for a complete system backup and restore process
  •   Describe the purpose of offline files and folders
  •   Configure offline files and folders
  •   Describe how BitLocker is used for the mobile platform
  •   Configure and manage BitLocker
  •   Describe the purpose of the Windows 7 Sync Center
  •   Configure the Windows 7 system repair disk

Module 9: Implementing Windows 7 Local, Network and Internet Protection
This module explains how to use the various technologies that you can employ to secure your Windows 7 installations, like User Access Control, NAP (Network Access Protection), the Windows firewall and a host of other tools.

  •   Advanced User Account Control Settings
  •   Troubleshooting the UAC
  •   Server 2008 R2 Network Access Policy Engine
  •   Configuring the Windows 7 Firewall
  •   File and Registry Virtualization
  •   Windows 7 Service Hardening
  •   Windows Defender
  •   Windows 7 Dynamic Updates from Microsoft
  •   Windows 7 SUS for Updates Features

Lab : Configuring and Protecting Data Locally and over the Network
  •   Configure and Use the User Account Control Mechanism
  •   Promote a Windows Server 2008 R2 Server to a Domain Controller
  •   Configure Network Access Protection on the Server 2008 R2 Server
  •   Configure Software Update Services Location

After completing this module, students will be able to:
  •   Describe the advanced User Account Control settings
  •   Configure the advanced User Account Control settings
  •   Describe the Server 2008 R2 Network Access Policy engine
  •   Configure the Windows 7 Network Access Policy settings
  •   Configure the Windows Firewall features to protect internal access to data
  •   Describe file and registry virtualization
  •   Configure the file and registry virtualization feature within the local security policy
  •   Describe Windows 7 service hardening
  •   Describe how applications and services interact within Windows 7
  •   Describe the Windows Defender utility
  •   Describe the Windows 7 Dynamic Updates from Microsoft
  •   Describe the Windows Server SUS for Updates feature
  •   Configure Windows Server SUS for updates
  •   Configure Windows 7 to use Windows SUS

Module 10: Working with the Windows 7 NTFS File System and Its Features
This module explains how to use NTFS and its corresponding features. You will explore the world of the SID (Security Identifier), including the NTFS permissions, Share permissions versus NTFS permissions.

  •   NTFS Features
  •   NTFS Security Principals and Identifiers
  •   Assigning NTFS Permissions
  •   Secondary Logon Service
  •   Windows 7 Encryption

Lab : Using Windows 7 NTFS to Technologies Secure your Data
  •   Configure NTFS Security
  •   Use the Effective Permissions Utility

After completing this module, students will be able to:
  •   Define NTFS
  •   Describe the features of NTFS
  •   Describe the NTFS security principals and security identifiers
  •   Describe the NTFS permissions
  •   Configure the NTFS permissions
  •   Compare and contrast the NTFS and share permissions
  •   Describe the Secondary Logon service
  •   Describe the Windows 7 encryption process

Module 11: Troubleshooting, Monitoring, and Fine-Tuning Windows 7 for the Workplace
This module explains how to use the Windows 7 Reliability Monitor, the Performance Monitor, and the other utilities to maintain and monitor your Windows 7 network.

  •   Windows 7 Reliability Monitor
  •   Windows 7 Performance Monitor
  •   Windows 7 Troubleshooting Tools
  •   Windows 7 Task Manager
  •   Windows 7 Problem and Reporting Solutions Utility
  •   Windows 7 Performance Features
  •   Other Features of the System Properties Dialog Box
  •   Windows 7 Administrative Tools

Lab : Configure, Troubleshoot, and Monitor Windows 7
  •   Use Reliability Monitor
  •   Use and Navigate the Performance Monitor Utility
  •   Adding Performance Monitor Counters and Manipulating the Performance Monitor Graphs
  •   Create and Use Data Collector Sets (User-Defined and System-Defined)
  •   Using PowerShell Version 2.0

After completing this module, students will be able to:
  •   Describe the Reliability Monitor
  •   Configure the Reliability Monitor
  •   Describe the Performance Monitor
  •   Configure the Performance Monitor
  •   Describe the Windows Memory Diagnostic tool
  •   Use the Windows Memory Diagnostic tool to troubleshoot memory problems on a Windows 7 computer
  •   Configure the network troubleshooting tools
  •   Describe the MSCONFIG utility
  •   Use the MSCONFIG utility to troubleshoot a Windows 7 computer
  •   Use the Windows Task Manager to manage and troubleshoot a Windows 7 computer
  •   Configure the Windows Problem Reports and Solutions utility
  •   Configure the Windows 7 performance options
  •   Configure the Windows startup and recovery

Module 12: Running and Troubleshooting Applications on Windows 7
This module explains how to use Windows 7 and other stand alone utilities for application compatibility, remediation, and mitigation.

