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This Course is intended to provide the basic skills necessary to configure, deploy, and operate an IBM TS7650 system including replication, within a typical enterprise backup environment.

Course Outline

This course is intended to provide the basic skills necessary to configure, deploy, and operate an IBM TS7650 system including replication, within a typical enterprise backup environment. The participant is exposed to all aspects of normal system operation, including virtual device operation, routine monitoring, and periodic maintenance operations. Fundamentals of system optimization and best practices will also be presented.

Course Objectives
  • Describe the major components of the TS7650 system
  • Describe the basic performance characteristics of the TS7650 software architecture
  • Perform the steps necessary to install the ProtecTIER Manager on a typical workstation
  • Describe the major functional areas of the ProtecTIER Manager graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Identify the three user security levels available within the ProtecTIER Manager GUI, and list the capabilities of each user
  • Identify the key factors that contribute to data deduplication factoring ratios
  • Create a ProtecTIER repository and a virtual tape library
  • Perform basic library management tasks on a TS7650 ProtecTIER solution, using the ProtecTIER Manager GUI
  • Use the ProtecTIER Manager GUI to monitor routine backup and recovery processes
  • Describe the key metrics that can be monitored using the ProtecTIER Manager GUI, and their relationship to backup workload planning
  • Describe the difference between native replication and disk based replication
  • Recognize different replication types (O2O, M2O, M2M)
  • Recognize steps to set up replication between two nodes
  • Test replication connection between two nodes
  • Create replication policies and execute them
  • Distinguish between continuous and time-limited replication
  • Recognize Visibility Switching procedure
  • Set up time frame for replication
  • Throttle the bandwidth for replication
  • Check replication progress
  • Determine "dirty" cartridges
  • Describe the available methods by which error conditions can be detected and reported by the TS7650 system
  • Perform the installation of a new software release on a TS7650 system
  • Describe how virtual cartridge capacity is determined within a TS7650 system
  • List the steps required to perform a repository capacity increase on an installed TS7650 system
  • Using the ProtecTIER Manager GUI, create a problem report and save that file to a local machine

This intermediate course is for individuals responsible for the planning and implementation of a ProtecTIER virtual tape solution.

Course Outline
  • Unit 1 - TS7650 and ProtecTIER overview
  • Unit 2 - ProtecTIER planning and installation
  • Labs: ProtecTIER GUI installation and repository creation
  • Labs: Library configuration and administration
  • Unit 3 - ProtecTIER native replication
  • Labs: Setting up replication
  • Labs: Creating replication policies
  • Unit 4 - Statistics, management, problem determination, and monitoring
  • Labs: ProtecTIER statistics
  • Labs: Management

Prerequisites & Certificates

You should understand storage and backup concepts and have basic Linux command-line skills.

Certificates offered

Certificate of Participation

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