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Topics include: customizing Visio, using the drawing tools, custom shapes, advanced stencil techniques, creating templates, styles, and layers, and sharing files with other programs.

Course Outline

In this course, you will expand on the knowledge you gained in the course. You will work with many advanced features, including using the drawing tools, creating and working with custom stencils and templates, and sharing your Visio drawings with other applications.

This course is classroom style instruction: Instructor-led, hands-on training.

Customizing Visio
Working with Toolbars
Opening Toolbars
Dragging and Dropping Toolbars
Adding Commands to Toolbars
Working with Windows
Working with Stencil Windows
Merging Visio Windows

Using the Drawing Tools
Drawing Basics
Drawing Closed Shapes
Drawing Lines and Arcs
Drawing Segmented Lines
Reshaping Lines
Advanced Drawing Techniques
Drawing with Precision
Using Operation Commands

Custom Shapes
Using Custom Shapes
Creating a Custom Shape
Using Custom Shapes in a Drawing
Enhancing a Drawing with Custom Shapes
Using the Maximum Graphx Logo Shape in a Drawing
Using Custom Shapes to Enhance Existing Shapes

Advanced Stencil Techniques
Custom Stencils
Creating a New Stencil
Adding Custom Shapes to a Stencil
Customizing Stencil Masters
Editing Master Properties
Formatting a Master in a Stencil
Adding and Directing Connection Points
Applying Behaviours to a Custom Shape
Using the Maximum Graphx Master
The Document Stencil
Retrieving Shapes from the Document Stencil

Templates, Styles, and Layers
Working with Templates
Creating a New Template
Using a Custom Template
Formatting and Linking Shapes
Defining New Styles
Applying and Editing Styles
Adding Links to Shapes
Viewing Layer Properties
Manipulating Layers

Sharing Your Work
Object Linking and Embedding
Placing a Visio Drawing in MS Word
Updating the Calendar
Working with External Data
Preparing Shapes in the Document Stencil
Using the Database Wizard
Distributing Information in a Linked Network Diagram
Creating HTML Documents
Preparing a Drawing for the Web
Saving the Timeline as a Web Page
Printing Techniques
Using the Print Preview Feature
Working with Page Breaks

Prerequisites & Certificates

Course Prerequisite: Required: Understanding of Visio Introduction topics.

Certificates offered

Participants receive with this course: * courseware (notes on all topics covered, along with exercises used during course). * a certificate of completion

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