  •   Application Compatibility Tools and Toolkit
  •   Windows 7 Performance Variables
  •   Microsoft Virtual PC and XP Mode
  •   Windows 7 Virtual Hard Drive Mounting Technologies

Lab : Working with Windows 7 Applications
  •   Run and Configure the Program Compatibility Wizard
  •   Install the Application Compatibility Toolkit
  •   Run the Standard User Analyzer
  •   Create, Mount, and Boot a .VHD file
  •   Use Windows VPC XP Mode
  •   Install and Use XP Mode Applications

After completing this module, students will be able to:
  •   Configure the Program Compatibility Wizard
  •   Describe the UAC settings for applications
  •   Describe the purpose of the Standard User Analyzer
  •   Install and configure the Standard User Analyzer
  •   Describe features of the Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.5
  •   Install the Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.5
  •   Configure the performance variables that affect applications
  •   Manipulate the Windows 7 environment variables for the legacy applications
  •   Describe the purpose of the Microsoft Virtual PC with XP mode
  •   Use the Microsoft Virtual PC with XP mode
  •   Describe the Windows 7 VHD mounting process
  •   Use the Windows 7 VHD mounting process

Module 13: Configuring Internet Explorer 8
This module explains how to set up and configure Internet Explorer 8. This module will give you an understanding of the philosophy behind Internet Explorer 8 and be familiar with some of the new and exciting features of IE8.

  •   Setting Up and Configuring IE8
  •   IE8 Menus and Commands

Lab : Configure and Use Internet Explorer 8
  •   Configure IE8 During Its First Run
  •   Configure and Use Internet Explorer 8 Search Features
  •   Configure Internet Explorer Accelerators
  •   Configure and Use Internet Explorer Privacy Filters
  •   Configure Internet Explorer 8 Web Slices

After completing this module, students will be able to:
  •   Configure the Internet Explorer 8 startup options
  •   Describe the purpose of the search features
  •   Explain the purpose of the Internet Explorer Accelerators
  •   Configure the Internet Explorer Accelerators
  •   Describe the features of the Internet Explorer Privacy utilities
  •   Configure the Internet Explorer Privacy features
  •   Explain the purpose of the Internet Options configurations and tabs
  •   Use the Internet Options dialog box to configure Internet Explorer 8

Prerequisites & Certificates

Before attending this course, students must have: Familiarity with computer hardware and devices, such as the ability to look into Device Manager and look for unsupported devices Experience supporting previous versions of the Windows operating system Basic TCP/IP knowledge, such as knowing why you need to have a valid IP address Basic Windows and Active Directory knowledge, such as knowledge about domain user accounts, domain vs. local user accounts, user profiles, and group membership

Certificates offered

MS Certification

Cancellation Policy
ctc TrainCanada - We Never Cancel*:
We are unique in the corporate training field in that we do not cancel desktop applications courses due to low enrollment. When there are less than 3 students, ctc TrainCanada will personalize the class (students then receive more time with the instructor to address their individual needs allowing the student to complete the full course in less time) or connect the student remotely to a class at one of our other branches via TrainLive remote classroom instruction. *Microsoft Certified Courses and other technical courses require a minimum enrollment of three students. Business Skills courses require multiple students in order to run due to the interactive nature of the training. Selected Desktop Applications courses may require a minimum enrollment of two students to run. ctc TrainCanada® reserves the right to deliver Microsoft Certified and other technical courses via TrainLive remote classroom instruction in order to guarantee the course to run.

ctc TrainCanada Cancellation policy:
You may cancel or reschedule this registration in writing with no penalty with a minimum of 10 business days' notice prior to the first day of the course. Full payment is required if you cancel or reschedule this registration within 10 business days prior to the first day of the course. However, substitutions are welcome. If you do need to cancel or reschedule a publicly scheduled course within the 10 day non-cancellation period (not a client dedicated course), payment is to be made and a training voucher for a public course will be issued to you. This allows you to attend a future date for the same course at no charge (subject to availability).
No-shows will not be issued a training voucher.

