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If you were using an older version of MS Office and now have version 2003, this course is for you. We'll look at the significant changes that have been made in each program (Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Outlook), as well as the new features in 2003.

Course Outline

If you were using an older version of Microsoft Office and now have version 2003, this course is for you.  We'll look at the significant changes that have been made in each program, as well as the new features that have been added to version 2003.  Programs covered are Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. 

This course is classroom style instruction: Instructor-led, hands-on training.

General MS Office
New Features
Research tools
Microsoft Online
Task Pane (new to 97/2000 users)
Shared Workspaces
XML Data
Features that are Different
Office Clipboard (different from 97/2000)
ClipArt (different from 97/2000)

Word 2003
New Features
Reading Layout
Compare Documents Side by Side
Insert, Diagram
Reveal Formatting (new to 97/2000 users)
Translate (new to 97/2000 users)
Features that are Different
Mail Merge
Document Protection (improved)
Selecting Separate Blocks of Text (97/2000 users)
Styles and Formatting (97/2000 users)

Excel 2003
New Features
New Lists tool,  Editing, Searching
Hide/Display Totals, Averages, Counts, etc.
Smart Documents
Compare Workbooks Side by Side
Smart tags (Autofills, Formatting and Error Handling)
Features that are Different
Improved AutoSum
Improved Paste Special
Improved Error Checking
Improved Headers/Footers
Worksheet Protection (different from 97/2000)
Greater accuracy in statistical functions

PowerPoint 2003
New Features
Updated Viewer
Package for CD
Full Screen Video Playback
Slide Show Toolbar
Compare Side by Side
Features that are Different
Improved Slide Transitions (different from 97/2000)
Improved Animations  (different from 97/2000)
Multiple Master Pages/Templates in a Presentation (different from 97/2000)

Outlook 2003
New Features
New Screen Layout, including:
- Navigation Pane
- Favorites Folder
- Go menu
- Reading Pane
Multi-line Layout
Arrange by Conversation
Junk E-Mail feature
Safe Senders List
Quick Flags for Follow-up
Search Folders
Desktop Alerts
Side by Side Calendars
Features that are Different
Rules – improved
AutoComplete (improved)
Using Word as Email Editor (improved)
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Prerequisites & Certificates

Course Prerequisite: Required: This course is not intended for beginners. An Intermediate or better knowledge of each of the programs covered is a must.

Certificates offered

Participants receive with this course: * courseware (notes on all topics covered, along with exercises used during course). * a certificate of completion

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