Complimentary Service: We offer all our students coffee, tea, juice or pop, muffins or pastries in the morning and cookies baked in our own oven each afternoon.
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was hoping there might be a training booklet
Reviewed by 2017
It was hard to be in a room alone watching the video screen for two days straight. Would have rather just had it recorded to watch at leisure due to lack of ability to participate - could speak but hard over computer
Reviewed by 2017
It was a good experience and learned a lot that I didn't know. The instructor was explaining well and helped us when needed.
Reviewed by 2016
It was a good experience, learned a lot about Microsoft word and excel.
Reviewed by 2016
I think Esther provided excellent information. She was very positive and patient with us (me).
Reviewed by 2016
We had taken Photoshop CS6 Level 1 on Nov 15 so knew essentially what to expect, even though what was initially supposed to be an “in-class instructor” session turned into a remote-instructed session. We got to the Level 2&3 training site ahead of schedule on Nov 17 and were settled in for the 8:00 start time. There were problems with the training immediately. • The instructor – Chris Motherwell in Ontario – was half an hour late logging into the “TrainLive solution.” • When he did log in, he refused to use the CS6 training manual that we had been given. • He had us spend time downloading his CS3 manual and labs, which took an additional 15-20 minutes. • CS3 was released in 2007 and is 5 years older than the CS6 manual version we were supposed to be training on. • There was no way for us to download the CS3 manual for use outside of the training session. • While we were getting set up he had everyone (6 students in 3 locations) open Photoshop and “follow exercise 3.1” of his CS3 manual – use the brush tool to put star shapes on a black background – for 30 minutes. No other instruction was given during this time. • Since we were doing this remotely, there was lag-time with my mouse. This makes it extremely difficult to do any of the fine detail work that Photoshop requires. It’s hard to place your mouse precisely when the cursor doesn’t move at first, then jumps around the screen with a half-second delay. We spoke to the people running Logical Choice several times and they were at a loss to explain what was going on. Their expectation was that we would be taught CS6, and we were provided with that manual. They tried contacting him and Last Minute training to sort things out but were having no luck. At this point we had wasted close to two hours and felt that it would be a long time before anything was fixed. The instructor would not want to change manuals as he wasn’t familiar with the CS6 version. Any training that could now take place would be rushed and we would not get the full benefit of the course. Frustrated and seeing no solution presenting itself, we left. We've had one good, and one very disappointing experience. We are booked to re-take this course at a later time. I hope it will be better with an in-class instructor.
Reviewed by 2016
Absolutely ... I have taken many courses from Last Minute Training and have always been very impressed with the vendors they use. Alex Donos was the instructor and was exceptional as an instructor. I would for sure take another course from him as he not only knows his "stuff" but he would continually tell the class to use "critical thinking" when using Excel.
Reviewed by 2016
It was good to have the instructor in class with us. Someone was brought in remotely and it was awkward. There were many technical issues which delayed our class. By the end of the day we had to rush to get through the last lessons. Would have been good to spend more time on them.
Reviewed by 2016
I can't really comment on the instructor's "presence" because this was a virtual instructor led course using GoToMeeting, however I had to provide a rating for this.
Reviewed by 2016
Course content is good aswell as the instructor. There is no time for in class work therefore very little learning. I have picked up a book on project 2010 from amazon for 30 dollars which has given me similar downloads and exercises therfore I see your course as way over priced for the return. I would not recommend the course in the current structure.
Reviewed by 2016
I was not fond of the room we were in. It may have been because of the paramedic training/testing going on that day. It was a long hallway with a fan blowing to keep the air circulating. Looked like it was a makeshift set up. The computers could have been more up to date. Mine had to be serviced by an IT person during the session.
Reviewed by 2016
I am re-entering the workforce after a one-year absence and am not very tech savy. My employer promised me training, but due to time constraints, they could only squeeze me in to Level 2 Word course. The other people in the class had taken Level 1 the day before, so I was at a bit of a disadvantage. I would like to take Level 1 soon.
Reviewed by 2016
Would prefer that the instructor be in house instead of class being lead through Skype.
Reviewed by 2016
I was told my course would end at 12:00, because there were only 2 of us registered. When i showed up, there were 3 people - meaning the class was scheduled to go until 1 or 2pm. I had to leave at noon, as i had a prior meeting set up - so i had to miss the last part of the course.. which would have been the most pertinent information to the level i am at.
Reviewed by 2016
Would have liked a more comprehensive course on Styles and Styles alone as that is what our office most needs.
Reviewed by 2016
Reviewed by 2016
The course was excellent and the teacher was amazing! She explained everything clearly and stopped to answer any questions we had.
Reviewed by 2016
the day I took the course, the jackhammer was being used on one of the floors. Rescheduling the course whould have been a great idea. the instructor was an expert in the field, but kept talkign about her personal life....which took time from the course itself. also the istructor spoke to fast and it was hard to follow/
Reviewed by 2016
Reviewed by 2016
The classroom was in serious need of a shampooing of the carpet. People were sneezing and coughing from all the dust. The screens for the projector needed to be upgraded as we had a tough time reading the white board. They should use a proper drop down screen for showing the projector. The computer monitors were also way too small...
Reviewed by 2016
I would have preferred an in person instructor.
Reviewed by 2015
Everything that the instructor said is on the training workbook. It could be better if there are more practical exercises than following step by step listed on the workbook (it could be self-exercise).
Reviewed by 2015
The computer screens used were smalll and far away. The projector screen used had the same issue.
Reviewed by 2015
There were no handouts as promised. Very disappointed with the lack of support from the individual assisting the 3 technical issues I encountered during the training. Was told by the instructor not to waste time writing notes I should and will be receiving a handbook (did not receive anything). I was given a piece of paper to log in from Logical Operations with access key only to find out it is a "read only" document of Adobe Acrobat X. This is not at all helpful and told the individual at the course if he can provide me with a paper copy of the manual. Not at all helpful.
Reviewed by 2015
I will be giving you a call to discuss the course
Reviewed by 2015
CTC TrainCanada did a really good job, though there was an individual in the small class that was well below the requirements for the level of the class, which slowed down some portions significantly and did not contribute to the learning environment.
Reviewed by 2015
Bronwen was very knowledgeable and friendly. She ensured we were all following along together as I was the only person physically in the class (there were others via remote). I quite enjoyed the class and will absolutely recommend to other co-workers :)
Reviewed by 2015
I was disappointed that the instructor was off-site. This was not conducive for Q&A or other interaction Would prefer to be at the same location as the instructor; this was what I thought it was when I booked.
Reviewed by 2015
Too much of a repeat of Level 1
Reviewed by 2015
Class time seemed to long for the material - breaks were longer than necessary and some material appeared to be stretched out to fill time. Shorter class would have been preferred as it would be a better use of time.
Reviewed by 2015
Reviewed by 2015
This 'advanced' course was part of a 2-day course where the Beginner course was on the previous day. I was only there for the second day. However, there were too many questions with material covered on the previous day that there wasn't much in terms of learning any advanced content. This course really needs to be longer.
Reviewed by 2015
When calling to require about this course, I was told I should be taking the 2 day course rather than 1 day. When arriving onsite, I was told that the instructor would only be in class for day one and the 2nd day I was on my own! This should have been described prior to payment or I would only have taken the 1 day. Poor advertising and I will not go with company again for future courses!!!
Reviewed by 2015
I was the only person to register for this course in Ottawa, so they implemented their Microsoft award-winning TrainLive solution for my session. My instructor was in Toronto. This was a new experience for me and it was not that bad. My only complaint, I did not have learning materials to refer to during exercises. It would have been nice to have step-by-step instructions. As someone new to SharePoint, I had some difficulty remembering everything we were taught.
Reviewed by 2015
The instructor was not as knowledgeable about certain features and where to find them in this version.
Reviewed by 2015
I would also have preferred to have a handbook to take away with me as I noticed that the download file for students is well over 500 pages and when I tried to have it printed externally for myself, I could not due to it being copyright. I'm not sure how to access this information as I do not always have time to log into the site when I want to reference something from the course.
Reviewed by 2015
I was pretty disappointed and frustrated with this course. It's a level 2 course, and the course description says that the prerequisite is level 1. I did take a level 1 course at another organization over a year ago. I don't have any other Access experience and/or knowledge. I feel like I learned more in one day at the other Level 1 course than I did in both days with this Level 2 course. It was clearly catered to people with NO knowledge of Access. At the end of the 1st day, we were in the midst of creating a simple sub query on 1 table without relations!! What a waste of time. The first half of the first day was spent going over database theory, which would be fine, if it had been better presented and explained. I'm so glad I've got some background knowledge on database theory through university. I'm far from an expert, but I'm glad I wasn't learning database theory for the first time in that course because I don't think I'd have a very concrete understanding. Also, I wish the instructor would think her thoughts through first before speaking. I've never heard someone cut themselves off mid-sentence, and change thoughts so many times before finishing a single idea. It's confusing, annoying, and makes it seem like she doesn't actually know what she's talking about.
Reviewed by 2015
I thought that this course would have been better if the instructor was able to apply Excel functions to real-life situations and examples in the context of common job functions. The instructor made us aware of various functions, and walked us through the syntax, but for an advanced-level course, I didn't find much value over and above spending the same amount of time just randomly exploring Excel and/or using Google to figure out what can be done. I believe that this course could have been taught more effectively by a different facilitator.
Reviewed by 2015
It was nice to have an instructor who is strong in more than one discipline. This made some of the answers easier to understand. The instructor was also clear about which parts of and explanation went beyond the scope of the course.
Reviewed by 2015
As usual, a lot of material to cover in one day. When taking a one-day course, one has to be prepared to work at a very fast pace in order to keep up with the instructor so that they can get through all of the material to be covered in one day. Amazingly enough, the instructor covered it all, because he knew the subject inside-out and was able to keep us moving at a fast pace, while still ensuring that we were all keeping up. We were all very impressed. I have downloaded the course book and will now review the material at my own slower pace. Thanks very much for a great course.
Reviewed by 2014
I picked a course levels way to low for my knowledge so its hard to make comments about the material. But I would say that the instructor could've been more prepared and use better presentation skills
Reviewed by 2014
The instructor was very friendly and excellent to get along with and interacted with the group very well, that being said I felt as though he sometimes couldn't quite explain his thoughts and knowledge with us effectively. There were many times students were helping students and it almost felt like a study group. It would be beneficial to have the instructor be a better communicator about his knowledge of the class but also to thoroughly know the course inside and out, sometimes it felt like he was winging it.
Reviewed by 2014
Last Minute Training needs to re confirm start and end times for courses. My LMT confirmation sheet said the course went from 8:30 until 4:30; however at CTC Train Canada arrived really early and was advised course was actually 9-4.
Reviewed by 2014
Very good for learning the key features about the Excel but subsequent practice is more important for retaining knowledge achieved and skills, enhancement.
Reviewed by 2014
At time aspects of the course were rushed. when we were watching the board then righting down material, we were on the the next topic. course size was a bit big for a beginners starting at 9am was late. I would have preferred 8-4
Reviewed by 2014
The perks of the day were great. Complimentary snacks and beverages go a long way. Facility was great and so was the insturctor. He was patient and hands on.
Reviewed by 2014
The course was very helpfull
Reviewed by 2014
It would have been nice to have hand outs of the steps but it was nice to get access to the manuals online after. I wasn't a big fan of the remote class, I prefer to be in the room with the instructor, I find I am more focused in that type of learning environment.
Reviewed by 2014
The training was great but is would be nice to have a hand out showing the steps during the training and also to keep as a guide.
Reviewed by 2014
Excellent course, excellent teacher! Learned a lot of helpful features.
Reviewed by 2014
ctcTrainCanada is my preferred course vendor to learn software and applications. The course content at Level 1 was too basic for my needs.
Reviewed by 2014
Level 3 advanced excel course was not very advanced. The first half of the course was spent doing basic excel functions. The course is a waste of time if you have taken the pivot table course.
Reviewed by 2013
Surprise late start/finish because of a Calgary virtual participant. Instructor's initial pace was too slow and he was too accommodiating letting an overly helpful participant who added a lot of explanation (was helpful) which caused a time crunch in the afternoon. Error problem with example and server problem further added time pressure. I got left behind and the afternoon was a write-off.
Reviewed by 2013
The chairs in that room were terrible, I was so sore by the end of day two that there is no way I would ever book another course there unless the chairs are change
Reviewed by 2013
Although the instructor was knowledgable of the topics covered, it came across on occasions that she wasn't fully prepared since there were times when she would have to stop and think up an exercise for us to do in class. To me, these are basic exercises that should be a part of her syllabus. Moreover, there was a large group of Canada Post employees in attendance during the last day of my course. They were often loud, similar to junior high school. There were occasions when shutting the door did not eliminate the noise coming from their room.
Reviewed by 2013
The instructor had limited knowledge of the program and could not answer quetions that weren't in his notes. The manual was only provided in a Kindle copy. I can not use a Kindle at work. The projection screen was to close to the work station which made it uncomfortable to look at all day.
Reviewed by 2013
Instructor was beyond helpful. Followed-up with an e-mail outlining course content. A very positive and engaging instructor. Excellent knowledge of subject matter and a total pleasure to take instruction from.
Reviewed by 2013
The only thing I didn't like was the location. I am not from the city and having to go right down town was not enjoyable at all.
Reviewed by 2013
The course was scheduled to start at 9am according to the website but was rescheduled for 10am and this update was not communicated to us as we showed up for 9am and had to wait an hour; it also ran an hour later which was not planned for since it started an hour later.
Reviewed by 2013
All I would like to suggest is to have more comfortable chairs. By the end of the day I was ready to stand up rather than sit! :)
Reviewed by 2013
Ella was an amazing trainer!!!!!!!!!!!
Reviewed by 2013
The in class session was handled well enough, but there were no support materials or handouts to take home for students to review what they learned. This is especially important since this Excel module used complex formulas and macros. One 8 hour training day won't be enough for people to remember it when they get back to the office.
Reviewed by 2012
Instructor covered the course material very effectively and provided enough time to complete the lab portions of the course.
Reviewed by 2012
The course idea was a great one for the company I work for, HOWEVER, the course did NOT meet expectations. For example NO TEXT BOOKS, NO WORK BOOKS, NOTHING. I was sent a copy for my Kindle, however I will not use my personal property for work, this is UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!! The instuctor could have been more interactive, I know that he was a last minute instructor, but once again this is UNACCEPTABLE.
Reviewed by 2012
The trainer was unfortunately late for the class through no fault of her own. Secondly, the class was full of technical issues trying to support the remote users. As a result the overall class time and content was reduced. We raced through the material. Secondly - and more important - there was no roadmap presented on what we were going to learn. There was also no introduction to the software or interface. We just jumped straight into code and bounced from topic to topic with no roadmap. The instructor definitely knew her material but it came across as haphazard. I don't feel I got a lot from the day.
Reviewed by 2012
The seminar/course didn't cover all the subjects that were mentioned on the "course outline". I believe we only covered 75% of what was mentioned. I understand that the instructor was not prepared for teaching the course, but if the instructor doesn't have a firm knowledge of the software, then they shouldn't be teaching the course. It is great to hear that a company is going green by using E-books but I prefer to have a hard copy. As an employee of a company, it is difficult to install the proper software to open/read the books. Also, an average user isn't authorized to install programs without going through their respective IT/Management departments. We should have been given an option to choose between a hard copy or electronic copy. Overall, I would take another seminar if the instructor was more knowledgeable and abided by the course outline.
Reviewed by 2012
It was an excellent course. The instructor was knowledgable and I learned more than I expect. My only problem with the day was finding the actual office. The instructions indicate the 'Delta Tower' but there is no where on the actual building that says 'Delta Tower'. To make things more confusing, there is a Delta Hotel across the street.
Reviewed by 2012
I appreciated the pace of the course, and also the way the instructor made the content relevant to my work. I would recommend ctc TrainCanada to anyone looking for Excel training. The instructor was very knowledgeable.
Reviewed by 2012
the course was great, the instructor was great, the technology had a few issues, but worked out fine.
Reviewed by 2012
The trainer was FABULOUS! Would definately take another course.
Reviewed by 2012
Like the pace and the use of technology - hands on approach -
Reviewed by 2012
It was an excellent course! The facilitator was very knowledgeable. The only issue was that I had a hard time finding the place.
Reviewed by 2012
The course outline stated the durtion of the course is from 9:00am-4:30pm, however the instractor said it's going to be a half day course. This was ok but it didn't leave any time to practice and the minimal practice we didn't wasn't enough. Also, not all material was covered and it felt like I came out short. The material that was covered was great and the instructor was knowlegable but he didn't cover enough material. comparing dollars versus value - the content of the course wasn't worth the cost of the course.
Reviewed by 2012
I thought that the course was excellent, and i learned quite a bit in a short amount of time, and our instructor was awesome. He definetly knows what he is doing, and yes i would take another course if it was available.
Reviewed by 2012
The content read more like a beginners course.
Reviewed by 2012
If there weren't enough class participants signed up, the 2nd day of training which we paid for was cancelled and we could either come in and work on exercises or attend another class at another time. A notice was sent out to the participants who registered directly with CTC Train Canada but because I went through Last Minute Training, I wasn't advised. This is one major setback. They did have a very nice office, free coffee/tea and bagels, a nice outdoor patio to have lunch or breaks and made fresh cookies mid day for everyone. Very pleasant staff. Trainer began his session with how he was trying to get out of this business for the last 15 yrs and probably shouldn't be saying that. Not a happy way to introduce himself but he was a very good teacher and patient and addressed all of our concerns trying to cover as much of the material normally covered in 2 days into 1 day.
Reviewed by 2012
I was fortunate to have the undivided attention of the facilitator and was able to have all of my quuestions aswered.
Reviewed by 2012
Excellent instructor and it was a smaller group of students so the instructor really tailored it to the students attending the course.
Reviewed by 2012
We had an excellent instructor! She was very knowledgeable and would take the extra time to assist you if you needed extra instruction.
Reviewed by 2012
I enjoyed the Access 2010 course. the instructor was very knowledgeable and presented the topic well. The only negative aspect was that no written training materials were offered until the course was completed. Would have liked to be able to make notes as we went along for future reference.
Reviewed by 2012
My teacher was wonderful, and i have already singed up for more classes at this location.
Reviewed by 2012
The course was initially scheduled for 2 days but due to instructor availability it was shortened to one day. I am very computer literate, work full time in an office, and go to business school in the evenings and it was a little tough to learn everything in one day because there was no time for practice. Yes it was useful to find out what the program is capable of, but since it was shortened there was no time for individual practicing or trying things out on your own. Next time the class would be much better suited for the initial 2 day class.
Reviewed by 2012
All in all, this training was not that great. The first part moved very slowly, and then toward the end, the instructor plowed through to get finished. Possibly the most incredible part was that the course taught how to create forms, but not how to deploy or use them. The instructor said for that, participants would have to take the follow up course. What use is it to create forms if they can't be used? No handouts at all? Other courses I've taken provide full books with step by step coverage of everything done in the classroom. It's impossible to go back and review things.
Reviewed by 2012
My most significant feedback is that the course was advertised as Working with Data using SQL for the 'non-database administrator'. Of the 10 course modules, nearly half were presented by the instructor as tasks that would be completed by a database administrator. While it is helpful to have a general understanding of a database administrators interaction with SQL, far too much of the course content was aimed at the database administrator level. Otherwise, use of technology for remote teaching and the instructor himself were both excellent.
Reviewed by 2012
Very helpful course. Excellent instructor.
Reviewed by 2012
I only rated the location bad because i don't like driving down town. Otherwise it was a good course.
Reviewed by 2012
The course was great.
Reviewed by 2012
Excellent Instructor ,Excellent location,
Reviewed by 2012
excellent trainer really knows her stuff
Reviewed by 2012
The instructor was excellent and very knowledgeable! I found the course information extremely useful for the business world and I am looking forward to putting together presentations that impress!The facilities and snacks and drinks provided were great too!
Reviewed by 2012
The one and only issue I had was with parking, unexpectedly having to pay and not having enough cash for this as well as there not being very much parking. It made me late for the class, even though I actually arrived there early!
Reviewed by 2012
Esther (the instructor) was awesome. Her charisma and upbeat attitude really added to my experience and made it a pleasurable course to take.
Reviewed by 2012
This level of Excel should not be considered as advanced level. It is rather biginner level. I was expecting to learn more. 95% of the content I already knew.
Reviewed by 2012
A good seminar but quite a lot of info to take in during a one-day course for someone who hasn't done Word before. A bit overwhelming! Perhaps a two-day course would work better so could have time to actually practice what we're being taught. A little hard to see the projector from the back. Otherwise, very useful.
Reviewed by 2011
I signed up at one facility in Ottawa and it got switched to a different training facility location in Hull, Quebec. There were several emails confirming the course, however, I just happen to notice one email stating the new location. LastMinuteTraining was good to try to look into for me. In the end, the training provider provided me with taxi chits and it all worked out. I was not aware that the training provider had 2 locations and would switch the location at the last minute. I was upset because I do not know the bus system in Hull, Quebec.
Reviewed by 2011
Html lvl 1 and this course should be merged course can be extended to 2 days of instruction and include more in depth material. Do not recomend taking html lvl one.
Reviewed by 2011
I enjoyed the course thoroughly and learned as much as I could in a 3 hour class, however, I think I would have preferred a longer class as we were a bit rushed going through the material.
Reviewed by 2011
The course was 3 hours long becasue there was only the 2 of us in the office completing this course. 3 hours is very short to learn Outlook. More time is required.
Reviewed by 2011
Handouts were in pdf however, the screens were not big enough to open two files (handout and Project file) together and we had to toggle a lot. It was very annoying. Either give paper handouts or much bigger screens or two screens per student.
Reviewed by 2011
All good. Enjoyed it very much.
Reviewed by 2011
I didn't fill out your form because I filled one out at the end of the course.
Reviewed by 2011
Reviewed by 2011
no, everything is ok
Reviewed by 2011
This two-day training was jam-packed with information, with a good balance between demonstrations and exercises to verify that the students understood the subject matter. I do not believe that the instructor could have used the time more efficiently then he did.
Reviewed by 2011
Project 2010 was a brand new course, as such there were a few things that the instructor could not find (in the new "ribbon" layout). He did spend extra time during his breaks to find what he couldn't before, then showed them to the class once we all returned. Overall, this was a very useful and enjoyable training course.
Reviewed by 2011
I took a course that was remote and I don't think that I would take a remote course again. The instructor didn't really make himself available for questions. Even when their was questions he would take them offline if they took more then 5 minutes to answer. Never brought the results back to the group. Never went over the labs just lectured in between. Didn't bother to learn anyone's name. I think the experience would be better if each user in the class had a headset and could speak to the instructor instead of it being a conference call.
Reviewed by 2011
CTC Train Canada was professional and helpful in ensuring I got the most out of my training course. Overall I am most happy with them.
Reviewed by 2011
The course was held via remote. The course it self was alright, all content was directly from the book. The teacher was in another time zone and he wanted to start the course before my location even opened. I told him that, he did it anyways. So I was out of sync the whole time. On the last day lunch was at 10 am! The instructor said he would watch screens to see when we got stuck. Not once did that happen. He couldnt even troubleshoot the labs. He only really talked to the student in the room, pretty much said nothing to rest of us. He even took personal calls!
Reviewed by 2011
Ran on schedule, with knowledgeabe instructor. Small class allowed for specific questions that are relevant to my work. Thank you
Reviewed by 2011
No, everything was perfect, Thank you I learned alot.
Reviewed by 2011
Alot of material to cover in the course. I would recommend that this be a 2-day course. Re. course content - should contain more examples to work on. Before moving to another section in the course the Instructor should summarize what was covered (i.e. go through the steps required to complete each task). Task and steps should be given on a handout for future reference.
Reviewed by 2011
No everything and everyone was excellent
Reviewed by 2011
Did not find it helpful that no course material was handed out. What was learned on that day was easily forgotten without the ability to make notes to refer to.
Reviewed by 2011
It is great to have access to the online training manuals, but it would be nice to have some handouts for reference. Not everyone has time to do the online training or to consult the manuals. The training location is very convenient to the highway. Lyse Brooks is an amazing instructor. She is extremely knowledgeable and patient. She spent time with each participant helping each person with their individual needs. She gave us a hands-on exercise that allowed us time to practice and learn. The instructor at the Intermediate Word course (same training facility) did not provide the same high level of training.
Reviewed by 2011
The instructor was very nice, personable and had a great sense of humour which made for a productive and pleasant day of learning.
Reviewed by 2011
The course is good for a basic overview of many advanced Excel features. The instructor and facilities were good. However, some of the items listed on the syllabus (new features in Excel 2010) were NOT covered and it wasn't due to a lack of time. I came to find out that the instructor had not planned to cover them at all. This was very disappointing, especially since we took very look breaks (easily almost 2 hours of combined break time in a class that went from 9-4) so there was ample time to cover the topics.
Reviewed by 2011
No, everything was excellent. I am even taking the next level course next week.
Reviewed by 2011
It was unfortunate that the local instructor was not available and I had to call in remotely to a class in Toronto. I did have the instructor screen available and I liked that. The first part of the course was helpful as the instructor moved through the functionality of MS Project and we could follow along on our own screen. I learned a lot about functionality with this instructor led demonstration, and the ability to follow along on my computer was great! I did find that after the first demonstration, a lot of time was spent working independantly, with the instructor available for questions. I thought there should have been more instructor led demonstration, perhaps one on our own, followed by another instructor led example. I didn't like spending well over 50% of the course time practicing on my own. If this is how all classes are run, I would not take another one, nor recommend this class.
Reviewed by 2011
Good Environment and course format.
Reviewed by 2011
With CTC can't go wrong. Although I've appreciated that this course took one day only. I really think that this course could be hosted for (1) day only. Two days is too long.
Reviewed by 2011
I think the course is excellent. Some of the thing I learn I am implementing in our warehouse as we speak. Our instructor was very knowlegeable, caring, a good listener, she was magnificent.
Reviewed by 2011
I believe the seminar was just a little long - could have been done in 1.5 days. Otherwise - Excellent!
Reviewed by 2011
course was cancelled due to a "family emergency" I was notified upon arriving at the facility - flew from Windsor to Toronto. Totally unprofessional!!
Reviewed by 2011
An excellent course with an excellent teacher. For me personally this course gives me some more options, and guidence into the job and its responsibilites. We here are constantly trying to improve on accuracy, of the inventory on a day to day basis.
Reviewed by 2011
instructor lack knowledge on the subject matter.
Reviewed by 2011

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